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Time to halt the NHS gravy train for management consultants

New evidence has emerged that management consultants make NHS hospitals less, not more, efficient. Which will be little surprise to the NHS staff who have to deal with them.

Britain’s collusion with radical Islam: Interview with Mark Curtis

From Syria to Saudi Arabia, historian Mark Curtis’s new book sets out how Britain colludes with radical Islam – and how the British media is failing to inform us.

The oldest sins in the newest ways

Why Facebook’s business model leaves us exposed to the abuses of Cambridge Analytica.

Salisbury attack: establishing responsibilities – war paradigm vs. crime paradigm

What difference would it make to describe what happened as an international crime, the approach taken by Jeremy Corbyn, rather than in the language of military force?

The problem isn’t just Cambridge Analytica or Facebook – it’s “surveillance capitalism”

We’ve ended up with an internet built not for us – but for corporations, political parties, and the state’s increasingly nebulous ‘security’ demands. We need to better understand this problem so that we can challenge it.

Vladimir Putin, Henry II and the power of words…

Throughout history, power-intoxicated leaders haven’t needed to personally authorise assassinations – cold rhetoric has given subalterns enough licence. Putin himself, meanwhile, is a prisoner of the savage world he nominally oversees.

Reclaiming land as a common good

An interview with Mark Walton, director and founder of Shared Assets. 

The Brexiteer and the newt – a case study in the EU, corporations and nature

Part one of a new three-part series on EU environmental protections – and how Brexiteers are seeking to redefine protected wildlife as a “scourge” to industry.

How can we better regulate elections in the digital age?

Our politicians need to empower our electoral and information regulators to tackle the challenges ahead. Sam Jeffers sets out some starting principles and some radical suggestions.

5 ways to solve the housing crisis

Our cities need homes - not safety deposit boxes in the sky.

Forget about GDP: it's time for a wellbeing economy

Fifty years ago today, Robert Kennedy warned about the limits of GDP. It's time for political leaders around the world to commit to a new vision for our economy.

A plea to my students

Why you should remove your headphones, and talk to your striking lecturers.

Picket line rules miss the point

Pickets are not meant to be a space for deliberative democracy. They are sites of protest.

Deportation and direct action in Britain: the ‘terrorist trial’ of the Stansted 15

The severity of the charge faced by the Stansted 15 should be seen as an important moment in defining the scope for non-violent protest in the UK.

Just and unjust strikes

Can we use just war theory to understand when a strike is just?

As Brexit Britain heads for the rocks what does Corbyn’s Labour stand for?

At the most perilous time for the UK geopolitically since the 1930s, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are flying blindfold into the approaching storm.

Students won't fall for the "divide and rule" tricks of university management

As students occupy universities across the UK in support of striking lecturers, university bosses are doing all they can to break the solidarity.

Britain's security: time to rethink

A bitter dispute between London and Moscow dominates the agenda. Now more than ever, Britain needs to focus on its true interests.

Putin’s pal, the British Lords - and the ‘clean up’ of a Russian energy giant

With relations between Britain and Russia in severe crisis, the timing of a Russian company’s efforts to raise billions on the London Stock Exchange couldn’t be worse.

Cable’s confusion – on Brexit imperial “nostalgia” and what it means to be English

The Scots have as much reason for imperial nostalgia as the English, so why did one vote Remain and the other vote Leave, asks John Denham?

Northern Irish party donors finally published – but source of DUP Brexit money remains secret

Firm that donated to DUP owned by Gibraltar-based businessman, prompting criticism of 'representation without taxation'

Another Jew suspended for antisemitism – why is the UK Labour Party making such an unedifying spectacle of itself?

What, for example, has happened to the “fair and transparent " disciplinary procedures recommended by Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti?

It's time to own the National Grid

Planning for our low-carbon future must be at the top of the agenda, not paying out dividends to shareholders.

How deliberative democracy can rebuild trust in our economic institutions

Citizen voices must be included in, and have influence over, economic decision-making. 

Why we mustn't abandon EU citizens & marginalised voters in the run up to 3rd May elections

Britain is facing a democratic deficit at the local elections, as turnout tumbles and under-represented communities – as well as EU nationals – face losing out.

The horror of Syria - the curse on our houses

Aid workers speak out against the suffering of Syria, the failures of politicians and the cynicism of political campaigns to discredit foreign aid.

Transforming the financial system from within: an interview with the Finance Innovation Lab

How a small organisation is helping to transform the financial system by incubating people and ideas that can change finance from the inside.

Nuclear weapons: playing with fire

Britain's neglected history of nuclear accidents makes the case for a new safety regime.

Scotland’s democracy deserves better than broken electronic voting trials

Democratic processes need to be understood by more than a handful of advanced cryptographic experts.  

Hedonism and homelessness, Madchester and masculinity

The North’s rockstar-scally-addicts aren’t romantic heroes – they’re examples of commodification in action.

Liam Fox’s Brexit aims would require “a fairy godmother” - full speech by Fox's former top official

A devastating assessment of the government’s Brexit trade strategy of “rejecting a three-course meal for a packet of crisps”. Full text of Martin Donnelly’s speech to Kings College last week, exclusively on openDemocracy.

Labour's leavers are lukewarm for Brexit

Despite much heated criticism of 'lexiteers', new data shows Labour's leave vote taking a patient and measured approach to what Brexit means to them. Are they the key?

Our corporation tax system is broken. Here's how to fix it

After eight years of austerity borne primarily by the most vulnerable in our society, it’s time that all businesses started paying their fair share.

So how DO you build a “people’s Brexit”? Not by marginalising the already marginalised

Brexit can be reclaimed as an entrance into a new political understanding, process and polity – but only if unions and Labour avoid elite-mediated solutions. An excerpt from For the Many: Preparing Labour for Power, published by OR Books.

The second trench: forging a new frontline in the war against neoliberalism

Only a new left internationalism that accepts a limited reassertion of national economic sovereignty can defeat the rising tide of authoritarian populism.

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