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Where are Europe's leaders?

How do we assess performance, visibility and power in a European context? And why has the EU's leadership failed to engage with Europe's citizens? (Video, 18 mins)

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations along with Community Service Volunteers and The Open University in partnership with the European Parliament are running the 'Europe: what does it mean for you?' project. As part of this initiative, the team organised a dialogue with MEPs and a book launch with professors and civil society organisations to discuss citizenship rights within the EU. The event (held on 19 September 2013) was organised as part of the European Year of Citizens 2013.

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About the author

Michael Saward is a professor of Politics and International Studies at Open University. Prof Saward has published widely on democracy, representation and citizenship, focussing on the links between theory and practice.

Recent themes include new ways of looking at political representation, for example in the new book The Representative Claim (Oxford University Press 2010), and ‘Authorisation and authenticity: representation and the unelected’, in The Journal of Political Philosophy, vol.17, no.1, 2009.

In recent years he has also written on contemporary challenges to democracy, and the place of political parties in democratic thinking.

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