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Why trade unions need to get serious about new media in 2017

The far right funded new media networks and took the highest office in the world. It's time for the left to learn from that.

NHS passport proposals are just more grubby politics from May and Hunt

The NHS needs a proper response to its problems - not distraction with false claims about so-called 'health tourism' and with un-implementable plans.

Drones, Baby, Drones

Drama going beyond journalism at the Arcola theatre in London, until 26 November, Box Office: 0207 503 1646

Hidden Warfare 2: Drones

In an attempt to give them a better image, the British MoD has renamed them Protector rather than Predator.

Neoliberalism is dead. Long live new liberalism!

The liberal consensus is over, says Steve Hanson. The chilling signs are everywhere as this year ends. The left must pick it up and reshape it rather than let it fall.

We must reform Universal Credit to prevent it from penalising low-earners

When the government announced plans to cut £4bn of in-work social security in its summer budget last year, it was widely condemned by commentators and organisations for hitting some of the poorest wo...

The UK’s not-so-secret war in Syria

The SAS is clearly playing a large, sustained role against ISIS in Syria, so why does the UK government still refuse to comment?

Iraq abuse allegations: Resist, deny, hide

Theresa May has made it clear she intends to follow previous governments in tarnishing Iraq abuse allegations as false. Final day of our 7 day series.

Rising tide of allegations suggests ‘systemic abuse’ by British military

Rogue military personnel?  Or a deliberate policy of abuse? Day 6 of our 7 day series on alleged abuse by British soldiers in Iraq.

Trump-style universities headed for the UK

Britain's Higher Education Bill paves the way for dodgy universities in the UK.

Welcome to my asylum home. I’d offer you a seat — if I had one

Meanwhile a parliamentary inquiry into asylum housing lumbers on over ten months . . . and today in Leeds the Home Office holds yet another 'consultation' on a sorry business.

Trump, the judiciary and politics

As the UK media react in anger against the High Court’s involvement in Brexit, America prepares to wave goodbye to the broadly liberal politics upheld in the US Supreme Court.  

British torture in Iraq and the state’s ‘corporate memory loss’

Hooding, sensory deprivation, stress positions. . . methods used illegally in 1970s Northern Ireland are deployed again. (Day 5 of our 7 day series).

A Kurdish response to climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism.

No wonder social care is failing our sick and elderly, if this is how it treats its workers

Social care work is big business – and its business model rests on severely exploited workers who often aren't even paid the legal minimum wage.

From war to occupation in Iraq

The fall of Saddam Hussein and the death of Baha Mousa. (Day 4 of our 7 day series)

Constitutional unchoice in Manchester

How the choice between city devolution or evolution is false and new regional constitutions risk being simply bolted on to the existing constitutional mess.

The Chilcot Report and the Politics of the Iraq War

Why, in our democracy, is there so little appetite for proper public scrutiny? (Day 3 of our 7 day series)

A drowned boy, an apology, an attack on ‘activist, left-wing human rights lawyers’

Today we explore the death of Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali. (Day 2 of our 7 day series) 

We need to talk about how we talk about Prevent

The Prevent strategy can be improved through discussion, debate and greater engagement from all sides. However, before the strategy can be improved, we need to reform the way we talk about it.

Lessons for Trumpland: adventures with demagoguery in the Middle East

From a demo in Istanbul to the quiet racism of Israeli security, it's time for Americans to understand what modern authoritarianism looks like – and learn how to resist.

A conspiracy cooked up by ‘activist left-wing human rights’ lawyers?

Government and media have denied, dismissed and derided allegations of abuse by British soldiers in Iraq. Over 7 days we’ll interrogate a very British scandal. Day 1: Attack the lawyers.

Refocusing our attention on Western airstrikes in the Middle East

Russian atrocities shouldn't stop British people criticising our own government for the civilian deaths it is causing in Syria.

Elites, right wing populism, and the left

The left must reclaim its ideology, not allow it to be co-opted by the right.

Why Trump won

Globalisation's losers are biting back. The introduction to John Mills' pamphlet.

A poppy for our thoughts? On footballers' symbols and politics

Ahead of the England vs Scotland game, what does the reaction to FIFA’s poppy ban tell us about Britain?

Delayed lives — the hidden misery of stateless people locked up in the UK

Alienated, homeless, denied the right to work, criminalised.

Fast-tracking medical justice is problematic. Let’s prevent tragedies in the first place.

The way justice is served to families of children damaged during birth is changing but the UK government’s proposals may cut corners and address the consequences rather than the cause.

What does the US presidential election mean?

Twelve thoughts on politics in the US.

How Britain became more European by trying to leave the European Union

By closing our borders and opting for austerity, we have embraced the most dubious aspects of the European Union in our attempt to leave it.

"Once you see the injustice in the world, you can't do anything else but this."

Generation Revolution follows the journey of Black Lives Matter activists in London, presenting a valuable new angle on the challenges they face in fighting for their rights on the streets.

Who are the enemies of the people?

The violent reaction of the media and some political figures to the High Court ruling on Brexit seems to have taken the UK into the territory of institutional hatred - and yet leading politicians have been slow to condemn it.  This matters a great deal, and Transparency International's Robert Barrington explains why.

Eight things I learned from two days talking to people in Palestine about the US election

From Israeli settlers to Palestinian refugees: what do people in the West Bank make of the US election?

The problem with the Quilliam Foundation

The Quilliam foundation's focus on radical Islam leaves equally dangerous far-right movements under-investigated.

Crowdfunding and access to justice

Should members of the public make up the access to justice deficit?

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