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On the new British 'popular'

The fight over the BBC is also a struggle over what it means, in the UK, to be ‘popular’. In other words, who are the people?

As a trade unionist, this is why Britain must vote to Leave

The British left has a proud history of opposing the bureaucratic, undemocratic super state that is the EU. The case for Leave is stronger now than it has ever been.

The Jeremy Corbyn-shaped hole in the Conservatives’ 'Bremain' strategy

Both the Conservatives and Labour have made strategic blunders in their approach to the European referendum.

Should environmentalists think twice about their support for the EU?

Brussels is a haven for the fossil fuel and motor industry lobbies, while the EU is increasingly undermining its own environmental protections.

The youth ruse: mobilizing concern for the younger generation

Reading through The Trials of Generation Y, a series of inflammatory headlines pit the young against the old, while skirting around the question of deepening inequalities within all age groups.

The NHS is safest inside the EU

Brexiteers are no friends of the NHS - and they are relying on concerns about TTIP's effect on the NHS that have largely been addressed.

Protecting our NHS from the EU

We must protect our NHS from competition and market led inteference from the EU Commission, says David Owen at the launch of Vote Leave's NHS-focused campaign.

Five reasons to support the junior doctors

As junior doctors start another 2-day strike, NHS campaigners explain why they support them. It's about truth, safety, and the future of our NHS. Get down to a picket line today!

Bed bugs and freight sheds: Britain’s welcome to asylum seekers

How do the government and its commercial contractors respond to criticism of standards in asylum housing?

Seeing the global in the local

Thatcher opened a new infrastructural space during her reign. Osborne is attempting the same.

Northern house power

We need a new polity of globalism, not ethnocentric regionalism.

The coming crisis; the gathering storm

The case for economic pessimism.

Caught in a Brexit bromance

The referendum on British membership of the EU has important implications for gender equality, but despite attempts at 'suffragette-washing' the debate, women's voices are failing to break through.

How to decolonise mental health services

UK mental health service providers are still failing to deal with race and ethnicity.

David Cameron’s brave new world of private mental health care

The crisis in mental health care is no accident.

When a children’s home is one more stop on the road to prison

New research adds to weight of evidence in the UK that looked after children are being criminalised.

Boris is wrong – LGBT people should oppose Brexit

The EU has been a force for LGBT rights in the UK and across the continent.

Cameron's purge of young voters from the electoral register could cost him the referendum

The UK government changed the voter registration system, removing thousands of younger voters from the roll. Now, these are the people Cameron will rely on in the European referendum.

Brexit or not, the left looks skewered

It will be fatal for the British left if it follows Jeremy Corbyn and treats the Brexit referendum as a sideshow - what's to come on 'Blimey, it could be Brexit!'

Britain and the EU: a gulf in understanding

The UK's differences with the European Union can be found buried in her legal systems, and what they teach her about how to treat rules...

A History of BP in 10 Objects – the British Museum’s unexpected exhibition

As the new director of the British museum starts work, communities from around the world have sent objects to symbolise their oppression by the museum's sponsor, BP.

Will Osborne’s Manchester 'devolution' fall flat on its face?

Today, Manchester becomes the first English region to “take control of its health spending”, supposedly. But what do patients, NHS campaigners and junior doctors think? 

Underpaid in the UK? The state probably isn’t going to help you

The government spends nine times more investigating benefits claimants than it spends probing employers who pay below the minimum wage.

Flesh Vs Fossil: Let’s shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in May

In May, thousands will gather in Wales to shut down an open cast coal mine.

Here’s how we mutualise the BBC

Two MPs proposed this week that the BBC become a mutual organization. Dave Boyle sets out how this could be done in practice.

The final frontier for privatisation: schools

As in the NHS, the government’s structural changes to schools are just the start of a massive privatisation process.

Scotland's leaders' debate and how proportional representation helps change politics

In a world of post-referendum and multi-party politics, leaders debates are about more than appealing to an imagined centre.

Chapter one: Thatcher’s legacy: the terrible twins of Brexit

The second instalment of Blimey, it could be Brexit: how we got here; Blairism and Maggyism; Heath and Powell. Read the preface and introduction here.

The country and the city

The recent re-issuing of Raymond Williams' The Country and the City should remind us of the importance of rural Britain.

Who’s afraid of the evidence about what works in the NHS?

Politicians have imposed evidence-free re-organisations on us health workers for years. Now they tell us that it's too late to change the mess they've got us into.

The same, but different: Wales and the debate over EU membership

Wales is a swing country in Britain's EU referendum. So, how is the debate playing out?

Democracy and decentralisation are their watchwords: For Corbyn and McDonnell, it’s municipal socialism reinvented

Corbyn and McDonnell's vision of decentralised public ownership comes from a long and popular tradition.

The making of an open and democratic Europe: reading Brexit through E.P. Thompson

There is no room for Britain’s turning away from Europe to a fantasy mid-Atlantic or neo-Commonwealth position of the kind floated, typically unseriously, by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

The Easter Rising and the Soviet Union: an untold chapter in Ireland’s great rebellion

In a previously undocumented corner of history, research in old Soviet archives shows the extent of the USSR's interest in Ireland's Easter Rising.

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