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The latest on OpenGlobalRights: dilemmas of international justice and fighting backlash against feminism

Recently on OpenGlobalRights, authors debated whether advances in international justice are prolonging conflicts, how to fight backlash against feminism, and the balance of engaging corporations with human rights.

Recently on OpenGlobalRights, Daniel Krcmaric argued that advances in international justice mean that authoritarian leaders are not seeking exile, which potentially prolongs conflicts. Nadejda Dermendjieva and Gergana Kutseva discussed how to fight the backlash against women’s rights, feminism, and LBGTQ rights in Bulgaria. Rajshri Sen then described strategies for NGOs to engage corporations, which requires human rights organizations to be both flexible and steadfast. Finally, Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah and Mandeep Tiwana set out the three main drivers of closing civic space and three critical issues affecting local responses.

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