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Scotland's future

On September 18 2014, Scotland will vote on whether it wishes to become a newly independent country. Join the discussion about Scotland's future.

One year on from the indyref: making the Scotland of the future

Six observations about Scottish society, a year on from the referendum.

Review - "The People's Referendum"

Peter Geoghegen’s new book weaves together local stories and histories to provide subtle insights into Scotland’s political future.

Raising the Blue Labour saltire on a sinking ship

Labour's crisis in Scotland requires more than a charismatic leader and some dusty ideas from north London.

Scottish Labour: the never-ending soap opera that matters

The crisis in Scottish Labour has been long in the making, and needs to address its root.

16 thoughts on a dramatic Scottish poll

A poll today in Scotland gives the SNP 54 MPs to Scottish Labour's 4. Here are 16 immediate thoughts.

15 quick thoughts on the resignation of Johann Lamont as Scottish Labour leader

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has resigned, slamming UK Labour for being too controlling. Here are my 15 immediate thoughts.

#indyref, power and dancing stars

The Scottish referendum introduced much needed chaos and taught people to think about power and politics. We need to bring its spirit to all of the UK.

Labour can be forced to unlock democracy in Scotland

Calls to destroy Scottish Labour on the pro-independence left are misguided. There is still a deep affection for the party in much of working class Scotland, and this can be mobilised by those who yearn for democracy.

14 lessons from the Scottish referendum

A month on from Scotland's independence vote, here are 14 lessons it taught us.

Scottish independence: what would Alan Peacock have said?

The leading Scottish economist stood up to Thatcher over advertising on the BBC, but died a month before the referendum. What would he have thought?

A parallel moment not to be missed: for old nations, new times

Anthony Barnett on the rise of UKIP at a particular moment for Scotland and England. (Video)

Big business bypassed democracy in the Scottish referendum

Whilst NGOs and civil society politely facilitated discussion, big business waded into the Scottish referendum with overblown threats. Does free market capitalism really walk hand in hand with democracy?

Looking through a distorted window: English reflections on a Scottish referendum

Seeing the Scottish referendum from outside Scotland, it was too easy to entirely misunderstand it.

Referendum week at the Green Yes TARDIS

For twelve hours a day for the last nine days of the referendum, Sarah ran a Green Yes stall from an old police box on Leith Walk, Edinburgh. She wrote these thoughts on polling day.

After the Vote

Gutted, saddened, and recommitted to ridding Scotland of weapons of mass destruction.

Britain is on borrowed time: the future of Scottish independence

The British state has bought itself some precious time. If it does not use it wisely, this debate will be back in a decade and Scotland will produce a second referendum.

Letter from Glasgow

Scotland has the chance to make history, and a nation.

OurKingdom's coverage of the #indyref - biased?

Were we biased? #Yes, here's why.

This is getting silly

The English elite’s scare tactics in the run-up to the Scottish referendum involved promising to stop the game by taking away their balls – the pound, the pensions, Queen Elizabeth (1st of Scotland, notwithstanding) and, of course, the BBC. Some threats clearly addressed real matters of difficulty but, says Brian Winston, the removal of the BBC was merely silly.

Here's a taste of rewards for No - mass fracking

Fellow Scots should be aware that even now Westminster is auctioning off licenses to frack across the Central Belt of Scotland. If you don't think that's any cause for concern, read this.

Fear not, England

English supporters of a No vote often cling to Britishness as a remedy for England's alleged ills: intolerance, ethnic nationalism, and so on. Yet we lose none of our tolerance in a Yes vote. We are the same England, and we should embrace this opportunity for constitutional renewal.

What's missing from the oil debate around Scotland's referendum?

The UK collects less tax revenue from its oil than almost any other country on earth. Scotland could do much better.

Hammering the final nail in the coffin of UK party-based “democracy”

Originally undecided, I now think it would be in the democratic interests not just of Scotland's citizens but of all UK citizens for Scotland to vote Yes. The No campaign does not deserve to win. It has shown how inadequate British politics has become.

In the face of global power we really are stronger together

The forces that really hold back the people of Britain expand far beyond national boundaries. Our only hope of defeating them and achieving real democracy is to work with other nations - let's focus on our similarities, not differences.

I hope Scotland leaves, and I hope England follows them

Britain is a dying project. A Yes would not only be good for Scotland but good for England; a major blow for popular sovereignty against unresponsive, undemocratic and incompetent rule.

The Yes campaign is a campaign for Scottish nationalism

Many Yes campaigners may not be motivated by nationalism, but it's important to understand.

Vote Yes for the NHS - independence is the best chance to protect Scotland's NHS

The NHS has become the burning issue of the Scottish Independence Referendum. OurNHS takes a close look, and finds in favour of the Yes campaign.

To Scotland, vote with an open heart and a clear head

Good luck on Thursday Scotland. Vote with an open heart and a clear head. Dismiss exaggerated risks and understand the real ones, and we'll see you as you emerge from the polling booth.

Broadcasting and the referendum

Claire Enders, the redoubtable media analyst, has taken a pasting today from over one hundred Guardian readers angered by her pessimistic prognosis for Scottish media, should “yes” prevail on Thursday.

Scotland's future in Europe: taming the paper tiger

The real risk to Scotland's place in the EU comes from Westminster, UKIP and the Tories.

After Scotland decides: build citizen-centred democracy throughout Britain

Regardless of the outcome of the Scots vote, we must seize this chance to reimagine the constitutional order of these isles.

Wales side-lined by Scottish referendum debate

The Welsh are feeling adrift and driven by currents flowing from north of the border

Butterfly rebellion

The British state has sent its big guns to Scotland, and found them overwhelmed by a movement of a thousand butterflies.

#indyref rolling blog, Monday 8th Sept

This is the OurKingdom #indyref rolling blog from Monday the 8th of September

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