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Motorman: Britain's other massive press scandal

As well as the Murdoch affair another huge scandal of illegal press intrusion in the UK has been exposed but not publicised. Will it take off? Or will the  many vested interests kill it off? An exclusive, clear description.

UK security firm G4S provides services to Israeli prisons, police and army

The world’s biggest security company, fast devouring UK public services — police, justice, health, asylum housing, is complicit in Israeli human rights abuses

Jobless reindustrialisation: down and out in Detroit and Turin

The consensus of the UK's three main political parties of the need to 'rebalance' the economy fails to acknowledge the paradoxes of modern systems of production. Aaron Peters examines how the global processes of mechanisation and outsourcing have together made impotent the possibility of recovery via 'reindustrialisation'. 

The Murdochs and the Tories: madly intimate but was it a conspiracy, a response to Anthony Barnett

The way the Cameron-Osborne government got into bed with the Murdochs, father and son, was crazy, but was there a deal? Probably not, says David Elstein, and Anthony Barnett replies.

US company that built Guantánamo wants to run police services in UK

Guantánamo expert comments on a chilling development in policing

Throwing the three ‘Rs’ away: Rupert Murdoch, the Referendum and Rangers FC

The rise of the SNP has revealed certain defects as to the way power is handled in Scottish politics. Alex Salmond’s links with Murdoch, the ongoing question of referendum, and the financial crisis at Rangers FC are indicative of these problems - highlighting the vital areas where Scottish public conversation is breaking down. 

Whither the Lib Dems? Withering!

The Liberal Democrats took a knocking at last week's Mayoral and local elections, in the latest sign that the once third party in British politics now faces oblivion. A Lib Dem Peer gives his party a wake-up call and prescribes some much-needed remedies.

The shape of the union: the "bigger picture" of the UK local elections

The results of the 2012 UK-wide local elections provide important indicators about the future of the union. With Scotland checking Alex Salmond’s breakneck rise to power and the weak performance of Welsh Plaid Cymru, these nationalist movements have unappetising statistics to digest. Meanwhile, the BNP look fatigued to the point of collapse.  

15M - Towards real-time democracy

A year after the revolution of the indignados in Spain, the 15M movement promotes novel solutions to boost democratic participation.

The cost of knowledge: open sourcing and the ‘academic spring’

Academic publishing in the UK has conventionally been channelled through by a small number of companies who maintain high fees for journal subscriptions. But as open source software continues to provide high quality free alternatives for autodidacts and beyond, the lifespan of this model is increasingly being called into question. The ‘Academic Spring’ is gathering momentum but what does this mean for the future of the peer-review system?

The Problems of Living with Capital-ism

The London-centric bias of Britain’s political, media and business elite has served as the prop for a thriving culture of crony capitalism. But the backlash is growing as the UK fights to quell the divisive impact of these insular values.

Private prison ‘cherry-picking compliant prisoners’

UK penal reform charity the Howard League claims newly opened Oakwood Prison, run by G4S, is turning away difficult prisoners and losing staff

Murdoch and the Big Lie

The Murdoch affair is demonstrating not only that Rupert and James are not 'fit and proper' people to run a media empire in Britain, but that David Cameron and George Osborne are ill-suited to running a government.

Cameron's mistake, Murdoch and the 'return of history'

David Cameron’s rise to power was facilitated by his canny appropriation of a Blairite ‘post-historical’ ideology. But as the continuing financial crisis reveals the hollowness of Fukuyama’s thesis, how will Britain’s prime minister adapt to the emphatic ‘return’ of history? 

Putting the financial genie back in the bottle: the Euro crisis demands bold Keynesian solutions

The ascendancy of the financial markets which developed in the 1980s must be put into reverse.  The genie must be put back in the bottle. A Keynesian ‘euthanasia of the rentier’ is now essential for both growth and democracy.

Republican Kings: the risks and limitations of mayors

Today, London will choose their future mayor, and cities around England will vote on whether they want to switch to the mayoral system. Does democracy benefit from the emphasis on individual character and personal power? 

Where do Mayor of London candidates stand on migration and integration?

What do the main candidates for Mayor of London have to say about policy and practice regarding migrants and their communities? Here is what they have told Migrants’ Rights Network.

