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3 reasons why the Tories' obsession with 'hardwork' is blind idiocy

Why on earth would an increasingly automated future require us to work ever harder?

England’s Health Secretary wants to make us all work as hard as the Chinese – and our doctors and nurses already know it

The Tories have been talking about the ‘global race’ for a few years now – but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s unguarded comments have revealed that it’s a global race to the bottom.

The Sun trials: Tuesday 6th October "News International pays public officials"

openDemocracy is bringing daily coverage of the trial of Sun journalists charged with aiding and abetting misconduct in public office by paying a police officer for information. Here's Tuesday's report.

Channel 4: the joker in the pack

The privatisation of Channel 4, providing there were the right safeguards, might just be a means of re-invigorating public service broadcasting.

We junior doctors must strike—but for the right reasons

Our protest should be driven by solidarities, not salaries.

While the world watches

Internally Displaced People occupy a much smaller place than refugees in the conscience of the world. They should not go unnoticed.

A response to Jeremy Hunt: economic possibilities for our grandchildren

UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he wants people in Britain to work as hard as those in China. Here, we re-publish John Maynard Keynes' 1930 essay on the desirability or otherwise of hard work.

The Sun trials: Monday 5 October: Sun journalist knew his informant was breaking the rules

openDemocracy is been bringing daily coverage of the trial of Sun journalists charged with aiding and abetting misconduct in public office by paying a police officer for information. Here's Monday's report.

Fossil-free can save us

Why divestment is the only environmental cause that can make a difference.

How can we build a democratic media?

Ahead of the Media Democracy Festival, what can we all be doing to emulate in the rest of the UK the democratic media taking hold in Scotland?

Denis Healey: old Labour's cold warrior

Denis Healey was intelligent, honest and charismatic, but epitomised the high-handed and unimaginative politics of Labour’s successor generation.

Nationalism alone is not enough: the SNP finally shows it is mortal

If the SNP wants to advance a democratic and independent Scotland, it must do more than act as the dominant party.  

The Sun trials - Friday 2nd October 2015

Were all the stories paid for in the public interest? "Absolutely".

No maps, no manuals: retrieving radical republicanism, restoring popular sovereignty

Republicanism brings into sharp focus an articulation of common freedoms strived for under extremely varying political conditions, in different times and places, with the shared commonality of facing unequal odds.

Time to move beyond nuclear tribalism

"Question: Is nuclear power good or bad?

 Answer: No. Some nuclear is good, some is bad. For example, the Govt. should support an IFR."

The Sun trials - Thursday 1st October 2015 - when did Pharo learn who the source was?

"The full truth is that both of you knew full well that this was a serving police officer?"

The Sun trials - Wednesday 30th September 2015 - emails to Pharo mentioned 'coppers'

“Please can I get a £300 cash payment for my Chelsea copper contact...”

Corbyn's victory is the new political reality

Corbyn’s leadership is new and untested. But the real question is not about one politician. It is about a climate of feeling which he represents.

The Sun trials - Tuesday 29th September 2015 - Brooks was an abusive 'nightmare'

"If you fucking cunts aren't capable of matching them [News of the World executives] I'll sack the lot of you and replace you with them."

Executive ‘horse-trading’ united Scotland: the Scottish constitutional convention and its relevance today

The constitutional convention changed Scottish politics through hard earned consensus building. The Scottish experience could be a driving force in mending broken British democracy.

What now for the car industry?

“Dieselgate” is both a complete outrage and an act of desperation from an industry losing its glory and relevance.

The good, the bad, and Corbynmania: how to defend the BBC

Not all defences of the BBC are good. What can the Corbyn insurgency teach us about how to make a progressive case for the corporation?

So, what was Magna Carta?

This year is the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. But what exactly was Magna Carta?

William Ash: the world war two legend who became a radical

William Ash’s journey to the far left was hastened by his experiences as a prisoner of war.

Protests in Calais: valuing human complexity in crisis

Thoughts on the UK media's representation of the refugee crisis, from a day of action and protest in Calais on Saturday 19th September. In the midst of political maelstrom, migrants are fighting for their humanity along with their rights. 

Open Labour: the only way for Corbyn to replace Blatcherism

Britain needs an open Labour party as well as a democratic one if it is to turn the astonishing energy Corbyn's success has released into a lasting gain for the country

Historical abuse: witch-hunt, scapegoat, moral panic?

The historical reality of child abuse is being minimised by framing offenders with a cluster of unsuitable terms.

7 reasons why some progressives don’t get population

A response to Adam Ramsay's article. Wishful thinking does nothing to address real problems.

Jeremy Corbyn's victory: a European moment

Europe's troubles have discredited elites and fuelled the populist right. Can Labour's new leader win an argument for change from the left?

The Sun trials - Friday 25th September 2015 - the Crown's case concludes

Officer 2044 was paid for information on 13 stories, including a rape allegation against Mick Hucknall.

The Sun corruption trial - setting the scene

Two Sun journalists are again on trial for allegedly making corrupt payments to a police officer in return for information and photos. Here's the context.

Postcapitalism: is it what we Greens have always been arguing for?

The UK's Green MP reviews Paul Mason's new book on the end of capitalism and what should replace it.

The Sun trials - Thursday 24th September 2015 - how News International avoided prosecution

News International assisted the police in order to avoid prosecution themselves, the court hears.

The 5 reasons Addenbrookes really ‘failed’ – and what it means for the whole NHS

Disgraceful attempts by The Sun to blame, 'name and shame' NHS staff for failings are designed to obscure the ideological idiocy being imposed from Westminster.

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