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Trust is in recession: and there is little sign of recovery

Where does trust end and continuous fear become the norm?

Why didn't Labour win?

Bad governance has resulted in a steady diminution of voter credit, which has progressively accumulated into a loss of confidence that the party can govern.

‘How do we get out if there’s a fire?’ In Yorkshire, G4S tenants live in fear

Security company G4S housed six families with babies and toddlers in a fire-trap hostel in Halifax.

Child safeguarding cloaks state surveillance and data exploitation

Child safeguarding is being used to get away with 24/7 surveillance. The government must not misuse 'child safeguarding' as a false flag in data protection, and apply new rules to everyone but itself.

A Corbyn-led government should start by scrapping the Prevent Strategy

Corbyn wants to talk about and address the causes of terrorist violence? This will require scrapping the Prevent Strategy.

Why does our national debate on integration ignore segregation by wealth?

A major part of what leads to segregation in society, by wealth and power, is not part of our integration debate. Why not?

Radical municipalism: demanding the future

‘Municipal politics’ may raise new types of demands crucial in organising powerful social movements and improving material conditions, while orienting us towards new understandings of what is possible. 

Theresa May’s counter-extremism plan will create an incompetent police state

After the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park, the Tories proposed a series of policies that would effectively police and criminalise thoughts. This will do nothing whatsoever to address what incubates violent extremism.

The religion of property is to blame for the deaths of those at Grenfell

Politicians have been playing Monopoly with people's lives, and Grenfell is the tragic result. 

High Court blasts ‘outrageous’ assault by Tascor staff on torture survivor

Highly unusual punitive damages awarded to Felix Wamala, who was subjected to intensely painful, dangerous restraint techniques.

Build it and they will come: Scotland and independence after the election

To survive, the SNP needs to focus on the politics of the long-term and develop a truly ambitious strategy, which so far it has neglected to do.

Theresa May did not win a majority for her Brexit of deregulation. We can’t allow her to take it forward

May may have failed to secure a mandate for her extreme version of Brexit, low-tax, low regulation Britain, but yesterday she set out a programme to take it forwards nonetheless.

The Age of Corbyn 2: Inferno

The meaning of Grenfell was immediately understood. Grenfell condemns neoliberal government, which denies it has a name, and forces confrontation with the brutal inequality that is its context.

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest

This year is the 800th anniversary of a founding document of the British constitution, and of other constitutions as well. Issued in the name of a ten-year-old King Henry III alongside the modified Ch...

One law for the poor at Grenfell Tower

In austerity Britain, can justice and accountability be served for the victims of the Grenfell fire? Or are our laws already too much shaped to the needs of the business class?

5 principles to guide Britain's new trade policy

This past few weeks have been full of the politics of hope, a growing reminder that change is possible. It’s a vital reminder because a key source of power for corporate driven neoliberalism over th...

Theresa May has prioritised the rights of absentee landlords over the Grenfell victims

Objections to the requisitioning of empty properties have nothing to do with fears of state coercion. Instead, it's about protecting the interests of the rich at all costs.

Resisting the housing crisis

British housing is a dangerous mess. But people are organising to protect themselves – like they always have.

Central banks need to step up and help tackle climate change

It is more urgent than ever for central banks to start mainstreaming ‘green’ finance – for the sake of all of our futures.

What's so good about campaigning?

NGOs are increasingly concerned with listening and being responsive to supporters rather than the communities that they work with work with.

At Grenfell, a lack of accountability was deliberate – and residents were treated with contempt

Why should people have to put up with so little control over their living conditions? Why should they have to put up with organisations more interested in profit than in housing them safely?

Retrieved from the memory hole: British intervention in Greece in the 1940s

Britain's intervention in Greece during the second world war is a shameful episode in British history. We would do well to remember it. 

Fire in neo-liberal London

The burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower is a visible reminder that public responsibilities should never be watered down.

The rise of neoliberal contempt for democracy

A shirker/striver dichotomy has for too long dominated our democracy. A system of universal provision would unite rather than divide society.

After Grenfell: ending the murderous war on our protections

In the wake of the horrifying Grenfell Tower disaster, people are starting to ask questions about why reports on housing safety were sat on and ignored. And the finger is being pointed towards the gov...

Now is the time to join a tenants' union

British housing is a dangerous mess. But people are organising to protect themselves – like they always have. In 1915 in Govan, just south of the river Clyde in Glasgow, bands of women torpedoed ...

China is great again, but how is Britain dealing with globalisation’s new champion in the age of Brexit?

In the “golden age” of UK-China relations, foreign policy is as important as domestic policy.

A fire in the world's laundromat

  This isn’t a story about the disaster in Grenfell tower. If you want to know about that, then I recommend Dawn Foster. But it is a story about housing in London. It is a story about how co...

Why has civil society failed to stop climate change?

Civil society organisations have mobilised across the country – and the planet – to demand ambitious action on climate change. And yet new fossil fuel projects continue to attract investment. Comm...

The DUP derive from the dark underbelly of Britain's colonial past

The DUP's horrific politics aren't alien to British values. They epitomise them.

Corbyn's tax policy has weakened the Tories: a focus on corporate dominance could leave them floundering

Corbyn’s appropriation of traditionally neoliberal promises on tax has exposed contradictions in Tory economic policy. Here's how he could further shed light on an economic system that is not delivering for the many.

Be proud of UK’s most diverse parliament ever – don’t jeopardise it

The most diverse British parliament has emerged from a tumultuous election. But will the Democratic Unionist Party’s conservative stance endanger this feat?

Why the UK’s hung parliament is an opportunity for constructive Europeans

The reality is that after this election any UK government will be a weak one: no matter whether the cabinet is led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. There are opportunities here.

The Age of Corbyn I: He is now the most powerful person in the land

The political and media elite are in denial about the Labour leader's success

To feed ourselves well after Brexit, we need to change the economics of farming

Getting post-Brexit farm policies right matters not only for the farming sector, but for health and wellbeing across the UK.

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