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Sustainable finance: Changing businesses from the inside out

If I were to use my money to invest in part of a company I would be a shareholder. This term does not only apply to large players. As David Pitt Watson has noted,  if you hold a pension, or if you in...

Sustainable finance: Can socially responsible investing mitigate climate change?

For as long as we live in a capitalist financial system, someone is going to profit while someone else is going to pay. Is it not better that they profit from improving lives rather than destroying them?  

MOST of the world's refugees are from countries invaded by Britain

Shockingly, countries that have been occupied by Britain or British interests are the source of over half the world’s refugees – yet Britain has taken very few people thus displaced.

VIDEO: Highlights from the Festival for New Economic Thinking

How do we build more a just, sustainable, and resilient economy? Watch the highlights from the Festival for New Economic Thinking. 

The European Left needs to wake up - on Catalonia, there is no middle ground

Hope for Europe doesn’t lie with Macron, Rajoy or Merkel. It lies with radical democratic movements from below.

“MURDERERS” – of myths, Macpherson, and the Daily Mail

As we approach the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder, it’s time to critically assess whether the Daily Mail really played the pivotal and progressive role it likes to claim in the case, and its impact on Britain’s race relations.

Zionism, anti-semitism, and the Balfour Declaration

A complementarity between the anti-semitic desire to get rid of the Jews and the Zionist project of sending all Jews to Palestine seems ignored, for example, by Theresa May.

100 years after Balfour: the reality which still shames Israel

Two very different parts of Palestine highlight the injustice still inflicted on Arabs by Israel.

Patriotic education is textbook propaganda

Resistance is vital if we are to spare children from the mind-numbing diet of national superiority and state allegiance that governments around the world are trying to feed them.

Universal Credit - internationally “unique” in its harshness, and headed for 7 million of us

Universal Credit is “the flagship policy of a man who does not really believe in social security” and who has mooted a shift to private unemployment insurance schemes, says benefits expert Bernadette Meaden. Can Universal Credit be fixed – or should we scrap it and start again?

What (precisely) is the Electoral Commission investigating Banks for?

The Electoral Commission has announced they are investigating Leave donor Arron Banks, after openDemocracy's investigation into his finances. But what are they looking at?

The Fantasyland version of Britain is alive and kicking – and driving Brexit

For years even the left bought the idea that British democracy was the envy of the world. Overcoming the elite myth-making and cronyism is still the biggest challenge we face.

Arron Banks’ charity investigated by Charity Commission

Top Brexit campaign funder Arron Banks has shut his charity down as it faces an investigation from the UK's regulator.

Precarious workers are organising - trade unions need to catch up

Work is changing, but trade unions are stuck in the past. 

Two dead boys, UK state secrecy and the long fight for transparency on restraint

An official manual governs the use of restraint on children in custody. It was published with 182 redactions. Carolyne Willow campaigns for transparency. This week the Court of Appeal hears her case. 

Beyond bloodsucking

Unique in Fisher’s argument was an acknowledgement that in liberal politics the tendency with every political question, is to reduce it to personal responsibility instead of solidarity.

Remainers: don't use our investigations as an excuse

As we uncover the dark money behind the Brexit campaign, establishment Remainers must also ask deeper questions about why they lost.

I fled for my life and ended up in Britain – without money, without English, imprisoned, and alone

Loneliness affects large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, but we do not hear about it. Campaigns like the current “spotlight month” being run by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness are a good first step, but there is much more to do.

Don’t be fooled: the government’s plan to "live within its means” is a dangerous con

Public debt is bad. We all know it. So we can surely breathe a collective sigh of relief at the news that the UK’s borrowing figures for September 2017 are the lowest for a decade. This is according...

Brexit, food and land ownership - it's time for a new direction

We're presented with a vision of food rotting in fields as foreign workers find Brexit Britain unwelcoming - but this vision neglects key factors behind Britain's dependency on foreign agricultural labour.

Film review: When Bubbles Burst by Hans Petter Moland

From Norway to New York: how reckless mortgage lending in the US almost bankrupt seven Norwegian villages.

Why Brexit? It's the English, stupid.

A response to a vigorous polemic against a core argument in the author's The Lure of Greatness

Who's paying for these 'reports' on BBC Brexit coverage?

Why do newspapers parrot 'reports' about BBC bias from organisations funded by hardline Brexiters?

Symbolic politics - standing up for real democracy

On both sides of the Atlantic, we need to stand up for genuine democracy and against a system that cynically defends itself by wrapping itself in flags.

The national conversation: free, open and broad debate

In the UK, do we see political polarisation facilitated by politically partisan websites and social media, or the disintegration of a governing consensus?

From a barrier to a bridge: reclaiming economics a tool for change

We need a new generation of economics educators, communicators and commentators

Brexit dark money revelations trigger MP's question on 'foreign interference'

openDemocracy's investigations into Leave donor Arron Banks and the DUP make global headlines, prompting calls for transparency. 

Why does the UK Data Protection Bill exempt the ‘risk profiling’ industry?

Anyone trying to open a bank account or send money overseas must undergo extensive risk assessment by private data-brokers, which amass non-credible data and falsely blacklist the wrong people on a speculative basis.

How did Arron Banks afford Brexit?

The self-styled ‘bad boy’ who bankrolled the Leave campaign appears to have exaggerated his wealth. So how did he pay for his Brexit spree?

Creating the Democratic Economy

How do we develop a democratic economy, which is fundamentally underpinned by the values of social justice, rather than exchange value?

Why economics has a democratic deficit

We can't afford to leave economics to the 'experts'.

New economic thinking is the method: the object is to change the world

To overcome the key challenges of the 21st century, we need to transform the way that economics is taught, studied, and practiced. 

If the hard Brexiteers have nothing to hide, they've nothing to fear

Molly Scott Cato MEP explains why she has teamed up with the Good Law Project to force the government to lift the veil of secrecy on its Brexit impact reports - through action in the high court, if necessary.

UK government set to ignore Northern Ireland parties’ transparency calls

Brokenshire loses his excuse for hiding DUP’s lavish Brexit donors, but still refuses to reveal their identity

Is the BBC hideously middle class?

And, if it is, why is this a problem, and what can be done about it?

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