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Democracy needs informed debate: how do we get it?

Democracy requires informed debate. Gavin Barker sets out a proposal for how Assemblies for Democracy and other citizen groups can help to improve citizens' access to high quality information.

Why is Corbyn doing better on social media?

Corbyn's natural, unpolished and conversational comfort puts him well ahead of the other candidates in terms of engaging social media, if not the electorate at large.

When did inconvenience kill compassion? Thoughts on Calais

If we replace “migrant” with “desperate and terrified person” do we see something different? A nurse and psychotherapist writes.

So many reasons why turning landlords into immigration officials is a bad idea

A lawyer argues that the UK is moving from immigration control to migrant exploitation.

35 economists back Corbyn's policies as sensible

Far from being 'mad', plenty of economists welcome Corbyn's proposals as opening up fruitful new areas for public discussion on the economy.

Equal rights for all: the limits of Magna Carta and the 1965 Race Relations Act

The commemoration of Magna Carta should not be a complacent celebration, but an opportunity to explore what more we need to do as a nation to secure equal rights for Black and minority ethnic people.

Magna Carta: a beggarly thing, a mess of pottage

If Magna Carta is the cornerstone of liberty, why did the Levellers, democratic radicals of the 17th century, reject it as 'containing many marks of intolerable bondage'?

Labour's pioneers, settlers and prospectors point to Kendall for progress

It may be unfashionable, but Kendall is the leader Labour need - someone who can make tough decisions rather than simply playing to the crowd.

Out, out damned logo!: Why I protested the Edinburgh International Festival

Actors and activists protested yesterday against BP's sponsorship of the Edinburgh International Festival.

The battle unfolding at the Royal College of Music

Ignored by their employers and frustrated by an impotent union, outsourced workers are launching a powerful campaign for their rights. 

A post-election analysis and what needs to be done

Written just after the General Election and circulated to Labour supporters, Sarah Perrigo assesses the future of the Labour Party, with a postscript reflecting on the leadership election.

What Jeremy Corbyn supporters can learn from Margaret Thatcher

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Corbyn should support a convention parliament or he will fail

If Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership he should try to reach agreement with all progressive groups for an electoral pact aimed at creating a constitutional convention in the new parliament, only this will build on the energy his candidacy has inspired.

Is Corbyn too pally with tyrants and other pariahs?

Why is it so hard for the left, both pro and anti-Corbyn, to resist the logic of "my enemies' enemies are my friends"? Can we learn to cast a plague on the houses of enemies of progress whoever they are?

Cameron’s hypocrisy on Muslim radicalization

If Cameron was serious about countering extremism, what better person to allow into the UK than Jeenah, who has much to say about the contributions of the west to the problem?

Simon Stevens' disastrous funding deal is failing the NHS

Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party, hits out at NHS England’s CEO for failing to negotiate sufficient funding from Jeremy Hunt ahead of the general election. 

Why I'm backing Yvette Cooper

The UK Labour party doesn't need to compromise between principles and electability: Yvette Cooper has both.

Does Cruddas' new poll on austerity sink Corbyn's chances?

The public may be pro-austerity, but the SNP certainly aren't. And from a certain perspective, the SNP are Labour's only chance of forming the next government.

Why on earth would leftists go out of their way to support Cage?

Max Farrar responds to this article, and its authors respond in kind. What exactly is Cage, and how should it be treated?

The Labour leader candidates and the constitution

What to make of the Labour leader candidates answers on questions about the constitution.

Was it the Sun wot won the UK election?

Not quite. But judging by a new report, the Sun, Telegraph and the Mail might have had something to do with it...

Why the left is right for Labour and Britain

Slurs against a revitalised Socialism insult the mainstream of Labour’s long history. Denial of that tradition has no place in the Labour Party.

Does the World Service have a future?

The editor of BBC World Service News until earlier this year argues that the funding of the World Service through the licence fee strengthens the corporation's hand in negotiations about a new charter. 

Bringing power to the people, through the statute book

Scotland's Community Empowerment Bill aims to help bring the spirit of self-determination unleashed during the referendum into the day-to-day running of neighbourhoods across the country.

Smart meters: criminalising landlords, ripping off consumers

Why is the government rolling out smart meters that have been repeatedly exposed as expensive, poorly tested and potential threats to our privacy?

Jeremy Corbyn and British foreign policy

The anti-war movement, with all its errors and omissions, is central to Corbyn's popular appeal.

Austerity as bureaucratized and organized violence

Vickie Cooper examines the intricacies and insidiousness of austerity in the UK.

A party of enemies has no future. Labour’s left and right need to go their separate ways.

The left and right of Labour have almost nothing in common. Why continue the pretence?

When ‘special measures’ become ordinary

To be measured was once a sign of failure. It is now not only common place, we frequently measure ourselves publicly, and voluntarily.

Open up your eyes to 'Devo-Manc'

'Devo-manc' is part of the government's austerity agenda and its wider attack on the NHS.

From Miliband to Corbyn: Labour struggles to renew itself

To understand the rise of Corbyn, we first need to properly understand Ed Miliband's legacy.

Alternative democracy

Parliament, initiated in the 13th Century when the population was ill-educated, is now a self-perpetuating anachronism. What are the alternatives?

The new housing bill: people, planning or productivity?

The Conservative government’s agenda is beginning to take shape. What has it to say about the things that matter most to communities? Let’s start with the housing bill.

Why wait until 2020? We need to act on our democratic crisis now!

Why wait until 2020? The Labour Leadership candidates should assemble as many as are willing and get a constitutional convention going now in time to legislate in 2020.

As Wales rejects an opencast mine, is the end of coal nigh?

In a country famous for its coal, a totemic decision has just been made.

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