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The EU, Brexit and Scotland's plight, in an unstable, unpredictable Britain

Where does Brexit leave Scotland and the question of independence, after an overwhelming Scottish vote to remain in the EU? The rest of the world looks on… 

It's time to take back control of our food

Sainsbury’s just gave African fair trade farmers a real kick in the teeth. The supermarket has devised its own ‘fairly traded’ accreditation system, snubbing the well established independent Fai...

Why won't the government take air pollution seriously? It's killing thousands

40,000 people die per year because of outdoor air pollution in the UK, yet the government’s draft plan released in May 2017 to improve air quality is not enough. What is at stake?

Dirty donors back Theresa May in snap elections to secure a Dirty Brexit

Who is paying for the Tory election campaign?

Can the new metro mayor transform the West Midlands economy?

The new West Midlands mayor has struck an inclusive tone. But how relevant is his upbeat, growth-driven vision to those at the bottom?

The battle of Britishness in the age of Brexit: Akala talks to the Convention

How can Britain move beyond its postcolonial melancholia, selective memory, and national forgetting to confront its colonial past and present, and – finally – to understand the roots of Brexit?

On the life of Robin Murray, visionary economist

Robin Murray who died late on Sunday exuded vigour and hope. And he inspired those around him with his spirit. Maybe as a resuIt I find myself resisting the sadness which threatens to overwhelm me now...

It's time to make plans for a post-election Progressive Alliance

The door is open to a new politics – all the parties have to do is walk through it.

Corbyn, McDonnell, and the Irish peace process

Corbyn's sin was to recognise possibilities for political dialogue that the government of the day was not yet ready to acknowledge.

What Corbyn’s debate victory tells us about bias in the British media

What are the lessons to be learned from Corbyn’s performance on Monday night?

Do more police mean less crime?

Labour and the Liberal Democrats are both pledging an increase in police officer numbers. Are these plans a welcome investment or a symbolic bit of electioneering?

The road to the future – why the Baring Foundation is supporting Civil Society Futures

The Baring Foundation has taken the lead in the creation of Civil Society Futures – the independent inquiry into the future of civil society in England. We have done so as we believe it will b...

The fate of the 'jungle' children

A study of the experiences of children from the Calais 'jungle', now claiming asylum in the North West of England, shows why we must speak up for the rights of refugees.

Civil liberties and human rights – what’s at stake in the UK's 2017 General Election?

Human rights are important for everyone, because without the right to protest against particular policies it is much more difficult to influence and hold to account whichever government is elected on 8 June.

No, the link between terrorism and our foreign policy isn’t simple. But Jeremy Corbyn is basically right.

Look at ISIS's own propaganda and it's clear that Western intervention is a key driver of their violence.

Podcast: Steve Keen's manifesto

The economist Steve Keen was one of the few to predict the 2007/8 collapse. We interviewed him about how to avoid the next one.

Redefining the UK general election: it's time to move beyond Brexit

Britons are set to head to polling stations, but Brexit is still dominating debate. Is it possible to avoid a re-run of the referendum and champion social democracy instead?

Peace is in the air: is it time to free pacificism from shame?

Enduring wars in the Middle East, sabre rattling between North Korea and the USA – how did pacificism become a dirty word, and is it time for the rediscovery of peace politics? 

openDemocracyUK welcomes Laurie Macfarlane

openDemocracyUK's new economics editor starts next week.

This month in Manchester: the past is another country

The default white western view of Islam as a sealed world is wrong.

The five things the next government must do to rebalance our economy

The UK has one of the most imbalanced economies in the Western world.

BitMania: why cryptocurrencies are having a bubble.

The latest spike in the price of bitcoin has all the hallmarks of investor mania.

The quiet revolution that could transform lives

Most people can't afford a transcript from their own trial even when it's the only thing that could prove their innocence. We need to move beyond the status quo.


Why is the UK government wheeling back on legislation against caste discrimination?

Appeasing votebanks of the Hindu right, instead of legislation, a consultation has been launched which serves to obscure the ugly reality of caste-based discrimination which is alive and well in Britain.

Violent and dangerous places: the rise in prison suicides in England and Wales

Cuts, overcrowding and understaffing have created a toxic mix of violence, death and human misery.

Government austerity demands that we die within our means

Most people still don't fully understand the true scale of the human cost that government imposed austerity has unleashed.

Meet the Scottish Tory behind the £425,000 DUP Brexit donation

Senior Scottish Conservative Richard Cook is at the centre of a major Brexit funding scandal.

The Facebook Election – what's really behind digital 'micro-targeting' is our flawed electoral system

We are right to worry about how much companies and campaigns know when they target us with social media ads

Reimagining India in Britain

The Great India Show covers even science in India. It has been blessed by the two governments. Britain is out on a mission to rediscover India.   

Britain would have been safer with Corbyn in charge

Jeremy Corbyn consistently voted against wars of choice that Britain could have refrained from taking part in, now regarded as strategic failures, promoting, not reducing, international terrorism.

Investigation launched into the 'secret world' of how millionaires used Facebook and other data to push Brexit

The ICO has launched an investigation into how voters were targeted during the EU Referendum. Many say this is long overdue look at a "secret world"

Refuse, retract, resist: boycott the schools census

As the British state tries to make a register of foreign-born children, parents should question a liberal trust in government and reject borders in classrooms. An interview with Gargi Bhattacharyya.

Why HSBC’s indirect donations to the Conservatives (and Buzzfeed’s dismissal as a 'conspiracy') matters to our democracy

There are serious questions to ask about the links between HSBC and the leadership of the Conservative party. Dismissing them as conspiracy theories is dangerous for our democracy.

DUP Donaldson can’t remember why his Brexit campaign spent more than £32,000 on controversial data analytics company linked to Trump

Was it a coincidence that different Leave campaign groups used the same obscure Canadian firm? Or was there potentially illegal co-ordination between campaigns?

Democratic Unionist Party Brexit campaign manager admits he didn’t know about its mysterious donor’s links to the Saudi intelligence service

Jeffrey Donaldson MP should have ensured that a £435,000 donation his party accepted came from a legitimate source. Did he?

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