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Thank you for getting us halfway there - only £24,000 to go

Campaign blogOur Editor-in-Chief opens our campaign blog and pays tribute to the magnificent response so far to #KeepODopen

Dear supporters,

Since we launched the public part of our urgent £250,000 appeal last week, the openDemocracy team and I have been overwhelmed by your magnificant response.

Many of you have given so it hurts – that particular kind of pain that’s mixed with the pleasure of knowing you’re part of something bigger: ensuring that oD survives as a free and open space. Without you, it could not.

You’ve already helped us get half way to the last £50,000 we need to release the full £250,000. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

But with your pounds, dollars or euros many of you also sent comments, telling us just why you’ve decided to contribute. And while we need money at oD, we love words… here are some favourites:

I am occasionally enraged by OpenDemocracy, often stimulated, and much better informed.

- Alexander Walkington

We need to #keepODopen - closed doors close minds.

- @shelleydeane via Twitter

oD is an unique source of news and opinions and we can't let it die.

- Eric Cavalcanti

With ever increasing concealed and centralized control over so called free press and so called democracies throughout the world, openDemocracy is probably one of few bastions left for future hope.

- Morten Lind

If you haven’t supported us yet, please consider doing so – we still need £24,000 to reach our target and release what the donors have pledged.

If you’ve already pitched it, maybe you could email our appeal to someone you know who appreciates openDemocracy, asking them to match you. Or spread our appeal on Facebook, or on Twitter using #keepODopen.

And keep watching this space for updates.

About the author

Magnus Nome is a former Editor-in-Chief of openDemocracy (May 2012 - July 2014). Before he joined oD he worked as a writer, journalist and broadcaster in Oslo, and was Editor-in-Chief of Teddy TV. Twitter: @magnusnome 

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