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British security company G4S confirms that Florida shooter is one of their own

  • • Omar Mateen, who killed 50 people in gay nightclub, was employed as armed guard by G4S.
  • • G4S guards have killed before.
  • • Company sells its expertise in vetting staff.

Let’s take control! Brexit and sovereignty

Britain's unwritten constitution is broken. It has led us to the brink of Brexit, and must be replaced, whatever the result. The next chapter of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

Deconstructing nuclear deterrence

Military and political leaders who might seriously threaten the UK are simply unlikely to be deterred by the threat to destroy their cities.

The paradox of true sovereignty points to Remain

The EU provides a means to exercise more control of international capitalism. It's paradoxical but critical: sovereignty is dependent on an economy and order over which no nation is sovereign.

Our outsourced, shadow state

The outsourcing of public services to private contractors has transformed the state. What has gone wrong, why and what can be done?  A review of "Shadow State" by Alan White.

Change of some kind is coming either way, but a vote to leave would empower Europe's far right

Britain shapes and is shaped by Europe. Let's not pretend otherwise.

Flying the nativist flag

Austerity has opened up rifts within the EU, with extreme-right nationalist parties gaining traction. But is it really viable to retreat into the comfort zone of the nation-state?

Paying to beg at the Sheffield Doc/Fest

From extortionate ticket prices to networking events for the privileged the UK’s biggest documentary festival excludes many talented filmmakers. This is particularly ironic given the democratic concerns of the form. 

Anti-austerity in the tabloids: red-top campaigns against the Bedroom Tax

Tabloid human interest stories don’t always blame poor people for their poverty and can be connected to political arguments, but they also pose a danger of distinguishing 'deserving' cases from 'typical benefit claimants'. 

An 11 point plan to fix English football

As Euro2016 begins, England needs a long-term plan to end the 50 years of hurt.

Podcast: how might privatisation affect Channel 4?

A discussion about Channel 4 with its CEO David Abraham reveals much about privatisation plans and possible futures for British broadcasting. 

BREXIT: the R is for Racism

B in Brexit stands for Boris and his overweening ambition. But R is for Racism, the method through which Vote Leave aims to achieve the political upset of the century.

What does the EU have to do with hoovering?

On the difficulty of campaigning for something boring but sensible.

The Great British higher education sell-off

If these proposals become law, then, over time, the fee-paying student will become the human equivalent of black gold.

Why I've changed my mind on Brexit

I've argued that the left should campaign to leave the EU. But now, I'll vote to remain.

How many children are sexually abused in prison?

In England nobody is counting. How official secrecy and obfuscation on sexual abuse, restraint and injury put children at risk. See also Five more arrests and another critical inspection report for G4S child prisons.

Five more arrests and another critical inspection report for G4S child prisons

Children tell inspectors of being verbally, physically and sexually abused. See also How many children are sexually abused in prison? 

Too many facts and not enough theories: the rhetoric of the referendum campaign

Both campaigns in Britain's European referendum are build on thin theories which utterly fail to understand each other.

After the Swiss basic income vote – learning political lessons is key!

Basic income support is growing as more people become familiar with the idea, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Has the Scottish National Party become the ‘establishment’? An anti-racist perspective

Is the SNP failing on race, just like the Westminster parties?

What will happen after the referendum?

A quick examination of the Tory project whatever the results shows worrying prospects.

‘We apologise to anybody who feels let down’

A linguistics student looks at language used by the NHS Trust whose negligence contributed to the death of her cousin. (Ahead of Wednesday’s Parliamentary debate on Southern Health). 

Podcast: a younger voter's guide to the European referendum

What is motivating younger voters in the European referendum – and what should?

Ghosted away: UK’s secret removal flights examined

On Home Office flights private sector guards apply restraints so extreme they are very rarely used in prisons. What happened on the 24/25 May flight to Nigeria and Ghana?

The EU referendum matters for Global Justice Now. Here’s why.

We spend our time fighting against EU policies. But now, we're campaigning to stay in.

It’s England’s Brexit

The referendum is an English question. When it is over the UK will need an English parliament. Chapter 10 of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

Green Party leadership election: a stitch up?

Is Caroline Lucas using her profile to give the relatively unknown Jonathan Bartley a shoe in to the Green Party leadership?

The BBC is failing the public in its coverage of government surveillance

Historically close to Britain’s national security state, the BBC is still its friend today.

Who is voting to leave the EU and why?

Demographic data tell an interesting story about Britain's EU referendum.

Let's not pretend Trident renewal is a simple question for the left

Trident renewal should be a complex debate, and there is a strong case for the left to support partial renewal.

They spy on us because they recognise our power, and fear it

The climate movement has learnt from the Spy Cops scandal; we won't let it stop us.

The Green Party leadership race doesn’t have to be a ‘coronation’

Caroline Lucas and Jon Bartley have announced they are standing together for co-leaders of the Green Party. Members should put their cynicism aside.

Catching up with Portugal

As the England team meets Portugal again, national decline is on the country's mind.

What's going on inside Labour's new economics?

With the UK focused on making the wealthy wealthier, is there any hope for a new economics? We talk to Labour Party members and policy experts at the shadow chancellor’s "State of the Economy Conference". !2-minute vid.

Authoritarian Britain is made freer by the EU

The idea that the EU undermines English liberty is nonsense: it has helped curtail the British state's repressive surveillance.

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