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Neither Corbyn or the others will end austerity in Britain unless they unleash the growth of manufacturing

None of the Labour candidates has an economic approach that will prove viable but it is essential to oppose austerity, what is the solution?

Intergenerational and gender-based inequality: before and after the crisis

The new Conservative government is persisting with billions of pounds of cuts despite rising evidence of poverty and inequality, particularly for young people, children and women.

Britain’s recovery industry: profiting from austerity?

While government spending cuts continue to grab headlines, private companies are quietly making money from the psychological hardships generated by austerity.

The gendered impact of Universal Credit

Women and poor families will fare badly under the new welfare system due to measures aimed at those in part-time or low-paid work.

The long, rocky ride of crisis and austerity

In this next post of the series, we explore how capitalism’s crises are always borne by the poor and the weak, and how it is justified.

Inequality and insecurity in UK households

Measurements of, and debates about, economic recovery in the UK have tended to overlook deepening inequality along the lines of class, gender, race, ability, age and sexuality.

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