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Why does the UK Data Protection Bill exempt the ‘risk profiling’ industry?

Anyone trying to open a bank account or send money overseas must undergo extensive risk assessment by private data-brokers, which amass non-credible data and falsely blacklist the wrong people on a speculative basis.

How did Arron Banks afford Brexit?

The self-styled ‘bad boy’ who bankrolled the Leave campaign appears to have exaggerated his wealth. So how did he pay for his Brexit spree?

Creating the Democratic Economy

How do we develop a democratic economy, which is fundamentally underpinned by the values of social justice, rather than exchange value?

Why economics has a democratic deficit

We can't afford to leave economics to the 'experts'.

New economic thinking is the method: the object is to change the world

To overcome the key challenges of the 21st century, we need to transform the way that economics is taught, studied, and practiced. 

If the hard Brexiteers have nothing to hide, they've nothing to fear

Molly Scott Cato MEP explains why she has teamed up with the Good Law Project to force the government to lift the veil of secrecy on its Brexit impact reports - through action in the high court, if necessary.

UK government set to ignore Northern Ireland parties’ transparency calls

Brokenshire loses his excuse for hiding DUP’s lavish Brexit donors, but still refuses to reveal their identity

Is the BBC hideously middle class?

And, if it is, why is this a problem, and what can be done about it?

‘Substantial’ fine linked to DUP’s secret Brexit donors

Former minister demands answers on £6,000 fine, questioning legality of DUP’s mystery source of Brexit cash

oD partners with the Festival for New Economic Thinking

openDemocracy is delighted to be partnering with the Festival for New Economic Thinking which is taking place on 19-20 Oct 2017 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. Economics is at a turning point. Soc...

Mystery deepens over secret source of Brexit 'dark money'

Only one major pro-Leave donor refuses to distance himself from controversial £435,000, which bankrolled DUP's Brexit spending spree.

Who bankrolled Brexit?

The United Kingdom has transparency laws which should give citizens a full and immediate answer to this question. And yet, we still don’t have one.

Jeremy Hunt considers banning patients from walking up to A&Es

This isn’t 'managing demand' – it’s playing whack-a-mole with it.

Big-hearted Greens light the path to a new politics

At their annual conference, the 'progressive alliance' was a hot topic. Should the Greens continue to advocate alliance politics and tactical voting, even if Labour and the other parties don't reciprocate?

Revolving doors at the NHS’s bully-in-chief

As the NHS’s financial regulator hires a new chair, the destination of its outgoing chair is if anything more noteworthy.

UK Government's new aviation strategy is a plan for climate chaos

To meet its climate targets the UK must restrict flying – but the government is going backwards and the public are becoming less worried about aviation’s environmental cost.

Labour and the economic illiteracy lie

At this year’s Labour Party conference, Jeremy Corbyn stood up in front of a hall packed to the rafters with Labour faithful. Dyed-in-the-wool Corbynistas and new converts alike welcomed him to the ...

Why a 4 day week is the answer to the multiple crises of work

A shorter working week would redistribute unwaged work, spread the benefits of automation and enable people to spend time on the things that really matter.


Labour’s policies are missing one vital ingredient – ‘social rights’

The public want social rights such as the right to housing, healthcare and decent living standards, on an equal footing with currently defined ‘human rights’. Such a policy would sharpen Labour’s plans and empower citizens, writes Stuart Weir.

Are we all Catalans now? Why Scotland is very different

As the stakes rise in Catalonia, what does their crisis teach us about the complexities of the struggle for self-determination - and about the British state?

A letter from the Venezuelan Embassy

In response to openDemocracy UK's piece on Venezuela and the Labour Party last week, the Venezuelan Embassy wrote to the author, Paul Canning. Here is their response in full. Español

Ex-boss of England’s NHS blasts NHS migrant policy as a “national scandal”

As activists took to the streets at the weekend to protest Jeremy Hunt’s introduction of NHS passport checks and upfront charges, David Nicholson said the policy was “based on fake evidence” and “the thin end of a very big wedge”.

The irony of Brexit as the EU lurches right

As major European governments embrace new forms of xenophobic neoliberalism, Britons want the xenophobic neoliberal Theresa May out.

Why the future of progressive politics relies on the Greens

As the Green Party prepares for its conference this weekend, Neal Lawson of Compass offers a refocused electoral, campaigning and organisational strategy to build on strengths and win hearts and minds.

‘Green Brexit’? Not with this dirty Brexit brigade, Mr Gove

The Brexit campaign included investors, brokers and businessmen with a financial interest in tearing up European Union regulations protecting the environment, an investigation by openDemocracy shows.

‘Global Britain’? Don’t believe the Brexiteers’ hype

The idea Britons voted to leave the EU in order to become ‘more global’ is mere propaganda from politicians who have mainstreamed far right attitudes to immigration.

Why the UK never felt 'at home' in the EU

Progressives of whatever Brexit persuasion should beware of adopting UK or EU identities wholesale - both are built on historical amnesia.

What Venezuela tells us about Labour Party foreign policy

Venezuela has been reduced to a political point scoring exercise in the UK - whilst it plunges deeper into an enormous humanitarian disaster. Did we learn anything new from Labour party conference? Español

At Labour’s Conference I heard the voices of the poor, the oppressed, the ignored, and the patronised

Labour’s conference may not yet have delivered a fully perfected programme – but hearing working class voices everywhere was a breath of fresh air, despite the media sneers.

Lure of Greatness, the video

Caroline Lucas MP, Zadie Smith, John Cleese, Kate Raworth, Aditya Chakrabortty, Peter Oborne, Quentin Skinner, Niki Seth Smith and Ralph Pritchard enjoy Anthony Barnett's new book.

The UK economy is hooked on rising asset prices. What happens when the bubble bursts?

The next recession could be more severe than the last.

Is Labour ‘ready to govern’ – or are there more eggs to break?

From Brexit to the current battle for the Scottish leadership, Labour can’t duck the hard questions. A new book from a key Scottish Corbyn ally recalls the battles of the past, but leaves the future uncertain.

5 reasons why Facebook should be in (global, cooperative) public ownership

Just like the railway, Facebook is a private monopoly running a public service. We, the public, don't have real competition and consumer choice, but we don't have a democratic say as citizens either...

Do we have a right to justice?

As new research reveals the devastating impact of legal aid cuts, Labour is considering not only reversing some of those cuts but enshirining in law our right to justice.

Borders, open borders, or no borders?

If freedom of movement is a human right, is Brexit good or bad? A Q&A.

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