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The timelines below explore the openDemocracy archive - which stretches back to 2001 - tracing the evolution of political movements, highlighting key moments in the history of conflicts, and looking back at special editorial features.

So far timelines have covered Hamas, 2006 - present, the contributions of our longest standing columnist, Paul Rogers, on the Middle East from 2001 to 2014, a selection from the Cities in Conflict series and a look back at the 'You Tell Us' series of blogs from young Europeans in the lead up to the 2014 European elections.
14 September 2014

Resistance movement, terrorist organisation, political partner, sole obstacle to or guarantor of peace; these are just some of the faces of and designations for Hamas. Whatever it is or is not, it has been a major player in Israel-Palestine - whether or not this is acknowledged. This timeline of articles from the oD archives traces the evolution of Hamas from its (perhaps not-so) surprising landslide election win in 2006 to present, as well as situating it in a broader context and providing an overview of some of the ways in which it has been written about.

16 July 2014

Paul Rogers has been writing a weekly column on global security for openDemocracy since 28 September 2001. From this invaluable archive, here we foreground his work on the unfolding crisis in the Middle East from the 'war on terror' and the Iraq war to today, frequently foreshadowing the evolving uprisings and conflicts in the region and providing context and analysis.

This selection takes as its focus the arc of a series of key events: the ‘war on terror,’ the invasion of Iraq, Israel’s wars in Lebanon and Gaza, the rumblings of unrest leading into the Arab Spring, the crisis in Syria, and finally back to Iraq with ISIL’s declaration of an ‘Islamic State.’ It also highlights a recurring theme: the major underlying security threat posed by social injustice and climate change – not just regionally, but globally. Mariam Ali

23 May 2014

For a window on our Euro elections 2014 coverage, see our Can Europe Make it? page.

2 May 2014
From: openSecurity
A look back at some of my favourite articles, interviews, photo-essays and films from the past fourteen months of Cities in Conflict.

For more on the series go to the Cities in Conflict main page.