General Practice after the General Election

The government says GPs are in the most "exciting" area of the NHS. In fact General Practice is in a parlous state.

Wealth and want in England's fair land

An English city celebrated for its prosperity is riven with extreme inequality, poverty and inadequate housing.

'Devo Manc': 'Northern Powerhouse' or 'Northern Poorhouse'?

Centralisation has certainly failed, but the promise of devolution to Greater Manchester is being massively hyped.

Press regulation: the election issue ignored by the media

Coverage focused overwhelmingly on the economy rather than media control, but the new government will struggle to kick the issue into the long grass.

Is this the end for the Liberal Democrats?

The election results show that the space for anti-establishment parties is on the right and the left, not in the centre.

Those who half make reformism dig only their own graves

Last week, a hollowed out Labour with a gagged leader failed to motivate its supporters to the polls. The party seems determined to learn all the wrong lessons.

Magna Carta and British socialism’s struggle for freedom in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain

The socialist and labour movements of Britain at the turn of the 20th century saw Magna Carta as an important symbol to invoke in their own struggles against the current system and its abuses.

Despite the election result, most people in the UK want an end to austerity

Thursday's vote didn't represent the ringing endorsement of austerity that the Tories will now pretend that it did.

Our electoral system is failing us

A proportional voting system would give us a parliament full of vitality. Instead we’ve got a two-tone debating chamber and a government of thin legitimacy.

TTIP: Which side is ‘WHICH?’ on?

Is TTIP really going to help consumers?

Was it ‘the Sun wot won it’? Lessons from the 1992 and 2015 elections

Labour abandoned its pledge to tackle media concentration after its 1992 defeat. It should resist the urge to do so now.

Bradford West, democracy in technicolour

A passionate contest in Bradford West was a highlight of Britain's general election. Here is the remarkable story from a changing city.

John Whittingdale is not 'anti-BBC'

The appointment of John Whittingdale as culture secretary is a wise move by Cameron. His expertise will be vital in ensuring that next year's BBC charter renewal is properly debated. 

"There’s nothing left" - women’s future under the Conservatives in the UK

With a Conservative victory in the UK election, even deeper cuts are looming for women already in poverty and at risk, and the suffering will become entrenched.

Blairism killed Labour, it cannot revive it

As the Labour right-wing searches to rationalise last week's election defeat, the future of the party is at stake. 

Towards a Liberal Green Alliance

Could a green phoenix arise from the flames of the 2015 general election?

Labour made the NHS both scary and boring

You can't defeat the politics of fear, with more fear.

Social media has strengthened the authority of the BBC

Far from undermining its power, the new hybrid media environment has enabled the corporation to consolidate its news monopoly. 

How to stop Boris? Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and what the left must now do

The only way parties of the left can stop Boris Johnson is by coming together and ending their internecine tribalism.

British elections: two unions at stake

The Conservatives have won. Now Britain’s own union and its EU membership are under question

The polls (and all but one of) the forecasts WERE wrong. Ed Miliband was nowhere near becoming Prime Minister

What happened in the UK's election by someone whose prediction was more right than wrong

8 things this election will be remembered for, and what they actually mean

As Britain heads to the polls, what is the real significance of these elections? 

Eight reasons you really can't trust the Tories with the NHS

Huge hidden cuts to hospital budgets, soaring privatisation, and some scary plans to make us pay for healthcare - as voters go to the polls, the consequences of more Tory government could be dire.

All for English devolution - but what about English democracy?

All three main UK parties are keen to pursue English devolution. But their proposals are elite-driven and do not take democracy seriously enough.

The unsettled will: Scotland in #GE2015

Traditionally treated as a background issue, Scottish politics is at the centre of today's UK general election. 

Why are so many people being evicted in Coalition Britain?

Caught in a collision of unemployment, precarious jobs and reduced public services. Part three of our series on the housing crisis: Losing your home.

The Green party is consensus breaking

Forget Labour, the Greens are the only party that will help social movements beyond parliament.

Cameron and the European Commission: doing the business of business

David Cameron and the European Commission are both in agreement on the need to get rid of 'red tape' for businesses. Their proposals pose a real threat to workers' rights, the environment and human health.   

A Choice

The Comic Tragedy of British Politics 3: Real People

The world: an issue missing from this election campaign

A look at the three main parties’ manifestos confirms that none of them really have any big ideas about the rest of the world.

We get the government our political literacy deserves

Cynicism towards the election is no shield against political manipulation. 

Propaganda or professionalism on Pacific Quay?

How were political issues covered by BBC Reporting Scotland and STV News in the four months before UK General Election 2015? 

"Canary Wharf might as well be in a different world"

A talk with Steve Stride, the chief executive of Poplar HARCA, on why in his area of London 'regeneration' isn't a dirty word but something the community supports.

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