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Western Sahara: Africa’s last colony

As 2015 opens, the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara have been waiting for a self-determination referendum for four decades. They will wait longer due to the passivity of the international community. 

Boko Haram: militant political network or criminal calling card?

A wave of attacks in northern and central Nigeria have been attributed to the Islamist organisation Boko Haram. But the true extent of their capabilities and goals remain something of a mystery, explains Murray Last. This article was first published on the Royal Africa Society's African Arguments blog.

Southern Fire

In the past year, reporting from Thailand has been dominated by the drama in Bangkok. The confrontation between redshirts and government troops is no doubt of great importance to Thailand’s future. But another conflict also deserves the world’s attention.

A media eclipse: Israel-Palestine and the world's forgotten conflicts

Global coverage of world conflicts pales into insignificance when compared with reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Noah Bernstein explores the causes and consequences of such an imbalance.

Peacekeepers still needed in Central African Republic

Photographs from a forgotten conflict… Anna Husarska argues that more attention to the Central African Republic is needed as it works toward restoring peace and security
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