Davos Myths: Myth 1: The poor are getting richer

Inequality doesn’t matter: the poor are getting richer. This is the fantasy the elite at Davos want us to believe. In reality, while executive pay soars, there are more people living in extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa than ever before. The first in a series of Davos Myths.

Happy to do business with a prison service that flogs, stones and beheads its inmates?

Chris Grayling and the Ministry of Justice, through their “commercial brand” Just Solutions international, expect to make millions helping the Saudi prison service.

Why wait for government permission for a convention?

Lee Waters sets out the Institute of Welsh Affairs' plans to hold a ‘crowd sourced’ Constitutional Convention.

Troubled TTIP isn't the only 'trade' takeover busting our sovereignty

Even as controversial 'trade' deal, TTIP, sputters, other deals to give corporations as much power as countries are being negotiated even more secretively. 

The 2008 crisis and the role of exchange rates and trade flows

The 2008 crash wasn't simply a financial crisis. We must also look at the wider economics imbalances which had built up and which directly contributed to the unstable state of the world's finances.

Farewell Magna Carta: the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

A new law being rushed through Westminster with little scrutiny is a direct attack on our freedom.

Adam Curtis in the emperor's new clothes

Curtis has the glorious bounty of the entire BBC archives at his fingertips, he ranges across continents and across decades, and which voice dominates all of his programmes? The omnipotent narrator.

Capita death: Ombudsman exposed problems that Coroner failed to address, family says

Tahir Mehmood, aged 43, died in a commercially-run immigration lockup at Manchester Airport. The Coroner recorded a verdict of death by natural causes. A report by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman tells a more troubling story.

Leader debates: Cameron’s calculations

The broadcasters can't "empty chair" the Prime Minister - he may well get what he wants.

Coroner finds Capita detainee died of natural causes at Manchester immigration lock-up

Tahir Mehmood’s family stunned by poor quality of medical care when detainee complained of chest pains.

Green membership overtakes Lib Dems and UKIP. Here's 13 reasons why.

Today, membership of the Green parties in the UK overtook that of the Lib Dems - only hours after it had overtaken UKIP. Here are 13 reasons for this astounding growth.

‘Prevent’ in education within Hampshire

Prevent, a counter-terrorism programme, is a success in Portsmouth, where delivery took the significance of identity for young people into account. It can’t deal with events which can’t be prevented.

Misinformed expert or misinformation network?

Terrorism "expert" Steve Emerson is more than a comic buffoon. His claims about no-go zones for non-Muslims in European cities are just part of a wealthy network spreading Islamophobia across the west.

Can a constitutional convention offer real and radical change?

Speaking with experience of the Irish convention, if done right they can produce real, lasting change.

If the constitution is to be codified it must be reformed

We must grasp this moment to not simply codify the "constitution" we already have, but to make sensible and principled reforms - the system is buckling.

How UKIP might save a generation from apathy

Along with the Greens, polls show that the rise of UKIP could see a surge in turnout among the youth vote in this year's general election. For the first time in a while there seems to be genuine 'choice'. This is a good thing.

Does the European Commission understand NO?

Despite an overwhelming rejection from the public, the European Commission wants to plough ahead with the EU/US Trade Deal.

Hinchingbrooke - why did England's privatised hospital deal REALLY collapse?

Shocking examples of poor care are the real reason Circle withdrew from running Hinchingbrooke Hospital - they've got their eyes on easier ways to privatise the NHS, anyway.

State of hate: Britain's far right is in crisis

The organised far right in Britain is weaker than ever before, though potentially more violent.

Why Paris will happen again if we rely on empathy and outrage

Despite the strong support for ‘free speech ‘from politicians in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders not a single proposal has come forward. The only response has been to re-double security.

Another note on party memberships in the UK

The Green Party looks set to overtake UKIP next week (update - the Green Party is now bigger than UKIP), the SNP will soon pass 100,000 and the far right has collapsed.

Forget parties, we need a system of 'issue based politics'

We should elect ministers directly, give them a substantial slice of votes, and combine their votes with those of other ministers, other elected representatives, and also direct votes from the public. What might this look like in practice?

The EU's giant and secretive deregulation blitz

It is not just TTIP, across the board the EU is bowing to business pressure to do away with 'burdensome' regulation - regulation that tends to save lives, protect consumers and ensure standards.

Three signs that privatised rail is unsustainable

Railway privatisation has failed. It's time to put the public in charge.

Ched Evans: football in the eye of a perfect storm

This feels like the first time that sex and violence, football, capitalism and democracy have crashed into each other in a perfect storm. Has the Ched Evans debacle not only shamed UK football, but changed it?

The Magic Kingdom: republican reform of the British constitution

It's time to remake the British state.

Medical procedures changed after detainee’s death at Capita immigration lock-up

Coroner minded to make a ‘Report to Prevent Future Deaths’ in the case of Tahir Mehmood as medical care by UK government outsourcers comes under scrutiny at Inquest.

Immigration politics, slavery talk: the case for a class perspective

The UK Modern Slavery Bill, and UK politicians’ obsession with immigration, risk undermining political moves to greater solidarity among all those—migrant and non-migrant—experiencing abuse or unfreedom in their employment.

Charlie Hebdo tragedy: free speech and its broader contexts

This was a specific attack designed to sow division. We musn't let it.

Let's not do what the Charlie Hebdo murderers want

Our reactions to the attack on Charlie Hebdo have been pretty predictable: it seems likely that this is what the attackers wanted.

The British left's desperate confusion over Charlie Hebdo

Focusing on calling murdered cartoonists racist is useless and problematic. The left needs to come to terms with reality, and prepare to fight the far right.

Capita guard: “The course did not tell me what to do if someone is not breathing”

Another inquest, another death in UK immigration detention: the case of Tahir Mehmood. Phil Miller of Corporate Watch reports from the Coroner’s Court.

The hypocrites have jumped aboard the Magna Carta bandwagon

Neither the Government nor the VIPs celebrating the historic charter's anniversary give a damn about its principles.

Citizens should have the power to call constitutional conventions

While the questions  of who participates and on what topics are critical, I want to throw open a different kind of question: when – at whose discretion - should a constitutional convention be established?

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