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Why culture competitions and 'artwashing' drive urban inequality

From Los Angeles to Liverpool to the new London competition, 'creative cities' policies are designed to soften gentrification's hard edges, never asking 'culture for who?'

Why the next Labour Manifesto must pledge to legislate to reinstate the NHS

Labour’s 2017 health manifesto was a hodgepodge of offers but failed to tackle the underlying issues. Bold thinking and a commitment to the NHS Reinstatement Bill - is needed now.

MPs demand full investigation of hard-Brexit backing Tory "party within a party"

Labour MPs are demanding that the pro-Brexit European Research Group is investigated by parliament's expenses watchdog on the back of openDemocracy's revelations.

How to make English football good again - the view from below

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football explores the possibilities of fan culture as a social movement. 

How to fight climate injustice in the UK – and 6 reasons we must

What lies beneath the UK’s fracking industry is a dirty history of land enclosure, ecocide and international exploitation. We must do what's necessary to stop the extreme energy industry and protect the planet for generations to come.

If we are serious about eliminating poverty, we need to re-humanise social security

A compassionate social security system is the ultimate symbol of a society that looks out for those in need.

Revealed: The Tory MPs using taxpayers’ cash to fund a secretive hard-Brexit group

Senior MPs including Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Jacob Rees-Mogg have used their expenses to fund a 'party within a party' inside Westminster – effectively holding the government hostage over its negotiations with the EU.

As the hurricanes hit, Big Insurance must stop its hypocrisy

Insurance firms recognise the risks of climate chaos – but they’re still underwriting major new fossil fuel projects. Campaigners are calling on them to stop.

My arguments on green radicalisation have been misrepresented

Jamie Bartlett responds to Adam Ramsay on environmental extremism.

No, the next wave of extremists won't be greens

Jamie Bartlett lumps those saving lives together with those taking them.

Second-guessing your GP’s referral - NHS denials leave big questions unanswered

Despite attempts by government to squash the ‘NHS referral scheme’ story, senior doctors have serious concerns about the damage the proposed scheme will do to the NHS, people’s health and to the doctor/patient relationship.

Normalising torture

On impunity, and the erosion of ethics in International Human Rights Law - from Guantanamo to Yemen.

The government must come clean about its secret wars

How the British government is using a Special Forces loophole to wage war without democratic oversight.

A crack in history? – a conversation between two recent UK Labour party recruits

We need to find a way to build political movements that make space for difficult questions, for diversity, for ambivalence. But how?

The state of Channel 4

It should be much easier for Channel 4, unburdened by the in-house inertia of other broadcasters, to address the “nations and regions deficit” that disfigures the broadcasting sector. Is it time to relocate?

‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves’: From fishing patriotism to pragmatism

Can Brexit deliver real control for UK fishermen?

Princess Diana: the monarchy's Brexit moment

On the 20th anniversary of Diana's death, an edited chapter from the author's The Lure of Greatness

"Over the last six years, we have become a more open, tolerant country"

New research shows that, while intolerance has hardened among a minority, the British population as a whole has become more tolerant in recent years.

The Currency of Localism

Local currencies favour local producers and discourage predation by multinationals, thereby retaining wealth locally and reducing environmental damage. 

Robin Hood had the right idea: Why the left needs to deliver on the financial transaction tax

A tax on financial transactions is fair, efficient and easy to implement. What are we waiting for? 

Is it time for England to emulate the Nordic civil society model?

Why civil society? In today’s complex and fast-changing societies, the state can neither be all-knowing nor all-powerful. There is thus a strong case for non-governmental organisations to provide...

If not here, then where? On Douglas Ross' war against the Gypsy/Traveller community in Moray

The new Tory MP for Moray has long sought to crush one of the most persecuted ethnic groups in his constituency.

Were you still up for...? a late summer reading list

The shock of the general election hasn’t even begun to settle down. Mark Perryman recommends some reads to help grapple with interesting times.

Market fundamentalism has left Britain in the economic relegation zone - it's time for a rethink

Adam Smith’s famous ‘invisible hand’ is an out-of-control robot arm. It’s time Britain adopted an evidence-based approach to economic policy. 

New Scottish Tory MP slammed for anti-Gypsy attack

New Moray MP Douglas Ross has been slammed by Amnesty International and Traveller groups after saying that his top-priority is “tougher enforcement against Gypsies”.

To solve the housing crisis, we need to fix our broken land economy

We must return to a society where houses are simply somewhere to live, not vehicles for accumulating wealth.

Use the anger of leaderless youth to transform society: the case of Belfast Pride.

What can we learn from young LGBT organisers in Northern Ireland?

“Blood on our hands” - the sorry state of UK mental health services

Nobody doubts there is a problem – so why isn’t more being done to protect survivors of abuse?

Brexit: a view from the other end of the telescope

Brexit is the incomprehension of a former imperial power, wistfully hoping to recreate a long-gone global sphere of influence. 

"I closed my eyes and waited for the bullet"

5 years ago today, 34 mine workers were shot dead in South Africa during a bitter dispute with British firm Lonmin. Today their community is taking their demands for accountability to the firm’s HQ.

Review: Frankie Vah takes the Fringe

Luke Wright's explosive play takes us into the dilemmas of the eighties left and helps tell the story of where we are today.

What was missed

The case of two Brighton brothers killed in Syria raises fundamental questions for local authorities, says Fiyaz Mughal, who sat on a Serious Case Review into their deaths.

Venezuela's struggle is also ours

Where, exactly, is the pressure on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to condemn the Venezuelan government coming from?

On brass bands and Brexit; culture and cuts: the case of Shirebrook

  Shirebrook is the kind the of place where everyone greets you in the street and the brass band plays in the park on a Saturday, teenagers preen in the town square for want of other places to f...

Democratic Socialism: Why the Left should demand a new Constitution

A radical agenda for change requires as much attention to be paid to renewing democracy on the constitutional front as to reinventing socialism on the economic front.

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