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Brexit from across the Irish border

The UK has one land border with the EU. Here's what things look like from the other side of it.

The UK is in the middle of an all-consuming constitutional crisis

In one week, Britain's unwritten constitution has utterly unravelled.

Referendum blow back

Britain needs to reassemble its politics.

It feels like the tragedy of a generation, but we need to gear up not give up

Progressives in Britain have faced a vast set back. But they can't give up.

Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn and England

In an acutely honest article, Owen Jones has called for a clear, coherent message. England must be part of the answer.

On race and the referendum

What the immigration debate taught me about the view of stakeholdership in the United Kingdom: A Black Perspective.

The flaws in Jeremy Corbyn’s claims to moral authority

Corbyn’s leadership campaign was based on his moral authority. But latest research on the psychological basis of morality, and its relationship to political views, suggests this was always misguided.

Scotland and the EU post-Brexit – independent Scotland in the EU or outside with the UK?

For Brussels, Scotland has become the good Europeans, England and Wales the bad.

The UK's EU referendum is not worthy of our respect

This referendum manifested a profound disrespect for democracy, in the way it was called, in the way the decision thresholds were framed, and in the way the campaign itself was conducted.

Jeremy Corbyn under fire: What you said about Labour 'coup'

Should the UK's Labour leader stay or should he go? At a time like this, the party's internal squabbles are a disgrace, says Adam Ramsay. But Jeremy Corbyn has been a disappointment, argues Joe Sandler Clarke. What are our readers saying about the drama?

We face a national emergency. Only an alliance of progressive forces can save Britain now.

The Brexit crisis offers a unique opportunity to build a politics of plurality and solidarity.

The press didn’t divide us – we were already divided…

Britain's divisions weren't invented by the media.

Labour MPs putting internal politics ahead of international politics at a time like this is a disgrace

Half the shadow cabinet has resigned in the middle of the biggest national crisis in decades, abdicating national leadership just when it was needed.

I voted for Corbyn, but he has to go

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership has been a disappointment. Labour needs someone who can define the party, not someone who is defined by its opponents.

Who won the referendum?

Brexit should be seen as a series of different responses to globalisation.

Stop sneering at Leave voters. They knew exactly what they were doing.

People voted to leave the EU because they know that their politics is broken. It's time to fix it.

With England voting for Brexit, the pillars of Britain's union are crumbling fast

In the wake of England's vote to leave the EU, the glue keeping Scotland in the UK is rapidly dissolving.

Why I’m not discussing genocide in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is not just a site of ‘conflict’, as the INOGS conference programme says. It is a site in which questions of ‘genocide’, the deliberate destruction of communities, are all too live.

What does the Brexit vote mean for the NHS?

If we let it, 'post-truth politics' will kill our NHS.

Brexit in Northern Ireland: Through the looking glass where British Unionists want ‘Brits out’ and Nationalists want ‘Brits in’

Northern Ireland voted to Remain in the EU, and now, even Unionists are applying for Irish passports...

This vote shows that people do care about democracy

The English left will only succeed if it includes democratic demands alongside its economic strategies.

A reverse Greenland: the EU should let Scotland stay

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. It should be allowed to do so.

An unprecedented act of self-sabotage

Never has a nation relegated itself into obscurity with such needless, reckless abandon. 

Whatever the result, this is a mass revolt against alienation and it can't be ignored

Millions will vote against their political masters because they have no other way of winning change. Leaving the EU won't help, but Britain does need to become a proper democracy.

Is there really an alternative? The mainstream media and the limits of public debate over austerity

Mainstream media can still have a critical influence in prescribing limits to potential policy solutions, and thus determining the nature and scope of reform. After the 2008 financial crisis mainstream journalists became complicit in the reassertion of an ideological paradigm. Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

Film: Steve Hilton vs Paul Hilder, the final EU debate

David Cameron's former adviser and openDemocracy's co-founder, both of Crowdpac, debate how to vote in the EU referendum the evening before polls open.

Just think what my generation could achieve working across our continent

The EU builds bridges for collaboration in building a better future.

Refocusing anti-racism: delineating and combatting opportunistic racism in the mainstream

The creeping acceptance of racist arguments and language into our political conversation has to be challenged in new ways.

The breaking point of democracy: your country needs you

The European referendum represents a vital moment for British democracy.

Defending multiculturalism: why I'm voting Remain

With bigotry and hatred on the rise, we need to value diversity.

The referendum in Doncaster, and Labour's disappearing trick

Interviewing voters in Doncaster revealed the quiet irrelevance of the Labour party in its own heartland.

Podcast: Lexit or Lemain: Caroline Lucas and John Hilary debate how the left should vote

The Green MP and War on Want director are usually on the same side. But they'll be voting different ways on the EU. Here, they debate why.

Key statements of the EU referendum

In a debate characterised by lies and misinformation, the political leylines have often been misunderstood. Here are some of Anthony Barnett’s sources from Blimey, it could be Brexit! What would you add?  

Reality, not romance: why we must vote remain

A letter to an older generation.

Forget your head, forget your heart, vote with your lungs

The EU has been key to cleaning up the air we breath. Don't let Britain become the dirty man of Europe again.

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