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The Labour Party, Israel, and antisemitism

The key question, given that antisemitism along with other forms of racism has had a continuing presence in British political life, is why now? Much hangs on this.                                                                                     

The General Strike to Corbyn: 90 years of BBC establishment bias

On the anniversary of the 1926 General Strike, looking back to the early BBC helps us understand the latest bias scandal, over coverage of Labour's anti-semitism scandal vs Tory election fraud.

As the old parties offer dull prospects for London, what can they learn from Take Back the City?

A group of young, diverse activists in London have much to teach the old parties.

Going global: the UK government’s ‘CVE’ agenda, counter-radicalisation and covert propaganda

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) efforts, the government tells us, "address the root causes of extremism through community engagement". But could this globalising project have counter-productive consequences?

Maddening times

The European referendum is taking place in the context of – and because of – the disintegration, and reinvention, of party politics in Britain and around the world. The next chapter of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

Towards a citizens' constitutional convention

What will it take to create a genuinely citizen-led constitutional convention for the UK? A meeting in Parliament on May 10, convened by Assemblies for Democracy, will aim to find out. 

This isn’t public policy: the prelude to the BBC White Paper

Debate about the BBC’s Charter Review has been dominated by leaks and rumours that ultimately play into the hands of commercial lobbyists. Where are the voices of licence-fee payers? 

The American Jewish scholar behind Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ scandal breaks his silence

Norman G. Finkelstein talks Naz Shah MP, Ken Livingstone, and the Labour ‘antisemitism’ controversy.

Brexit Bunkum

Dispelling some prime nonsense from the campaign to leave the EU.

The multiple truths of the Labour antisemitism story

The fact that there is a smear campaign against Corbyn's Labour doesn't mean there isn't real antisemitism.

Jeremy Corbyn, the future not the past

It is time to see Labour's leader in a new perspective. Can his party's MPs rise to the challenge?

Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an ‘antisemitism problem’. His opponents do.

Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have been blamed for rising antisemitism in the Labour party. These claims are baseless.

Football's greatest hurt of all: the context for Hillsborough

To understand the Hillsborough disaster, you have to see the context: vilification of football fans and the working class; England's decay, and the violence of the 1980s.

Fun ways to stop corporations taking over schools

Tests and tech are being used to push privatisation into schools.

Muslims in the media: a call to UK editors

The British press is failing to meet the highest standards in its presentation of Muslims. In a sea of stereotypes, journalists and the public must educate themselves about the facts beyond the headlines. 

Today's junior doctors’ strike has been 30 years in the making

The junior doctors contract would do nothing to deliver a 7 day NHS, experts agree. The government's refusal to back down is because they see doctors as a hurdle to their plans to dismantle what we understand by the NHS - plans which have been a long time in the making. 

There is much upon which we can only speculate, but the hard facts tell us to leave

No one can predict the future. But based on the information we have, Britain should vote for Brexit.

Here’s what publicly owned energy would actually cost – and why the stockbrokers got it wrong

Renationalising the UK's energy system would pay for itself in ten years or less.

It's a bad referendum, as Obama discovers

It's a bad referendum not a good one, unlike Scotland's; as the US president finds out when comes to Britain and is taken on by Boris Johnson. This can be read on its own and is Chapter 5 of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

Diversity on TV: a discussion with Lenny Henry

Following the BBC's commitment to new diversity targets, we publish the footage of a discussion about diversity on TV with Lenny Henry, Pat Younge, Dawn Foster and Bev Skeggs. 

Podcast: a beginners guide to the Labour party

What is the Labour party and how can new members get involved?

New accusations of antisemitism thrown at the left are flimsy

The right of the Labour party is trying to smear the left as antisemitic. Their claims aren't matched by the evidence.

Nine questions for the Times about Matt Ridley

As the Times faces serious criticism over its climate change coverage, openDemocracy has some questions for the paper about the coal-baron at the centre of the scandal.

England always dreaming

It's St George's day. But why do those who ask the English question fail to talk about the main expression of Englishness?

Should I stay or should I go? The multiple crises of Europe and Britain

Neither campaign offers a compelling option.

Shifty antisemitism wars

Convened by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Global Forum for Combatting Antisemitism has become a strategizing opportunity on how best to thwart a growing BDS campaign.

Left wing anti-Semitism: what is it, and what is to be done?

Only the left can confront left-wing anti-Semitism, and we will do so through reflection, not when criticism can be dismissed as a factional weapon.

Women like Mabel Gawanas – detained, dreams on hold

Tomorrow, the government plans to deport Mabel Gawanas, after months of seperation from her family and children.

Tax justice and creative activism: an interview with Natasha Adams

A walking tour around London's Mayfair highlights tax justice in a clear and creative way.

We must remain in the EU to protect our environment

Environmental problems don't queue politely waiting for their passports to be checked.

Would you believe it, Boris and Gove defy corporate fatalism

The Maggyites vs the Blairites: the latest chapter of Blimey, It could be Brexit!

#BlackLivesMatter in Britain too: why does our media care less?

The UK media seems more comfortable talking about race issues in America than those closer to home. It is the BBC’s responsibility to challenge these double standards. 

The Brexit lottery

Like all referendums, the ‘Brexit’ vote will be a lottery. Why not go the whole hog and take the decision by lot?

Why did ‘working-class culture’ disintegrate in the 1980s? A sort of reply to Paul Mason

We must recognise the vital role of the working class in shaping their own culture.

UK Gypsies and Travellers take a stand against discrimination

Facing persistent racism and a critical change to planning law, which has been accused of being at odds with the Equalities Act and the European Convention of Human Rights, UK Gypsies and Travellers are saying enough is enough.

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