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Audio: Anthony Barnett discusses the rise of social movements in 2011

Audio: Founder of openDemocracy, Anthony Barnett, discusses the Occupy movement and its antecedents on Resonance FM show Novara hosted by Aaron Peters.

Last week I invited Anthony Barnett to be a guest on Resonance FM show Novara show discussing some of the themes that covered in his recent Raymond Williams annual lecture at St Johns College, Oxford.  With thoughts on the 15M movement in Spain, the Occupy movement and some of its historical antecedents, particularly in the US student movement 2008/2009 and much more besides, the show offered a wide-ranging and much welcome reflection on some of the events of 2011.

In particular there was a focus on the rise of social movements during the course of the year that appear to align two phenomenon, online coordinating with offline action and affinities - with such offline action increasingly coming to manifest itself with the occupation of space as opposed to simply demonstrating. The conversation also covered where these movements may go next, what may go wrong and what, we hope, may go right.

Novara in Discussion with Anthony Barnett about 'Occupy' and the Left (November 29th 2011) by Resonance FM

About the author

Aaron Bastani is the co-founder of Novara Media and Silke Digital. He is an expert on digital media, protest and political communications and has published with, among others, the Guardian, Vice and the LRB. He is currently completing a Ph.D at the New Political Communications Unit at Royal Holloway, University of London. You can follow him on twitter @aaronbastani

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