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The last of the true believers: comrades of the world unite!

A slew of new books reveals much about the recent history and current state of the British left.

Jeremy Hunt’s solution for cash-strapped NHS trusts - cut 375 nurses each?

Jeremy Hunt’s talks of patient safety - but his NHS cash 'solutions' risk repeating the mistakes of Mid-Staffordshire. 

An urgent struggle: our tainted air

The deadliness of air pollution is all too often overlooked; a national action campaign is long overdue. 

The robot economy may already have arrived

But the austere response to rapid technological advances is resulting in increased polarisation and precarity. What are we going to do about it?

Joshua Oppenheimer's moral intervention

The Look of Silence confirms Oppenheimer’s status as one of the most ambitious filmmakers of his generation. His cinematic approach aims at nothing less than a reconciliation between the Indonesian people.
Part of our partnership with the Unorthodocs programme of screenings and events.

Be the media, know the media, change the media

We need to think bigger if we are to achieve the sort of media that the public want and need.

Meat and climate change: an interview with Chatham House’s Laura Wellesley

Do the public understand the link between meat and emissions, and if they did, would it affect how they ate?

Cameron’s prison reform: privatisation and asset stripping?

What exactly will the British government's plans look like in practice?

Changing the racialized ‘common sense’ of everyday bordering

The out-sourcing of border-guarding is not (just) going to paid expert agencies but is imposed as part of the unpaid daily citizenship duties of untrained people in Britain.

Drawing red lines against CO2lonialism on fossil free Friday

Across the UK, students protested on Friday against the extraction of fossil fuels.

Review: 'Political Turbulence: how social media shape collective action'

Social media are permanently changing the nature of politics across the world. What are the implications for democracy, representation and governance?

This year, let’s keep 10 million tonnes of British coal in the ground

‘Keep fossil fuels in the ground’ was the soundbite of climate campaigners in 2015. This year, it’s time to put that into practice in the UK. 

A seven-day NHS? Or does this government really want a zero-day NHS?

Whilst our leaders do battle with Jeremy Hunt, are they in danger of being distracted from the real threat to the NHS?

Guilt by association, the Supreme Court will rule

This Thursday the Supreme Court will rule on controversial joint enterprise laws, which allow people to be imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

Mr Gove and the legal levy proposal

A levy of 10% on legal earnings above £150,000 would provide a major boost for access to justice. And Mr Gove may be interested.

Jeremy Hunt launches doctor morale inquiry - here's a sneak preview of its findings...

On the day he imposed a morale-busting contract on junior doctors, the health secretary also announced... an urgent inquiry into the state of doctor's morale. Beyond satire? 

Fiscal failure and OBR over-optimism: a review of the UK economy in Q4 2015

The network ‘Economists for Rational Economic Policies’ (EREP) review the UK's economic performance in the last quarter of 2015.

Rhodes must fall: from dignity to honour values

When shame becomes honour, victims become offenders. Rhodes Must Fall is a case in point.

Are British values really Islamic values?

And if so, is the onus on British values to recede to allow ample space for Islamic identity?

The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill report card: “Must try harder”

The British public will not accept a law that treats the Internet, the greatest modern innovation for cultural, economic and social development, as something that must be hacked, tracked, and mined.

Remembering Sarah Reed

Beaten by a Metropolitan police officer in 2012. Found dead in a prison cell in 2016. Sarah Reed, a black woman, mother, daughter, sister, whose smile could light up a room.

Jeremy Hunt goes nuclear - the 12 things you need to know

Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose a contract makes as little sense as the rest of his narrative about the junior doctors and a '7 day NHS' - unless you unpick the real story.

Millions are missing from the UK’s electoral registers

The foundations of UK democracy are threatened by a crisis in voter registration. 

Schools like prisons, prisons like schools

The Conservative government's latest announcement is not as absurd as first seems.

Three strikes against the IP bill

As of this morning, three committees have now passed damning judgement on the Home Office's draft Investigatory Powers Bill. But will they listen?

Raw intelligence-sharing and the Investigatory Powers Bill

Despite wanting to set a 'gold standard' some areas remain too sensitive to place under the rule of law, it seems.

Is Hollywood helping to change attitudes to the Cold War?

A Bridge of Spies is a timely reminder that East-West relations in the Cold War can be viewed now with the perspective of history. This is not always in the West’s favour.

Help us to help the NHS

Doctors striking, nurses protesting - the NHS needs independent journalism, free of government and corporate spin, more than ever. And now we need your help to crowd-source funding for our coverage.

Peel power, the real Northern Powerhouse

Examining one holder of real power in the northwest can give us clues about the true shape of the Northern Powerhouse.

What's the junior doctors strike got to do with neoliberalism, anyway?

If we can win the argument against neoliberalism anywhere, it should be in healthcare.

Why I have removed my backing for an NHS commission

The proposed 'NHS Commission' lacks red lines on the founding principles of the NHS - that it is comprehensive and publicly funded - and so risks becoming a vehicle for privateers.

It's time to make the progressive case for staying in the EU

Britain's exit from the EU wouldn't liberate us from neoliberalism. Only joint struggles across borders can do that.

To the BBC: don’t give airtime to the Taliban’s threats

Afghanis inside and outside the country have been angered by the BBC's interview with a Taliban spokesman directly after a suicide attack, in which he announced a new target.

The DiEM25 manifesto: Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

On 9 February, activists and arguers from across Europe gather in Berlin’s Volksbühne to launch DiEM25, a manifesto for a democratic European Union. openDemocracy's founder introduces the manifesto and why it is so vital for Europe today. Español

5 ideas for hacking television

The creator of the Capital City Project lays out five principles that can be used to radically democratise television.

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