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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Economics, business and finance exist in a real world of relationships shaping our lives and branding our politics. If money makes the world go round, we enquire how?

In the global economy, even body parts are for sale

The sale of body parts is illegal in every country in the world except China and Iran. But an intrepid television reporter tracks down a production line that stretches from the villages of Moldova (now officially the poorest country in Europe) via Istanbul to Israel. She discovers that the organ business is thriving and even government funded.

Business is part of the solution

There is more to Bonn, the WTO and the G8 than tear gas and cigar smoke. Their lesson, says the head of the International Chamber of Commerce, is that effective policy outcomes require the involvement of governments, business and NGOs alike.

Inside the palace of glass

The international conferences of the new world order are regularly seen through the eyes of media, protestors, and spin-doctors. But what is it like to be a participant? The director of the Overseas Development Institute was in Amsterdam to discuss poverty with the World Bank. This is his witty, compelling account.
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