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Healthcare failings persist in UK immigration detention

Inquests, High Court judgments, reports from HM Inspector of Prisons, Medical Justice, and the UK Border Agency’s own inspectorate have all exposed healthcare failings in UK immigration detention centres, but change is a long time coming.

Child health at risk in the economic crisis: what can we do?

A doctor urges fellow child health practitioners to speak up for the benefits of social protection policy, and to measure, evaluate and bear witness to the impact of NHS 'reform' on child health.

Exporting the NHS 'brand' overseas?

British hospitals are being encouraged to sell their services abroad. But Healthcare UK, created to oversee this move into the foreign market, won't reflect the real NHS 'brand', rooted as it is in the human right to health.

What the market takes from our NHS

Tax avoidance and high interest costs are diverting resources away from healthcare.

When camaraderie is for show: Virgin loves the London Marathon, helps dismantle the NHS

Richard Branson's Virgin Group is lead sponsor of tomorrow's London Marathon. It's “a national institution” says Virgin. “The atmosphere and camaraderie is like nothing else.” One medical student running in the Marathon doesn't like what Virgin is doing to another much-loved national institution.

Lamentable media coverage and state deception, the scandal of NHS legislation

The legislation opening up England's health service to marketisation should never have been passed. The so-called serious media did not hold the government to account, analyse its intent, fully report public opposition or cover the response of medical professionals in what will prove to be a profound failure of British democracy that ranks with the Iraq war.

‘We fight on to defend the NHS in England’

The coalition’s Health and Social Care Bill is enacted despite deep public unease and unprecedented opposition from medical professionals. Campaigners fight on

Britain is not just ‘undergoing privatisation’, this is a modern enclosure movement

Cameron is leaving no stone unturned in his 'revolution' of the public sector. This is not about the privatisation of individual services: a bigger game is being played, with profound importance for Britain and her people.

Will the private interests of peers swell the vote for England's health bill?

More than one in four Conservative peers - 62 out of the total of 216 - and many other members of the House of Lords have a direct financial interest in the radical re-shaping of the NHS that is perilously close to being enacted. These peers have been able to vote on the crucial divisions that will determine the immediate and long-term future of the NHS and the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill. 

If you like Virgin Rail, you’ll really love Virgin Care

The rebranding of Britain's Assura Medical as 'Virgin Care', "health management company", is a grim indicator of the future for the NHS. Wendy Savage reflects on the cheerful Richard Branson's attempt to cash in on the 'marketisation' of England's National Health Service.

Living on borrowed time? The changing frontiers of the NHS debate

The author of 'The Plot Against the NHS' discusses the political struggle over England's national health service and considers what those determined to save it can still do.

Five things you need to know about the NHS bill

The NHS bill proposes a radical shake-up of England's health sector. Here are some key facts everyone should know.

“Summit of the willing” puts Cameron at centre of NHS storm

PM invites unidentified supporters of Health and Social Care Bill to No 10

Paediatricians say: Drop the NHS Bill or you will damage children's health

In a letter to The Lancet 154 leading paediatricians call on the government to drop the Health and Social Care Bill

Of incontinence pads and private equity

Recent revelations on the privatised health and elderly care sectors in Sweden make for an excellent example of the worst excesses that the profit-motive can lead to in formerly state-run sectors.

Profiting from confusion: a management consultant's view of the NHS

A management consultant working in healthcare speaks out on what can be a cynical profession, thriving on the fear and uncertainty of clients. He forecasts a worrying future in which consultants play a central role as the NHS prepares itself for radical reforms.

Still fatally flawed – the proposed NHS for England

David Cameron should respect the evidence and stop the unamendable Health and Social Care Bill, says former health minister Lord David Owen

Letter from America: You've got universal healthcare. Why would you give it up?

A glimpse of England's future as the Health and Social Care Bill, paving the way for NHS privatisation, returns to the House of Lords today

The end of the NHS as we know it

"How the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 would end entitlement to comprehensive health care in England" republished from The Lancet with thanks.

The truth about health “reform”: it's the demolition of the NHS

Faith groups and charities must join the medical profession in strong, relentless and effective opposition to the government's wrecking of the NHS.

Should the head of a top UK university be overseeing NHS privatisation on the side?

The track record and ideology which won Malcolm Grant the chair of the Health Minster's NHS Commissioning Board are the very same reasons students have rejected his leadership of University College London.

At last the British Medical Association fights the government’s destruction of England's NHS

The Coalition government's Health & Social Care Bill is political vandalism. Finally the Association of doctors is coming out openly calling for it to be stopped and a rethink.

How the Tories fake co-op friends are biting a chunk out of the NHS

The coalition's misrepresentation of the mutual model is mere spin in aid of ‘Trojan horse privatisation’. It not only enables private sector entry into healthcare via the back door but also endangers real co-operatives and mutuals.

Hush money and the 'cannot culture': an inside account of the NHS

Do nurses take pride in their jobs? How many doctors take bribes to keep their mouths shut? A retired professor of medicine speaks out on the NHS in this extract from upcoming book 'Public Service on the Brink'.

The NHS will be privatised - it doesn't matter what the British people want

The majority of British voters want to keep the NHS public. The Prime Minister was elected on the promise of no major health reform. So why is parliament backing the Health and Social Care Bill, against the known wishes of the electorate?

Clegg promised no back-door privatisation of NHS: new white paper opens the front door

With the government's White Paper, we are facing the full-scale privatisation of the NHS in England and Wales.

Saving the NHS: the fight goes on

Despite the deluge of coverage in England about the fate if its National Health Service there is a lack of alertness from journalists and opposition MPs about what is actually being proposed, changed or staying the same. Professor Wendy Savage exposes deceit in the government’s revisions to the Health and Social Care Bill

NHS: still on the road to privatisation

The Coalition has agreed to modify the NHS bill, based on recommendations made during the "listening exercise". We must not accept the bill due to these minor tweaks, which simply present a few more bumps on the road to privatisation

When it comes to the NHS, who speaks for Britain's voluntary sector?

It seems the British government is about to claim that the voluntary sector supports its plans to market the NHS out to "any willing provider". Those who actually give their money, time and effort to the voluntary sector should speak out against this if it isn't true.

Arrests show the cynical reality of the NHS 'listening exercise'

Two activists have been arrested for protesting outside a think-tank lobbying for NHS privatisation. It's clear who really has the government's ear in the so-called 'listening exercise' on the Health and Social Care Bill

The NHS Bill: take action on an unprecedented pause

Professor Wendy Savage argues that the pause in the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill, which claims to reform the NHS, is just a cynical PR exercise — but citizens should exploit it and act now to save the NHS

The Plot Against the NHS

In this lecture, based on the book The Plot Against the NHS, co-author Colin Leys attempts to set the record straight on plans for a new healthcare market. He argues that the healthcare reforms proposed by the Coalition are not as radical as they seem, but are part of a plot to dismantle the NHS born under Blair.

An end to Bevan’s dream of free healthcare for all Britons?

If the Health and Social Care Bill is passed without major amendments it will forever be known as the “abolishing the NHS” Bill. Make no mistake, the NHS will be there but in name only: health services will be run on US lines by, and largely for, shareholders and profit, while denial of care will escalate.

Where are the NHS protests?

Why is their so little protest about the NHS reforms? While the public have taken to the streets to defend tuition fees, EMA, libraries and the forests, opposition to the radical upheaval of Britain's 'most treasured institution' has been lacking in strength and unity. Perhaps it's time that the trade unions flexed their muscles.
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