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When will Britain's political parties talk seriously about education?

There has barely been a debate this election on how we can improve schools in this country. Why?

To combat hate, we must celebrate diversity

Extremists want to destroy the fabric that binds people together – but religious diversity brings people together, reminding them that they have more in common than that which keeps them apart.

We have a real choice between different economic futures

This election comes during a remarkable period in British economic history. Over the past ten years real wages have suffered a larger decline than in any other advanced country apart from Greece. Mark...

Selling Theresa May: Why the Conservatives will never gamble on her again

The Tory campaign scared off potential customers. How much that let in competitors we will soon know.

After the London Bridge attack: the war on terror was always about initiating aggressive wars

Ritual condemnations will not help to address how interwoven terror has become with western foreign policy objectives. It is time to reflect more deeply on the roots of terrorism.

Children’s rights and the UK General Election 2017

A leading advocate calls for an Act of Parliament to enshrine children’s rights in law.

Interview: defending the Tory terrorism strategy

Cameron's government isn't to blame for the mess in Libya, argues the Tory candidate in Bradford West, the former Libya Herald deputy editor.

After Manchester and London, it's time to consider different approaches to our security

Our traditional responses to terror attacks don't make us any safer

Why I can't vote Labour

We urgently need to go forward, not hanker for the past.

Theresa May offers a gig-economy approach to counter-terrorism

Regulating the internet won't work. Investing in public services might.

How Harry and Mia's different visions of the future illustrate this election

Could these two different visions of the future explain what is at stake in this election?

How we are bringing democracy to our politics - and how you can join in

Every member of our pan-European movement – English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, Greek etc – got to vote on the UK parliamentary candidates we will support, with some surprises.

Get out and vote say immigrants. For your future and ours

Refugees and migrants test Britain’s claim to be a representative democracy, a test which Britain is not passing. 

North Sea, air safety and Brexit

Does the political fight about who controls safety in the North Sea reveal just how difficult Brexit is going to be?

The dark money driving the Scottish Tory surge

Electoral Commission 'looking into' Scottish Tory £100,000 donation after openDemocracy exposes potential rule breach.

How dark money is drowning British democracy

Organisations which fund political parties are meant to declare all major donations they receive. Yet only one ever has.

Six policies to transform Britain's broken economy

Two of Scotland's leading economists outline the policies they think should be in every party manifesto.

What does this election offer a Cornish nationalist?

What do the different party election manifestos say about devolving local powers?

Corbyn catches the spirit of Brexit, then terror strikes

Theresa May has lost her snap election, even if she wins it.

Austerity renders the lives of disabled people invisible, unliveable, and invalid

The human cost of ‘business as usual’ is great – voters must remember those bearing the greatest brunt of austerity this election.

There is a magic money tree - don't let politicians tell you otherwise

For a country like the UK which has its own central bank and borrows in its own currency, financing government spending is never a problem.


Theresa May’s tough line on immigration punishes British children

“To them it’s just another number, someone else being sent back. But when you’ve got three children being left without their dad … it’s quite major.”

Money talks: Meet three people who want to live in the UK

Government visa fees tell would-be immigrants that in the UK, money talks ...

‘If I’d known what to ask for, I wouldn’t have gone hungry’

When Theresa May’s Britain grants asylum, a brutal 28 day countdown starts.

Trident and the very British yearning for Empire bling

Britain needs a redundant technology to make it feel like it's still great.

These figures show how out-of-touch UK politicians are from everyone else

Here are some facts you should know about the previous MPs before voting in the General Election.

A General Election Framing Guide

It’s just seven days until the polling stations close. Here are five things anyone working for a more equitable, democratic and sustainable society should keep in mind when campaigning.  

Climate activism in a new era: why climate justice is worth the fight

Fighting for climate justice is becoming increasingly difficult, as shown by the conviction of five protesters in Wales. Yet, even it seems like an impossible and endless task, it remains a cause worth fighting for.

The EU, Brexit and Scotland's plight, in an unstable, unpredictable Britain

Where does Brexit leave Scotland and the question of independence, after an overwhelming Scottish vote to remain in the EU? The rest of the world looks on… 

It's time to take back control of our food

Sainsbury’s just gave African fair trade farmers a real kick in the teeth. The supermarket has devised its own ‘fairly traded’ accreditation system, snubbing the well established independent Fai...

Why won't the government take air pollution seriously? It's killing thousands

40,000 people die per year because of outdoor air pollution in the UK, yet the government’s draft plan released in May 2017 to improve air quality is not enough. What is at stake?

Dirty donors back Theresa May in snap elections to secure a Dirty Brexit

Who is paying for the Tory election campaign?

Can the new metro mayor transform the West Midlands economy?

The new West Midlands mayor has struck an inclusive tone. But how relevant is his upbeat, growth-driven vision to those at the bottom?

The battle of Britishness in the age of Brexit: Akala talks to the Convention

How can Britain move beyond its postcolonial melancholia, selective memory, and national forgetting to confront its colonial past and present, and – finally – to understand the roots of Brexit?

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