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Corbyn's tax policy has weakened the Tories: a focus on corporate dominance could leave them floundering

Corbyn’s appropriation of traditionally neoliberal promises on tax has exposed contradictions in Tory economic policy. Here's how he could further shed light on an economic system that is not delivering for the many.

Be proud of UK’s most diverse parliament ever – don’t jeopardise it

The most diverse British parliament has emerged from a tumultuous election. But will the Democratic Unionist Party’s conservative stance endanger this feat?

Why the UK’s hung parliament is an opportunity for constructive Europeans

The reality is that after this election any UK government will be a weak one: no matter whether the cabinet is led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. There are opportunities here.

The Age of Corbyn I: He is now the most powerful person in the land

The political and media elite are in denial about the Labour leader's success

To feed ourselves well after Brexit, we need to change the economics of farming

Getting post-Brexit farm policies right matters not only for the farming sector, but for health and wellbeing across the UK.

Tactical voting worked, and it got people engaged in politics for the first time

In Oxford and Abingdon, tactical voting on an industrial scale succeeded in ousting the Tories. There is much to learn from this.

The Corbyn surge was no fantasy. But what does it mean for the UK?

The so-called Corbyn surge, which pundits have tried to spin as a fiction invented to sell papers, revealed itself as more than a collection of .gifs and twitter hashtags and emerged as a real political force.

Five reasons why the SNP lost seats in the general election

Nicola Sturgeon's party went from 56 MPs to 34 MPs. What happened?

Climate change vs Brexit: the distraction, the emergency, the opportunity

Brexit is distracting us from society’s bigger and more pressing issues, causing us to miss the emergency and opportunities presented by climate change.

No more market failure: the economic case for nationalisation

While labour's manifesto has often been deemed radical, its economic policies would be far better at addressing the flaws in the current system. 

So, who are the DUP?

The most likely coalition partners for a floundering Conservative party sit on the hard right fringe of British politics.

Jeremy Corbyn – a mainstream [Scandinavian] social democrat

If there is such a thing as a ‘best practice approach’ in public policy the Nordic model would probably be it and, at any measure, a useful benchmark for Britain to move towards. First published on September 19, 2016.

Did Jeremy Corbyn perform better than expected? Yes. Does that mean he should stay Labour leader? No.

Labour’s future cannot be left to depend on a relic, who, for a brief few weeks, performed beyond expectations. 

From the Northern Isles to the Isle of Wight: a guide to tonight

What's happening across the UK? Which seats should we look out for as the votes are counted? The openDemocracyUK guide to results night 2017.

A poor track record and a worrying manifesto on civil rights

After the surpising 2017 general election, opposition parties have a golden opportunity to stand up for the rights of UK citizens.

Fit to run a prison? G4S dodges difficult questions

At a locked down shareholders’ meeting, security company boss sidestepped hard questions, praised BBC exposé of abuse.

An analysis of news and advertising in the UK general election

A break down of the key online trends in this year’s UK General Election from Enders Analysis.

Four dilemmas facing Britain – as others see it

What is Britain's place in tomorrow's world? – a hugely important issue for a nation that, until seven decades ago, was a global empire.

When will Britain's political parties talk seriously about education?

There has barely been a debate this election on how we can improve schools in this country. Why?

To combat hate, we must celebrate diversity

Extremists want to destroy the fabric that binds people together – but religious diversity brings people together, reminding them that they have more in common than that which keeps them apart.

We have a real choice between different economic futures

This election comes during a remarkable period in British economic history. Over the past ten years real wages have suffered a larger decline than in any other advanced country apart from Greece. Mark...

Selling Theresa May: Why the Conservatives will never gamble on her again

The Tory campaign scared off potential customers. How much that let in competitors we will soon know.

After the London Bridge attack: the war on terror was always about initiating aggressive wars

Ritual condemnations will not help to address how interwoven terror has become with western foreign policy objectives. It is time to reflect more deeply on the roots of terrorism.

Children’s rights and the UK General Election 2017

A leading advocate calls for an Act of Parliament to enshrine children’s rights in law.

Interview: defending the Tory terrorism strategy

Cameron's government isn't to blame for the mess in Libya, argues the Tory candidate in Bradford West, the former Libya Herald deputy editor.

After Manchester and London, it's time to consider different approaches to our security

Our traditional responses to terror attacks don't make us any safer

Why I can't vote Labour

We urgently need to go forward, not hanker for the past.

Theresa May offers a gig-economy approach to counter-terrorism

Regulating the internet won't work. Investing in public services might.

How Harry and Mia's different visions of the future illustrate this election

Could these two different visions of the future explain what is at stake in this election?

How we are bringing democracy to our politics - and how you can join in

Every member of our pan-European movement – English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, Greek etc – got to vote on the UK parliamentary candidates we will support, with some surprises.

Get out and vote say immigrants. For your future and ours

Refugees and migrants test Britain’s claim to be a representative democracy, a test which Britain is not passing. 

North Sea, air safety and Brexit

Does the political fight about who controls safety in the North Sea reveal just how difficult Brexit is going to be?

The dark money driving the Scottish Tory surge

Electoral Commission 'looking into' Scottish Tory £100,000 donation after openDemocracy exposes potential rule breach.

How dark money is drowning British democracy

Organisations which fund political parties are meant to declare all major donations they receive. Yet only one ever has.

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