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There's no accountability in English local government

A dispatch from the front line of England's creeking democracy.

Our NHS can't afford privatisation - why MPs must back the NHS Bill this Friday

Even middle England can see that privatisation costs, rather than saves, billions. Will MPs take a historic chance to undo this market mess that's crippling our NHS, this Friday?

Hamish Henderson, folk songs, and the building of Scottish left-wing identity

Does some of the recent success of the Scottish left lie in musicology?

Why we’re opposed to “Jobs on prescription”

Moves to ‘join up’ NHS care with the benefits system, are more about extending harsh benefit conditionality into the NHS and compromising clinical independence, warn campaigners.

The problem of sovereignty in the EU referendum

Politicians have a habit of throwing the concept of sovereignty around when it suits them...

Why BP has no place in our arts

Why are the national portrait gallery allowing a corporate criminal to paint its logo over their walls?

Pregnant women bear brunt of government’s clampdown on ‘migrant’ NHS care

Maternity campaigners urge government to think again on introduction of further charges.

The West and Syria: the corporate media vs. reality

The media keeps saying that the West isn't involved in Syria. This isn't true.

Still the enemy within: the strike that split Britain

'Still the Enemy Within', on the 1984-5 Miners' Strike, will be screened at London's Somerset House on 7th March. Two filmmakers who worked on the award-winning documentary tell the story. 

"They told me they were going to cut my penis if I didn’t give them the information"

A refugee from Bahrain discribes how the UK's close ally treats those who demand democracy.

The Clementi Review must strengthen BBC independence

Sir David Clementi’s recommendations on BBC governance must be made to work. This means ensuring that Ofcom doesn’t become a ‘back seat driver’.

NHS staff shortage “shock”…

The Beeb claimed a scoop in investigative journalism this week – but its findings were no shock to most people.

British media: not quite black and white

New research reveals Britain’s TV viewing is split along racial lines, and risks amplifying this division by excluding whole groups from the shared national conversation.

Forget tax hikes: plan B is citizens' debt audits

Before raising taxes, local councils should look seriously at auditing their astonishing debt repayments.

'Accountable Care' - the American import that's the last thing England's NHS needs

Despite Obama's reforms, US healthcare is failing. So why are new US-style healthcare systems being quietly piloted across England – and who's driving it?

The war on free speech and free thinking in Scotland and the UK

Both left and right need a more tolerant attitude towards speech: and Scotland's offensive behaviour at football act must be abolished.

Brexit and the BBC: a tough call for Britain's culture secretary?

Given his very public role in the anti-EU campaign, John Whittingdale must be seen to be scrupulously fair in the debate over the BBC's future.

Channel 4: the case for privatisation

Privatisation may be the best way to strengthen Channel 4's public service remit.

Beavers and the conflict in the Scottish countryside

A story about the first mammals reintroduced to the UK tells us lots about the changing nature of rural politics.

Driverless cars and a look back at the transition to a post-capitalist economy

How Europe's cities could use public driverless cars to transform the economy.

David MacLennan: portrait of a life in theatre

From The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil to A Play, A Pie and A Pint, David MacLennan defined two eras of Scottish theatre, bringing politics to the stage, and the stage to Scotland's working class.

BBC 3.0 will not be a broadcaster

If the BBC continues to see itself solely as a broadcaster it will soon become obsolete. To thrive it must become an enabler of culture, founded on public participation. 

Of smoke, mirrors, cartels, and a "7-day NHS"

Who’s really been behind the planning of the junior doctors contract? Not who you think.

Britain's boycott of the UN multilateral nuclear disarmament talks

With opposition to Trident growing, the British government has refused to join this week's UN multilateral nuclear disarmament talks on practical measures to build global security without nuclear weapons.

Tax avoidance, privatisation and the National Health Service

NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are preparing to give tax revenues to corporations determined not to pay tax.

Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics

The Cumbrian police dismissed her alerts. The pathologist had ‘jumped to conclusions’, she was ‘rash,’ they said.  

Europe is our battlefield

We must fight for the continental union we need.

Under construction: the BBC’s relationship with freelancers

In order to innovate in the new media environment the BBC must build a new system for working with freelancers.  

#Heathrow13: this is what violence looks like

One of the Plane Stupid ‘Heathrow 13’, who face prison sentences for occupying Heathrow’s northern runway last summer, reflects on the state violence of climate change, law and prison.

The polarising world of therapeutic politics

The more personalised 'news' now consumed via social media is building political barriers rather than breaking them down.

Maternity review 'nothing more than a pretext for privatisation'

The proposal to shift maternity funding into 'personal budgets' for pregnant women, is a formula for chaos and destablising core maternity services, warn campaigners.

Five ways to slash London's lethal air pollution

London's poisonous air kills thousands of people every year. It's perfectly possible to stop this.

I hate the EU. But I'll vote to stay in it

The European Union is an undemocratic corporate stitch-up. But leaving would be worse.

TTIP: Secret document reveals EU offer to drop 97 percent of tariffs

Confidential documents from the EU-US trade talks show the EU is offering to drop almost all trade tariffs with the USA, exposing European firms to unprecedented competition.

The last of the true believers: comrades of the world unite!

A slew of new books reveals much about the recent history and current state of the British left.

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