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The final frontier for privatisation: schools

As in the NHS, the government’s structural changes to schools are just the start of a massive privatisation process.

Scotland's leaders' debate and how proportional representation helps change politics

In a world of post-referendum and multi-party politics, leaders debates are about more than appealing to an imagined centre.

Chapter one: Thatcher’s legacy: the terrible twins of Brexit

The second instalment of Blimey, it could be Brexit: how we got here; Blairism and Maggyism; Heath and Powell. Read the preface and introduction here.

The country and the city

The recent re-issuing of Raymond Williams' The Country and the City should remind us of the importance of rural Britain.

Who’s afraid of the evidence about what works in the NHS?

Politicians have imposed evidence-free re-organisations on us health workers for years. Now they tell us that it's too late to change the mess they've got us into.

The same, but different: Wales and the debate over EU membership

Wales is a swing country in Britain's EU referendum. So, how is the debate playing out?

Democracy and decentralisation are their watchwords: For Corbyn and McDonnell, it’s municipal socialism reinvented

Corbyn and McDonnell's vision of decentralised public ownership comes from a long and popular tradition.

The making of an open and democratic Europe: reading Brexit through E.P. Thompson

There is no room for Britain’s turning away from Europe to a fantasy mid-Atlantic or neo-Commonwealth position of the kind floated, typically unseriously, by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

The Easter Rising and the Soviet Union: an untold chapter in Ireland’s great rebellion

In a previously undocumented corner of history, research in old Soviet archives shows the extent of the USSR's interest in Ireland's Easter Rising.

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning": leaving Europe for the imperial Never-Never Land

The Brexiteers believe in a myth of British exceptionalism. It's time they stopped telling themselves fairy tales.

NHS cuts - are we in it together?

Downing Street was accused by another former minister of “massaging” NHS cuts figures this week – just as locally NHS bosses propose more sweeping cuts that are beginning to look like the worst ‘reorganisation’ yet.

Punish the weak: one woman’s experience of UK health and welfare

What does the extraordinary story of Emma Golledge tell us about the British state’s values and competence? 

The human beings that UK government ‘forgot’

As David Cameron’s panicked government puts on a compassionate face, we meet people harmed by punitive policies.

Blimey, it could be Brexit! Introduction

A battle over Britain consumes the Tory party, that will decide the fate of the UK and perhaps even Europe. In a week by week experiment worthy of this dramatic development, Anthony Barnett aims to write a book about it ahead of the referendum. Here is the introduction.

Tomorrow’s BBC will be fitted to your personality

The BBC is doing cutting-edge research into Visual Perceptive Media, virtual reality and facial coding technologies. But do we want our shows to be tailored to our age, gender, and tastes? And what happens to all that data?

Climate change, the elephant in the Gulf

Soaring temperatures threaten to make Gulf States uninhabitable. Yet their leaders know that abandoning oil means relinquishing power.

Revisiting Easterhouse, home of Iain Duncan Smith's 'epiphany'

As the Work and Pension's Secretary resigns after six years, we return to Glasgow's Easterhouse, where his professed mission to abolish poverty began.

Ireland and Britain, a hundred years later

On St Patrick’s Day and the meaning of the forthcoming Easter Rising centenary for models of Britishness.

"Guilt by association" laws targetted black communities. Changes bring hope to thousands

An historic Supreme Court ruling on joint enterprise could open the floodgates for many BAME prisoners to appeal their convictions.

Channel 4 is critical infrastructure for the ‘Northern Powerhouse’

We shouldn’t jeopardise a unique creative and economic contributor to the regions by tinkering with its ownership.  

The Tories stole the NHS Bill debate from the public but the Bill to save our NHS won't go away

The NHS Bill has too much support from patients and doctors to be defeated by a few Tory filibusters. It will be back.

‘Red-tape’ is at the heart of the BBC’s democratic remit

The so-called ‘sharing economy’ is composed largely of opaque shoddily managed companies. Rather than mimicking these models, the BBC must make the case for improving and developing its much-lamented bureaucracy.   

How is Islam represented on the BBC?

While the Corporation’s news coverage tends to reinforce stereotypes, its cultural programming calls these into question.

"How we will miss that chuckle": my friend, Doreen Massey

On the life, theory, activism and humour of Doreen Massey, the great feminist geographer, who has died.

The Doreen Massey we knew

Doreen Massey (1944-2016): was a feminist, socialist geographer who shaped our understanding of space, gender and cities and who refused to abandon political activism.

Whittingdale is wrong: it is advertisers who are destroying the digital economy

Adblocking is not the cause of a downward trend in online publishing, it is a justified response to non-consensual tracking and profiling. 

Britain's care homes are being turned into complex financial instruments

The extraordinary story of how one care conglomerate uses opaque corporate structures and a web of financial tools to suck wealth from the care of Britain's most vulnerable.

What are the BBC guidelines on the EU referendum?

To hold the BBC to account on its coverage of the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns, we need to properly understand its Referendum Guidelines and the challenges of ensuring ‘impartiality’.

10 reasons not to privatise any part of Network Rail

How the government plans to privatise Network Rail is putting the chance for publicly owned railway out of reach for good.

No-one believes Jeremy Hunt on patient safety and whistleblowers – not even his own appointees

A rash of rebukes, resignations and reports pour cold water on Jeremy Hunt's continued claim to be the whistleblowers' friend.

Paid summer internship with openDemocracyUK for a UCL student/recent graduate

UCL student or graduate? Come and work for openDemocracyUK over the summer.

Admiral Jeremy is not so admirable

Just how did we end up with this most unsuitable health secretary?

Being the 51st state: on the Democrats Abroad primary

US primary season spilled out across the world, as the citizens overseas voted in their very own primary.

Why is the government trying to ban experts from advising it?

New UK government proposals would ban publicly funded research from being used to influence government policy.

Empathy, belonging and the UK-EU question

Cognitive neuroscience research on belonging has a lot to teach us on the fundamental processes that will make or break not only UK-EU relations but the entire European project.

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