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Six ways to spin climate coverage

How are big polluters trying to influence climate change reporting in the run up to the vital Paris summit? Here are some things we've noticed..

David Cameron truly is the heir to Tony Blair

Despite being widely despised by almost everyone, Blair is Cameron's role model – he worships him.

The SNP need to get back to governing – and being honest with us

The SNP must demonstrate that they offer more than Independence and grievance justification.

Introducing our new series: the Northern Powerhouse

Welcome to the Northern Powerhouse collection of articles for Open Democracy, curated by Manchester Left Writers. Here, I want to outline what we aim to do across our pieces.

Empowerment through education for Travellers in prison

Gypsy and Irish Traveller prisoners represent 5% of the entire prison population of England and Wales. Let’s get their education right.

Where is the outrage on David Cameron’s scandal in the Gulf?

The UAE, we now know, was busy planning its own operation against Muslim Brotherhood affiliates at home while urging David Cameron to do the same in Britain.

People tied up ‘like animals’ on UK deportation flights

Commercial contractors routinely belt immigration detainees into restraints so extreme that they are rarely used in prisons.

Devolution versus democracy? A report on Assembly North

The people of south Yorkshire want devolution - but they also want the process to be much more democratic.

Imagining social movements: from networks to dynamic systems

We must move to an understanding of networks as constantly changing and dynamic; no two 'links' are alike.

Can democracy and genocide co-exist in Burma?

The treatment of Rohingya may be a detail in the general opening up and wooing of a state known for its unspoilt and unexploited natural resources. But what about western media?

Jeremy Hunt, George Osborne, and the OTHER NHS shambles this week

Neither the Department of Health nor NHS England seem to have a clue who has a say in Hunt and Osborne's far-reaching new NHS plans, OurNHS can exclusively reveal. Cock-up or conspiracy?

Snide & Prejudiced: a tale of constitutional shenanigans

The UK's constitution is being trashed for short-term party political advantage. We need an independent review.

After Paris: time to rethink the usual responses

The cycle of violence must somehow be broken.

Junior doctors vote yes to strike, yes for our patients, yes for the future of our NHS

An overwhelming 98% yes vote shows this fight is about protecting what we know the NHS needs in the medium and long term.

Behold the 'Manchester Withington question'

'English Votes for English Laws' is supposed to answer the 'West Lothian question' – yet the government's English devolution policy is recreating the same question in a new form.

Modi at Wembley – the empire strikes back

Modi and Cameron put on a great show, but to what end?

"The BBC stands for what we all have in common".

Last week OurBeeb editor Aaron Bastani spoke to Peter Oborne about the BBC, its future and the role of public service broadcasting in modern Britain.

Paris and Beirut: journalism’s selective compassion

Is it editors, journalists or audiences to blame?

Climate change reporting for sale?

What sway do the big businesses changing our climate have over the journalists reporting on them?

Bread, circuses and inequality – a dishonest bargain

How does consumerism undermine democracy?

Legislate in haste, repent in leisure

The Paris attacks have prompted (predictable) calls for the UK's new snoopers' charter to be rushed through. This would be a disaster, says a former member of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

The UK Investigatory Powers Bill – one step forward, two steps back

"Following the tragic attacks in Paris and Beirut, let us bear in mind the recent call by MI5 Director General Andrew Parker for surveillance laws prioritizing both proportionality and efficiency."

Is the NHS funding crisis opening the door to poorly regulated private hospitals?

Jeremy Hunt is crying crocodile tears on patient safety - squeezing patients out of the NHS and towards private hospitals that are a 'black hole' of information.

Don't want the government to let the NHS die? Here's one crucial thing you can do right now

The government is setting out what it will tell the NHS to do for the next five years (the 'mandate') - and there are lots of worrying signals. Here's our response - you've 10 days if you'd like to respond, too.

Homelessness in Manchester – the crisis continues

Ex-footballers and activists work together to help rough sleepers whilst the council announce that they will sell all 18 empty properties they are currently renovating.

Mason's Postcapitalism – are networks actually part of the problem?

For Mason and others networks are a key liberating tool in moving beyond capitalist relations, but networks are not inherently democratising nor free of hierarchy.

When the BBC met the Terrorism Act

Why was the laptop of a BBC journalist seized by counter-terrorism police?

Junior doctors are fighting for the NHS's life - as the Tories try to silence ALL health workers

It's no coincidence that - just as junior doctors gear up for battle to prevent damaging NHS changes - the government is trying to make it virtually impossible for other health workers to do the same in future.

If independence is a state of mind then we have to fundamentally change

Instead of waiting for independence with constant bickering, Scotland must act now as if it were independent – it must be mature, sensible, and take responsibility for its own decisions.

Is capitalism ’mutating’ into an infotech utopia?

“He needs to take into greater account the impact of technology on both increased exploitation of labour and the dominance of the finance sector.” Review of Paul Mason’s ‘PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future’ (Allen Lane, 2015) 

Mr Corbyn, Mrs Windsor (and Mr Charles Windsor)

What is the potential significance of Jeremy Corbyn refusing to bend his knee to the Queen?

Inclusive decision making systems are a must for any UK constitutional convention

Binary yes-no voting is a plague on democracies. We should and can do much better. Here's how.

Who needs context? James Strong, Jeremy Corbyn and public opinion

The latest response in an ongoing exchange between Ian Sinclair and James Strong: does Corbyn really represent public opinion on foreign policy?

Austerity and the rise of poverty in Britain

Austerity is a political choice, not an economic necessity, and it is having devastating consequences.

Why the 11+ isn’t the form of selection we should be worrying about

Grammar schools are important, but it is selection elsewhere in the education system that has a greater effect on more students’ lives.

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