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The EU has become an increasing danger to our NHS

Unless clear provisions are made to exempt the NHS from TTIP the issue may well lead to a surge in support for leaving the EU.

Useful fantasies

Why Northern Ireland had to pretend the IRA was gone for good.

A revolution is coming to the BBC in Scotland and the UK

Change is coming whether the BBC likes it or not. Far better to take the intiative itself: for instance, making good on a real BBC Scotland.

Is it really Corbyn offering a "one party state"?

Maybe he is unelectable, maybe he isn't, but there is more to long term political change than simply who wins the next election.

Remote control vs Islamic State: a new phase

Britain's drone-killing of two of its ctizens in Syria sets a precedent with implications for states and conflicts elsewhere in the world.

On the unexplained killing of Raqib Ruhul Amin

British government air strikes killed three IS combatants. It only appears to have tried to justify two of these deaths.

Vox Populi, Vox Mandy?

Why a coup against Jeremy Corbyn might not work.

If the next Labour leader wants a fairer society, they must break the big business stranglehold on politics

Labour’s challenge to fight inequalities and rebuild democracy rests on addressing Britain’s ‘finance curse’

Britannia surfs the waves - towards a socialist foreign policy for the UK

What would a Corbynite foreign policy really look like?

Neither Corbyn or the others will end austerity in Britain unless they unleash the growth of manufacturing

None of the Labour candidates has an economic approach that will prove viable but it is essential to oppose austerity, what is the solution?

Panorama, the Corbyn surge and the political establishment

This week’s Panorama documentary on Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for shoddy reporting and overt political bias in favour of the political establishment. This is not an isolated incident. 

I'm backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leadership, despite his unsavoury "friends"

Jeremy Corbyn is head and shoulders above all the other Labour leadership candidates – but he is not beyond criticism based on democratic, secular and internationalist principles.

Don't believe the Corbyn bashers - the economic case against public ownership is mostly fantasy

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, Jeremy Corbyn is putting public ownership back on the political agenda. Time to examine frequent claims that public ownership is inherently bureaucratic and inefficient.

Congratulations to the Queen, but her successor must be elected

As the Queen becomes the longest reigning monarch the UK has ever had, it's time to learn lessons from Ireland and move on from the monarchy.

How corrupt is the House of Lords?

The list of scandals is astounding, but many don't make the front page of the Sun on Sunday.

Digital dreams and open skies: universal service and the BBC

As mobile providers take over spectrum from broadcasters, the age of ‘free-to-air’ transmission could be coming to an end.

“PFI on steroids”? More like an NHS debate on tranquilisers

With under a week to go til the Labour leadership election closes, how much do you know about the candidates' positions on the NHS?

What would a Corbyn win mean for the Greens?

Some see his election as a danger for the Greens - competition. On the contrary, his election may prove a major boost for the party.

The Scottish government's land reform proposals aren't enough

New proposals on land reform in Scotland are good, but fail to tackle some of the core problems.

One year on from the indyref: making the Scotland of the future

Six observations about Scottish society, a year on from the referendum.

Local councils are starting to tear strips off TTIP

Local councils have joined the fight against the EU/US trade deal.

Devolution? Or just doing Osborne's bidding?

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill is going through parliament. Who’s likely to benefit, who isn’t, and what’s been happening around the country?

Lord Hall’s modest proposal for the BBC

While Charter Review has been marked by a clamour over cuts to programmes and services, less attention has been paid to a BBC proposal which could have equally far-reaching implications.  

How 'unelectable' is Jeremy Corbyn?

There are arguments to be had over whether Corbyn’s policies would work – but the available evidence suggests his agenda is more palatable to the electorate than many would like to admit. 

Six problems with Sarah Ditum’s article about Iraq and the left

Sarah Ditum misrepresents the left and the case against the Iraq war.

Scottish rent controls: we’ve walked 500 miles, but we need to walk 500 more

Nicola Sturgeon's announcement that the Scottish government will introduce rent controls is welcome, but the detail will make all the difference.

Terrorist slippery slope

The UK government should look to what is happening to free expression in Egypt and Turkey before broadening terrorist laws to include those who "spread hate".

The BBC charter renewal, seen through a Nordic lens

The ex-Director General of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation compares the British and Nordic debates about the future of public service media. 

No right to despair

As we enter into five years of Conservative rule, those of us who are relatively privileged need to be reminded of a vital principle: we have no right to despair. We won't pay the highest price.

UK ‘Fairtrade’ Universities miss the point: Of both fair trade alternatives and the real function of universities

Fairtrade Universities focus too much on consumption and not enough on what universities are for: ideas.

Labour values, the NHS and me

One victim of the 'labour purge' explains why he wanted to vote in Labour's leadership election - and why he'd supported the National Health Action Party, despite being a lifelong Labour voter.

Yes, climate activists need to win over the right. But we need to win over the centre left again too.

The centre left once showed concern about climate change. Not any more.

What would a Labour-Green electoral pact actually look like?

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn has led to speculation about a Green/Labour electoral pact. But what could each party actually offer the other?

Bristol says no to Branson takeover of local NHS

Today in Bristol hundreds of people protested outside (and inside!) the offices of the local Clinical Commissioning Group, who are set to decide whether to hand children's NHS services over to Virgin. Exclusive footage of today's lively protest.

If you don’t share this immediately the entire world will explode

Is there too much hyperbole in digital activism? Should campaigners really follow the rules of modern marketing in online movements?

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