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Participation and Exclusion

Since its establishment the BBC has been accused of being an elitist organization. In recent years despite many steps forwards, in many respects the corporation is failing to represent a diversity of voices. So who is still being left out?

The BBC has lost touch: here's how it could re-connect

A filmmaker advises BBC news staff on how to better engage with the harsh realities of life for many in Britain.

On the new British 'popular'

The fight over the BBC is also a struggle over what it means, in the UK, to be ‘popular’. In other words, who are the people?

5 ideas for hacking television

The creator of the Capital City Project lays out five principles that can be used to radically democratise television.

Towards better broadcasting in Wales

Public service broadcasting in Wales is on a knife-edge and there are loud demands for reform. The response will cast light on whether Wales is genuinely seen as a full partner within the UK.

What can we learn from 50 years of British-Asian TV?

As the BBC celebrates half a decade of British Asian broadcasting, we look back at a journey of cultural integration that shines a spotlight on the present.

How did mistrust of mainstream media become a sign of violent extremism?

The UK Government’s Prevent strategy has led to official claims that mistrust of mainstream media and anger about government policies can be symptomatic of violent extremism.

A revolution is coming to the BBC in Scotland and the UK

Change is coming whether the BBC likes it or not. Far better to take the intiative itself: for instance, making good on a real BBC Scotland.

The BBC and Scotland: a constitutional question

It is not easy for the BBC to combine the need for a strong centre with genuine federalism. However fraught, this tension can be productive. 

‘Counting on plurality’ means adding to the BBC

The BBC’s charter renewal process will be influenced by whatever steps the next government takes on media ownership and plurality.  

The Public and the Public Interest

A journalism fund, financed by levying the profits of incumbent media companies, could transform local and investigative journalism in Britain. Such a move has the support of the public. 

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