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Last week on OpenGlobalRights: protecting landless peoples, HIV activism, and the right to a healthy environment in the Americas

Last week on OpenGlobalRights, authors debated a UN convention to protect rural workers and landless peoples, why HIV activists use rights language, and the need for the Inter-American Human Rights system to catch up on climate change.

Last week on OpenGlobalRights, Shivani Chaudry discussed a groundbreaking UN declaration on protecting the human rights of peasants, rural workers, and landless peoples. Kristi Heather Kenyon argued that local HIV activists are increasingly adopting rights language for its empowerment effects, and not necessarily because they expect legal change. Finally, Juan Auz questioned why the Inter-American Human Rights System is lagging so far behind on climate change, arguing that a core problem is the absence of the right to a healthy environment in the organization’s core human rights convention.

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