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Paradises of the earth, Part 1: Gabes [video]

The first episode of the ground-breaking web documentary series “Paradises of the Earth” follows an international solidarity caravan to the first stop of the trip: the Mediterranean oasis of Gabes in southern Tunisia.

Picture by Nadir Bouhmouch. Some rights reserved. Gabes used to be called "paradise on earth" before a chemical industrial complex was constructed on its shores to process the phosphate from the mining basin of Gafsa in the 1970s.

The factories have inflicted a toxic reality of pollution, decimated flora and fauna and plundered water affecting every layer of the community’s social fabric, especially those who are on the front line of poverty. Fishermen saw their catch decrease significantly in the past few years and witnessed how biodiversity has been severely affected by the amount of waste the factory is pumping directly in the sea. Subsistence farmers are also deeply affected as their agriculture fails to survive water shortages and the gas emissions of the industrial complex that kill some of the plants before they yield ripe fruits.

To learn more about "Paradises of the Earth", visit the website now:

Watch Part 1: 'Gabes'  


Part 1: Gabes - قابس (English subtitles) from Paradises of the Earth on Vimeo.

About the author

Paradises of the Earth is a North African collective grassroots project that was the result of an international solidarity caravan organised to southern Tunisia in spring 2017. It is led by North African activists who work around issues of sovereignty over land and resources, neocolonialism and socio-ecological justice.

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