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Lahore to Peshawar: the trophy-target war

The urbanisation of Pakistan’s internal war is intended to turn the country’s population centres into places of permanent insecurity, says Razi Ahmed.

Pakistan: the road from hell

Pakistan won’t collapse. But it is in trouble, and needs strategic leadership.  Pervez Hoodbhoy offers a long-term view of the country’s predicament.

The dangers of corporate farming

Pakistan's bid to open its agricultural sector to foreign corporations may accentuate rural poverty and inequity

Obama, "AfPak" and India

As the US reshapes its policy to the "AfPak" region, India must strengthen its support for democratisation in Afghanistan and also be less touchy about Kashmir

Pakistan’s American problem

A suspicion of the United States in Pakistan outweighs opposition to the Taliban. Understand this and much else becomes clear, says Anatol Lieven.

(This article was first published on 6 May 2009)

Who are the "Taliban" in Swat?

The distorting glare of the mainstream media obscures a more complex reality in restive Pakistan

Pakistan: a path through danger

The heart of Pakistan’s crisis is arbitrary power. The solution is a democratic system founded on the rule of law, says Asma Jahangir.

The Pakistani identity crisis

After the attack in Lahore on the Sri Lankan cricket team, an expat Pakistani comes to terms with the changing reality of her country

Sharia law comes to the Swat valley

Islamabad insists that its compromise with Islamists in the Swat valley will help bring peace to the region. But is the peace of sharia law what Pakistanis want?

Islamist-Islamabad truce in jeopardy

Cracks emerge in Pakistani peace deals with the Taliban as the US, Pakistani and Afghan governments assemble for talks. A homemade bomb strikes a popular market in the Egyptian capital. Somali Islamists oppose even the new, moderate government, while riots injure almost thirty people in Nigeria. Greek guerrillas threaten journalists, while Israeli-Lebanese clashes follow Amnesty International's call for an arms embargo on Israel. And much more in today's update.

Can Pakistan learn from Obama's "age of responsibility"?

Islamabad cannot afford to lose sight of the country's crippling economic and social failings as it fights intensifying terrorism and radicalisation

Pakistan's failed crackdown

Following the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan promised to go after Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists on its own soil. Yet despite cosmetic successes against the militants, the group's ability to recruit and foment violence remains unruffled

Afghanistan and Pakistan: recommendations for Obama

The challenges faced by the new Obama administration in Afghanistan and Pakistan are too big to be tackled alone
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