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Violence visited on Cambodian garment workers

Cambodian garment workers make around $80 a month, taking on long hours of overtime in harsh conditions. Now workers across the country are standing up for themselves to demand more—but the fight for a better wage in Cambodia is a dangerous one. At least four garment workers were killed this month during a crackdown on protesters demanding a decent wage from the government and international clothing companies. This video shows the workers who are standing up—and the violence consistently employed to keep them quiet.

About the author

Heather Stilwell is a freelance photographer working in Cambodia.

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Three global trade union organisations and 30 major brands joined forces to demand that the Cambodian government investigate the violence against the garment workers and respect workers' rights. But more than 100 trade union representatives were sacked from at least 12 factories after the strike. In May, however, there was progress with 23 trade unionists remanded since the January crackdown given suspended sentences and freed and several brands supported the unions' demand on government for a $160-a-month minimum wage.


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