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Claudia Jones: in her own words

A political memoir: the correspondence between activist Claudia Jones and her partner Abhimanyu (Manu) Manchanda casts light on racial narratives still relevant today.

A return to student militancy in the UK?

Students in the UK might emulate the Quebecois strike of 2012 in their opposition to government cuts on grants.

Journalism in the age of Corbyn

Political journalists have failed to predict all of the major events of the last year. They need to start asking themselves serious questions.

'Brexit' and workers' rights – no case for a 'no'

What is this crazy 'cut-off-your-nose to spite your face' strategy? How can we defend let alone improve EU workers’ rights by leaving the EU?

Migration: beyond "what people think"

A skewed debate on immigration has lost touch with reality and become fuel for fear, anxiety and prejudice. Never have reasoned argument and evidence been more needed.

The BBC fight back begins

The BBC has published the first of four planned responses to the government Green Paper on Charter renewal. It is full of strong analysis, ambitions for the future and ambiguous financial forecasts. 

Hope, power and delusion

Jeremy Corbyn has won the race for leadership of the Labour party. But Greek and Spanish activists advise against placing too much faith in political parties.

Dear Prime Minister - it's time to do much, much more to help Europe's refugees

The current government position is bad policy, bad politics and a betrayal of what is best in Britain's history of providing sanctuary to those in need.

England’s catastrophic plunge into an uncaring society

Government spending cuts are transforming the crisis in social care into a catastrophe for vulnerable citizens across the whole country.

The unrepresentative House: the inconvenient truth about our Members of Parliament

Is a prejudiced British electorate solely responsible for an unrepresentative House of Commons?

The Trade Union Bill is an attack on the NHS, our services, and all that it means to be British

Tonight we see a party leader in hock to a narrow ideological clique and foreign interests, drastically out of touch with majority public opinion. Not Corbyn - Cameron. Will Tory MPs stop him before he does untold damage? 

Jeremy Corbyn and women: a matter of policy not appointment

Media responses have pointed to the lack of women in the new shadow cabinet, but the policy response to austerity will have more impact on women's lives in the UK.

If anyone is "unelectable" it's Billy Bragg

The left needs to develop a culture that looks like the future.

The NHS stays centre stage as the political ground shakes

As Labour's newly elected leader throws down the gauntlet on undoing NHS privatisation, the Tory ideological and financial attacks on our health service are escalating.

My mother: the shameless refugee

The current story of mass migration to Europe awakens the memories of other great migrations in the past. 

A climate of conspiracy

What the Tea Party and Occupy movements have in common is that they don’t accept the official version of events any more.

Benefits-time to change the conversation

Sarah Woods' 'forum theatre' raises awareness on the punitive nature of today’s welfare system vis-à-vis benefit claimants.

Turning point for Europe: humanity remembered

Both governments and ordinary people should respond to the humanitarian crisis with a renewed sense of humanity. 

Why the UK’s housing market is in such disarray

The dramatic drop in private and public house building in the UK rests on a significant imbalance between supply and demand.

How should Greens respond to Corbyn?

Greens should applaud the Corbyn wave, not sneer as it passes.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland

With the Assembly on the verge of collapse, things could get very serious, very fast.

Corbyn's golden opportunity

If Jeremy Corbyn can inspire the stunning support that has made him Labour's leader to transform British democracy, he can succeed in ending austerity. Otherwise he is doomed.

Saving Auntie from herself, before it's too late

Briefing, leaks and spin mark the start of the campaign for favourable terms when the BBC charter is renewed, but is the corporation instead writing it's own suicide note? 

How NHS privatisers try to dupe us with revolutionary new buzzwords

The government's NHS policy seems to be based on Theodore Roosevelt's dictum, "If you can't convince them, then confuse them".

Cameron's stance on refugees a stain on Britain's historical record

Britain should take in more refugees to honour its historical migration efforts. 

Was the UK drone strike in Syria “legal”?

The targeted killing of suspect Reyaad Khan in Syria is deemed illegal and extrajudicial.

The EU has become an increasing danger to our NHS

Unless clear provisions are made to exempt the NHS from TTIP the issue may well lead to a surge in support for leaving the EU.

Useful fantasies

Why Northern Ireland had to pretend the IRA was gone for good.

A revolution is coming to the BBC in Scotland and the UK

Change is coming whether the BBC likes it or not. Far better to take the intiative itself: for instance, making good on a real BBC Scotland.

Is it really Corbyn offering a "one party state"?

Maybe he is unelectable, maybe he isn't, but there is more to long term political change than simply who wins the next election.

Remote control vs Islamic State: a new phase

Britain's drone-killing of two of its ctizens in Syria sets a precedent with implications for states and conflicts elsewhere in the world.

On the unexplained killing of Raqib Ruhul Amin

British government air strikes killed three IS combatants. It only appears to have tried to justify two of these deaths.

Vox Populi, Vox Mandy?

Why a coup against Jeremy Corbyn might not work.

If the next Labour leader wants a fairer society, they must break the big business stranglehold on politics

Labour’s challenge to fight inequalities and rebuild democracy rests on addressing Britain’s ‘finance curse’

Britannia surfs the waves - towards a socialist foreign policy for the UK

What would a Corbynite foreign policy really look like?

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