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Self-determination and the Falklands

Drawing on his new edition of Iron Britannia, a veteran critic of Parliament's war over the Falklands says that today's 'referendum' of 1,600 islanders is a sad projection of British dreams. 

Will UK and Argentina ever reach reconciliation over the Falklands / Malvinas

Interstate conflict used to be the norm. Now, as old battles are being put behind us, Ivan Briscoe asks if the UK and Argentina can reconcile their differences over the Falklands/Malvinas.

The Falklands Syndrome: the 30 year legacy of Iron Britannia

Preparing a new introduction of his Iron Britannia, Anthony Barnett is appalled at how relevant the book has become after 30 years. The combined impact of the 2008 financial crash and its economic consequences, alongside defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, expose once again the foundations of Britain’s peculiar political culture, which was the main focus of the original 1982 edition. A vivid account of the start of his own political journey becomes a sober warning for the future: they will do it again if they can unless the ‘Great’ is taken out of Britain.

Famous Five Go Mad in the Falklands Revisited

A children’s TV serial about the Falklands War that the Thatcher Government tried to ban is being republished as a free e-book novel for the thirtieth anniversary of the war.

How Argentina came about

An essay on the history of Argentina and its battles for independence. In the context of the debate over the future of the Falklands/Malvinas, which Argentina has long claimed, it sets out the story of how the grand country came about as a tribute of understanding from the UK. From OurKingdom.

Make Peace in the South Atlantic

The author of Iron Britannia revists the arguments over the Falklands War to observe that what at the time seemed to be a mixture colonial throwback and nostagic re-enactment of the spirit of 1940 proved to be a harbinger of the post Cold-War hi-tech 'projections' of force. 

The Chagos Islands 40 years on remain a black mark on Britain

By 1973, the entire indigenous population of the Chagos Islands was forcibly deported to Mauritius, to make way for a US military base. This month marks the fortieth anniversary of an outrage committed under wraps by the British, still fighting to prevent the return of the Chagossians. 

The continued legacy of Britain’s South Atlantic adventure

The Falklands war continues to raise questions. Was it a war of principle or pride? What did it say about who the ‘British’ were as a ‘people’? On the anniversary of the invasion of the Malvinas Islands, Gerry Hassan reflects on a conflict that matters to this day.

Falklands Rising

As the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war approaches and oil is discovered in the deep South Atlantic waters, a veteran critic of the war and a member of the Falkland's assembly exchange views.

The Rusting Lady and my insignificant part in her downfall

The Meryl Streep film of Margaret Thatcher gets an OurKingdom editor reflecting on his own brief encounter with her.

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