Two fingers to the court: why right-wing criticism of the ECtHR is misguided

Following the UK government’s bungled attempt to deport Abu Qatada, many Tory MPs have taken to heavy criticism of the European Court of Human Rights. While their rhetoric may please parts of the domestic audience, it risks damaging the very serious and substantial human rights work the Court is doing in Russia, explains Oliver Bullough

Welcome Magnus - incoming Editor-in-Chief

Our outgoing Editor-in-Chief introduces us to his successor, Magnus Nome, and invites us to share the kind of ambitions he has had for openDemocracy over the last six years and onwards into the future.

English city mayors: a sticking plaster on the north south divide

Will directly-elected Mayors be a blessing or a curse for local democracy in England? Can they redress the imbalance between London and the wealthy South East and the rest of the country?

UK migration: a hierarchy of injustices

The social cohesion and inclusion debate does not even begin to touch the lives of those invisible migrants who toil all hours of the day working out ways of pleasing their employers / traffickers / husbands. It is the existence of this population, more than any other, which exposes the myth of democratic universalism

The stalled lives of young migrants

Young migrants to London are keen to start their lives in the metropolis, but find that they are blocked by the toxic migration debate that is producing policies that are ungenerous and unimaginative.

How the growing grey vote could undermine British democracy

Current trends in UK voting figures point to an ageing cohort and deficit in youth participation. With clear evidence of the correlation between generational factors and political alignment, those who are the most affected by long-term policy changes may have the smallest voice in determining their future.  

Gordon Brown on the criminal-media nexus

Before the Leveson Inquiry into the British press was launched, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown set out in a powerful speech why it was needed. The speech demands a revisit now that the inquiry is well underway, says Anthony Barnett.

Leveson's job of tackling UK press abuse is far from over

Now that Rupert Murdoch has faced Lord Justice Leveson, it's easy to think it's all over. But the purpose was never to nail the mogul's media empire. This is a UK state inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press in its totality, and that work is far from done.

Taking risks with the economy? It's time to throw caution to the wind

What do British banks and prisons have in common? They are both part of systems designed to manage risks and that are now part of the problem. We need to break the cycle by opening up policy-making to more experimental, less familiar forms of intervention and regulation. What is there to lose, that the financial status quo isn't already losing? There may be a lesson here for the rest of the West as well.

The Beginnings of an Alternative Scotland

A different future for Scotland is discerned through the wreckage of the past.

Dealing in death: the battle against the UK arms trade

The UK is a centre of the international arms trade. Despite moral and legal outcry, Cameron’s recent visit to Indonesia demonstrates the continuing political commitment to the industry. Barnaby Pace explores the case for and means of resisting the Government’s close ties with the international companies who profit from war. 

Alex Salmond, Rupert Murdoch and the pitfalls of crony capitalism

Up until now, the SNP has been seen as as a decent government, less in thrall to the corporate classes than Cameron's Coalition. But the pact made between Scotland's First Minister and the Murdoch media empire punctures this moral high-ground. Can he reclaim it?

Israel is not immune to boycott

If an artistic institution connives in injustice, it must be permissible to call it to account without being labelled a Nazi, even if it is Jewish.

Dial M for Murdoch: the book to sink an empire?

Rupert Murdoch has returned for his second day before the UK state inquiry into the British press. While we tune into his defence, a sharp counter-point is the book Dial M for Murdoch with its uncompromising, up-to-date account of the global media empire's poisonous inner workings.

Britain needs a strong lobbyist register - one that would cover NewsCorp's Frederic Michel

This week’s revelations as to the extent of Murdoch’s influence on the UK government point again to the urgent need for a robust statutory register of lobbyists. Unlock Democracy is calling on the government to beef up their proposals, to ensure these kinds of backdoor dealings are exposed in future.

The Third Industrial Revolution - a response to the Economist

The Third Revolution by nature of its high mechanisation and non-labour intensity means an ever larger proportion of the general public will be excluded from the production process or remunerated to ever lesser extents.

NewsCorp did not influence openDemocracy

The implication that David Elstein wrote two articles in openDemocracy at the encouragement of James Murdoch's lobbyist is groundless.

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