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MPs mustn't allow Fox free range to negotiate an ‘America first’ trade deal

Liam Fox wants to offer Trump everything from agriculture to the NHS in exchange for getting the City of London greater access to the US economy – and most government MPs seem completely relaxed about that.

Protecting protest - fracking campaigners challenge Ineos' "anti-democratic" tactics

As people around the country take to the streets against inaction over the climate emergency, campaigners are challenging corporate efforts to shut down front line protests.

Revealed: How dark money is winning ‘the Brexit influencing game’

As Tory MPs resign in protest at the malign influence of hardline Brexiters, documents show the “unfettered” access to ministers and senior politicians enjoyed by secretive think tanks such as the IEA that are “marching the country” to a no-deal Brexit.

An inevitable division: the politics and consequences of the Labour split

It’s the changing nature of class and capital that’s caused this split – and should shape the Left’s response to it. But discussing class meaningfully is the last media taboo.

Why a focus on "fake news" and Facebook misses the internet's real problems - and solutions

MP's new 'fake news' report largely ignores other platforms like Google and YouTube, and surveillance capitalism itself – and risks sending regulation in the wrong direction.

Commons report on “fake news” says failing electoral laws are putting UK democracy at risk

Report from MPs builds on openDemocracy’s work exposing unaccountable ‘dark money’ and influence on our elections


Johnson & Davis claim chemicals industry will be Brexit winners – so where are the firms clamouring to leave?

Part one of a three-part-series: Will Brexit mean a toxic chemicals BREACH?

The left has quietly won the debate about EU regulation. Now we must do the same for migration

Since the EU referendum the left has successfuly shifted the terms of the debate on regulation. Now we must have the courage to defend freedom of movement against the anti-immigration politics of Brexit.

Is there a route to an English Parliament?

Could the current limited and muted support for an English Parliament could become a pressing demand? (An edited version of a talk given at the seminar ‘Routes to an English Parliament’ on 11th January 2019 at University of Winchester.)

How neoliberalism is normalising hostility

From working conditions to welfare policies, from immigration to the internet – this zero sum game of winners and losers benefits only the far right.

A missed opportunity to confront the access to justice crisis

This week, the UK's Ministry of Justice published its review into the legal aid cuts. For the many people now unable to access justice, it doesn't go far enough.

It’s not just medical staff and medicines that Brexit threatens, but the core principle at the heart of our NHS

The toxic Brexit debate has often wrongly characterised the NHS as a “British NHS for British people”, rather than championing it as a service based on healthcare as a matter of human dignity.

UK human rights defenders escape jail for stopping deportation flight

Defendants slam ‘vicious immigration system’ as disputed charter flight deportation continues to Jamaica.

Trust, trauma and intransigence – psychoanalysing Brexit

Leavers want autonomy and a sense of control, Remainers want intimacy and closeness – and both are traumatised by a decade of shocks and loss of faith in government.

Captured states: when EU governments act as middlemen for corporate interests

It's easy to blame “Brussels bureaucrats” but national governments are often the biggest corporate lobbyists of all, a new report exposes today.

Revealed: The dark-money Brexit ads flooding social media

Facebook has new transparency rules on political ads. But in the last week pro-Brexit groups have spent tens of thousands pushing ‘no deal’ – without having to explain who pays for them.

Tha Brexit, Tha Owns It

If North of England Labour MPs end up voting through a Tory Brexit, then the resulting decline and despair of the region will be their fault.

Three ways to stop the global economic system working for only rich white men

Women’s unpaid work is worth $10 trillion annually. Amazon's Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth dwarves the health budget of most countries. These facts are linked – and a new report from Oxfam suggests answers.

How can we save British democracy from a Trump-style Wild West future?

Until we close the loopholes that allow big money and big tech to warp politics, the only path forward is the American one.

Who gains from Trump trashing the INF Treaty – Putin and Lockheed Martin!

As Trump suspends the 1987 INF Treaty, Putin retaliates.  What can be done to prevent a new nuclear arms race from endangering Europe – and the world – again?

Labour and the trade unions can unite people against a no-deal and push for a radically reformed, social Europe

The holding of the first referendum was the real boon to the far-right, and any outcome of the Article 50 process is one in which they gain ground. 

Take One Leave One – a new way to help rough sleepers

Homelessness needs political solutions. But as temperatures plummet, communities are also finding a new way to both immediately practically help, and connect with, homeless people. 

The NHS Ten Year Plan neglects the human side of healthcare

Markets, machines and micromanagement are turning healthcare into officious, insensitive practice that demoralises staff and patients.

Cuts to legal aid: a hidden factor in the UK homelessness crisis

A lack of early legal advice is causing unnecessary homeslessness at huge government expense.

Stop calling ‘no-deal’ Brexiteers idiots. They know exactly what they’re doing

This is not bungling, or delusion. It’s part of the Great British Asset striptease. And we need to know who’s bankrolling it.

Rethinking divorce: the rights of UK nationals are at risk

The PM alone made the decision to leave the EU on the basis of the referendum result: Article 50 was invoked before setting out what type of Brexit the country would pursue.

Let’s not crash out of or back into the EU: we need more time – a response to Yanis Varoufakis

Pushing away this fake deadline, which is effectively pointing a gun at the heads of the people of Britain, is extremely important, since it appears to control the entire political dynamics.

‘They were planning on stealing the election’: Explosive new tapes reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s boasts of voter suppression, manipulation and bribery

Previously unknown recording reveals extraordinary ‘black ops’ on three continents – exploiting weaknesses in democracies left wide open by governments and Silicon Valley.

Brexit is good news for those in the business of war

Lydia Noon reflects on a busy week for those seeking and profiteering from arms deals, and the hypocrisy of it.

Why our leaders urgently need to ditch the Machiavelli and read some peace philosophers

The League of Nations, inspired by centuries of thinking on peace and justice, was born a hundred years ago this February, and later came the UN. But the promised post-Cold War 'Peace Dividend' never arrived...

A Local Constituency Pact: grassroots manifesto for strong local democracy

We must define the rules and principles by which power is exercised. With the constitutional crisis brought about by Brexit, we may be nearer to that moment than we think.

National dialogue: post-Brexit, we need a UK-wide coming together

National dialogues operate outside the permanent institutions of government; moving beyond the Westminster bubble to listen to the communities who feel disconnected from government.

Don't be fooled: Britain's social ills can definitely be blamed on rising inequality

Why the FT's economics editor is wrong to dismiss concerns about inequality.

Corbynism – where has the mass movement gone?

Despite the fighting talk, Corbynism has wasted the opportunity to transform Labour – and democracy – in a way that would be essential to deliver a radical programme in the face of opposition from capital.

Roll up! Roll up! The great Brexit show is now about to begin!

Get it over with? Whatever happens over the next few months, Brexit has only just started.

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