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Rethinking the BBC: A book launch

Prominent thinkers on the BBC joined Our Beeb for an evening of debate in London.

Rethinking the BBC: Public Media in the 21st Century is a FREE e-book from Our Beeb, which brings together industry insiders and outsiders, cultural figures, academics and activists, to not only provide fresh analyses, but concrete proposals towards a BBC fit for the future. It draws on more than three years of debate and argument at openDemocracy’s OurBeeb project and there is no cosy consensus about how the corporation should be reformed.

Contributors include Mariana Mazzucato, Anthony Barnett, Michael Gardiner, and Aaron Bastani; cultural figures including Brian Eno, Philip Pullman and Ian McEwan; and broadcasters and journalists including George Monbiot, Sarah O’Connell, Meirion Jones and Lis Howell.

To mark the publication of Rethinking the BBC: Public Media in the 21st Century, Our Beeb hosted a book launch in Shoreditch, East London to debate the future of the BBC. We hosted media students, campaigners and journalists for a panel discussion with journalist Owen Jones, writer and former BBC employee Fiona Chesterson, and academic and campaigner Des Freedman.


Invitees gather to hear the panel discussion. Photo: Theo McInnes. All rights reserved.

Invitees debated the BBC before and after the main discussion. Photo: Theo McInnes. All rights reserved.

Fiona Chesterson argued that the BBC needs to be be bolder in defending itself. Photo: Theo McInnes. All rights reserved.

Des Freedman encouraged the audience to make sure the BBC hears their views through the complaints system. Photo: Theo McInnes. All rights reserved.

The audience continued the debate after the panel discussion was over.

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Ellie Mae O'Hagan is a freelance journalist based in the UK. She tweets: @MissEllieMae


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