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A short film exploring emerging social tensions within Athens' public spaces (8 mins).

Metronome. from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

Metronome is the first short video in the Mass Transient research strand of The City at a Time of Crisis project, which can be viewed here

Mass Transient is an ethnographic study of spaces of mass transit in Athens — and beyond: it is a study that seeks to reveal the ever-growing antagonisms and tensions in these quintessential spaces of the everyday, as the crisis deepens. At this historical conjuncture, buses, trolleys and metro carriages become the primary public spaces: on the one hand moving around are the ‘fallen angels’ of the bourgeois dream, and on the other, those swirling through the city are the undocumented, seeking survival. A close, meticulous reading of these spaces can help us understand how the transitory flux of a society in turmoil becomes a galvanized reality; how a transient mass becomes critical.

Ross Domoney and Antonis Vradis are both members of the "The City at a Time of Crisis" project which traces the transformations of public spaces in crisis-Athens, see below the group's launching statement:

Crisis-scape is the website of the “The City at a Time of Crisis”, a collective, cross-disciplinary ESRC-funded research project that traces the transformations of public spaces in Athens. By focusing on urban public spaces, we aim to study the rapid, wider social and political transformations that are under way in the crisis-ridden Greek society today.

The website so far features metronome, the first in a series of short films corresponding to each of the project’s research strands; a full interactive time-line of the crisis in Greece since 2008; a documentary explaining the ongoing social meltdown taking place in the country; an interview with Professor Stavros Stavrides of the NTUA; two blog-post series (état de siege: public space user manual and metronome) and much, much more.

Crisis-scape is updated every Monday with first-hand ethnographic accounts, theoretical interventions, digital interactive material, videos and photographs from the ground here in Athens.

We rely on your help to spread the word!

The team

Jaya Klara Brekke, Ross Domoney, Christos FiIippidis, Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou


Produced by Ross Domoney; Antonis Vradis
Directed by Ross Domoney
Research by Antonis Vradis
Cinematography, editing; sound mix by Ross Domoney
Assistant editing by Antonis Vradis

About the authors

Ross Domoney is an award-winning documentary film-maker, a member of the Aletheia Photos documentary and film collective and the film-maker for crisis-scape, a research project examining the transformations of public spaces in crisis-ridden Athens, Greece.

Antonis Vradis is based at Loughborough Geography. He is part of the collective project Nutricities and was part of Transcapes, The City at the Time of Crisis and the Occupied London collective. He is Associate Editor of the journal Political Geography and Senior Editor of CITY.

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