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The real life damage of local authority cuts

Our son, and many like him, will suffer acutely from the cuts being proposed by Oxfordshire County Council.

10 facts the government doesn’t want you to know about Syria

And why they matter when it comes to our airstrikes.

Beyond hope and despair: the battle for climate realism

How fast can we bend the arc of reality?

Making climate negotiations public

Climate negotiations should happen in the open, and be accountable to citizens. We're starting to make sure they are...

Climate denier scandal: who's been taking them seriously?

Which UK media have published under-fire climate deniers Matt Ridley and the Global Warming Policy Foundation in recent months?

'Dispirited' oil companies contradict their own spin at COP21

Shell's head of climate change admits in private the opposite of what his company says in public – while Statoil appears to confess that natural gas is worse for the climate than coal.

The Northern Powerhouse as ‘Real Mirage’

The new maps of Britain, and how we should understand them.

Greenpeace investigation exposes climate denier academics for sale

A Greenpeace investigation has exposed prominent climate skeptic academics as willing to accept secret funding from the fossil fuel industry and circumvent the peer review process.

Does the BBC care about class?

The BBC has made a concerted effort to reflect the diversity of Britain when it comes to race and gender. They should apply the same approach to socio-economic background.

The wider Syria debate: challenging Britain’s ‘empire of the mind’

This is not an opportunity for progressives to miss.

Race relations after 50 years

HIstory tells us that the prime minister's stated aim of ending discrimination is meaningless without the legislation and infrastructure to enforce it.

Hundreds of children are disappearing from local authority care

Already vulnerable children are going missing at an alarming rate. What is being done to protect them? 

After COP21: Reducing the carbon footprint of the richest

How much of climate change is caused by the mega-rich?

Strong on oratory, weak on facts

The whole argument against bombing rests on the historical fact that bombing is not what got rid of fascism in the 1940s and it is not likely to get rid of ISIS in the 2010s. 

Climate deniers agree their key messages for journalists (with a journalist in the room)

Climate deniers from across the world just met in Paris to agree the key messages they want to get across to the press. Here they are.

The BBC needs a new Scottish channel

Why isn't there a digital Scottish channel for the 5 million Scots who speak English? Such a move could start to heal the wounds between Scotland and the BBC.

Why did the Telegraph “push out” Britain's most experienced environmental journalist on the eve of the climate talks?

Environmental commentator Geoffrey Lean annouced he was "pushed out" of the Telegraph two days before COP21. What's going on at Britain's biggest broadsheet?

Climate justice through Pan-Afrikan Reparatory justice

As reports emerge that the People's Climate March London sidelined a 'Wretched of the Earth' bloc of activists representing communities on the frontline of climate change, some of these activists share a Reparations story.

Why we should all be worried about our BITs – or at least what foreign investors are doing with them

Britain's role, not just with TTIP, seems to be that of facilitating and encouraging excessive corporate power over governments all around the world.

Opposing terror: dilemmas for the left on Islam, Islamophobia and Islamism

The left has struggled to reconcile its opposition to racism with the need to stand up to reactionary Islamism.

What does the British public really think about climate change?

What do you find out when you run focus groups on climate change across the UK?

Three realities of the Isis conflict

The west must prioritise civilian wellbeing in any intervention. What might help?

Where's the scrutiny of BP and Shell?

Why is the British media giving the country's two oil giants a free pass on climate change?

Devolution in Hampshire: A report on Assembly South

Is Assembly South a model for giving the public more voice in devolution?

Children in peril in London

Local authorities are placing children in damp, rodent-infested, dangerous accommodation.

Bombing IS in Syria will increase the threat from IS to Britain

All available evidence suggests that extending British bombing operations against ISIS will increase the danger we face, not diminish it.

The climate conference and the corporate lobbyists dressed in green

Polluters have been given pride of place at COP21, right next to the national delegations.

Corbyn - what's a leader really for?

Critics of Corbyn and his followers are trapped within their own limited conceptions of what politics is about.

How has the climate march been covered?

Thousands of people across the world joined a day of marches for climate action. How did the UK media react?

New prisons, old politics?

Without more radical reform, new for old prisons will repeat the mistakes of the past.

United for climate justice, we will march together

Whatever our faith, we will unite for climate justice this Sunday.

Why scrapping nursing bursaries is a disaster - a student nurse speaks

George Osborne announced the scrapping of nurse training bursaries in this week's Spending Review. He seems to have forgotten why nursing bursaries were introduced in the first place.

The media and public intellectuals: Fred Halliday vs Noam Chomsky

If the media lionises one and demonises the other, the favoured man must surely have been right on the big issues of the last 15 years. Right?

The new challenge for the UK's nuclear debate

As Osborne doubles nuclear research support for small modular reactors in the UK, has he ignored the new, multiple terror risks this brings in its wake?

G4S disputes claims that transgender asylum-seeker had to share bedroom with man

Neglect, contempt and hostility — how the UK government really welcomes refugees.

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