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Refocusing anti-racism: delineating and combatting opportunistic racism in the mainstream

The creeping acceptance of racist arguments and language into our political conversation has to be challenged in new ways.

The breaking point of democracy: your country needs you

The European referendum represents a vital moment for British democracy.

Defending multiculturalism: why I'm voting Remain

With bigotry and hatred on the rise, we need to value diversity.

The referendum in Doncaster, and Labour's disappearing trick

Interviewing voters in Doncaster revealed the quiet irrelevance of the Labour party in its own heartland.

Podcast: Lexit or Lemain: Caroline Lucas and John Hilary debate how the left should vote

The Green MP and War on Want director are usually on the same side. But they'll be voting different ways on the EU. Here, they debate why.

Key statements of the EU referendum

In a debate characterised by lies and misinformation, the political leylines have often been misunderstood. Here are some of Anthony Barnett’s sources from Blimey, it could be Brexit! What would you add?  

Reality, not romance: why we must vote remain

A letter to an older generation.

Forget your head, forget your heart, vote with your lungs

The EU has been key to cleaning up the air we breath. Don't let Britain become the dirty man of Europe again.

Is another Europe possible?

The EU is a doomsday machine generating deflation, low growth, and high unemployment – and a rising tide of far right nationalism. Is “Remain and Reform” a realistic strategy for the UK left?

Austerity and war against multiculturalism

Understanding how austerity, sexism, multiculturalism and racism become intertwined discourses. Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

Video: the referendum in Labour's heartlands

Reflections on a day interviewing people in Doncaster about the European referendum.

#greekdocs: an archive for documentaries about the crisis in Greece

Independent media production in the context of austerity and declining media trust can allow for an exploration of documentary as a genre at the crossroads of journalistic and activist practice. Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

Racism and the EU referendum: a state of emergency

In the turbulent times that lie ahead, the search for anti-racist futures has acquired a new degree of urgency. 

What would a post-xenophobic politics look like?

How do we challenge the frames which perpetuate the politics of hate?

Island retreat: on hate, violence and the murder of Jo Cox

Racists have been emboldened and hatred has been normalised.

English nationalism and its role in the referendum

On the coalition of voters leaning towards Leave: who they are, and what next.

The long shadow of Empire has cast a pall over the EU referendum

The cry of 'Rule Britannia' reveals not a yearning for sovereignty, but a lament for the loss of empire.

El Roto and graphic humour as a generator of alternative public opinion in Spain

Graphic humour is in fact graphic opinion and as such can effectively challenge the abusive practices of different social and political institutions; it can also depict the social divide from a number of different perspectives.  Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

Death and the referendum

As tragedy strikes Britain's referendum, it's too late for Berlusconist Boris Johnson to retrospectively distance himself from Farage's hateful campaign. Chapter 12 of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

Meddling with Invisible Borders? How Brexit will affect the island of Ireland

The EU has made cross-border co-operation easier in Ireland.

The BBC’s Question Time can no longer be a megaphone for lies

If the BBC is to take balance seriously, during the referendum period and beyond, it can’t leave panellists to voice untruths, unchecked.

We need to talk about fascist terrorism

Jo Cox was murdered by a man with links to neo-Nazi and fascist groups. Britain was warned about the risk of far-right violence. Something has to change.

Beyond Zombie Management?

Austerity only makes any sense at all if viewed as a strategy for sustaining the financial status quo; the zombie economy is premised on the notion that society itself is dependent on safeguarding its existing monetary architecture.

Anti-austerity forces and the digital media in Spain

The experiences of the 15-M and Podemos in Spain demonstrate that by participating in both the traditional mass media and the digital media, we can develop counter-powers at a local, national and international level. Español

The OTHER referendum - that really could decide the future of the NHS

It's #timetovote for junior doctors in the referendum on their contract. But this offer won't fill those gaps on the rota. And Jeremy Hunt is still spinning.

I'll be voting Leave: a "reformed EU" isn't on the ballot paper

In the fuzzy world of European identity and future though unspecified "reforms" the EU can sound great. But I'll be voting on what the EU is, and what it does, and what it wants to do.

The EU and other neoliberal nightmares

Workers across Europe are rallying against a union which has used its undemocratic structures to force neoliberalism on a continent.

We must fight the ‘leave’ side’s lies on migration, not support them

The remain campaign shouldn't pander to Leave's lies about migration.

Battle of Britains: England vs Wales

Looking ahead to England v Wales as competing versions of nationhood

Nine reasons Scotland is more Remain, (and what will happen if it's dragged out)

Polls consistently show Scotland is considerably more likely to vote to remain in the European Union than England and Wales. Here’s why – and what could happen is she’s dragged out.

No, the intervention in Libya wasn't a success

Shadi Hamid's claims that the Western war in Libya went well ignore significant evidence of disaster.

LGBTI security and equality: Europe and the USA

The Orlando massacre exemplifies the link between insecurity and inequality. And it is European institutions that have delivered both for the LGBTI community in the UK

We can only contemplate leaving the EU because its miracles have become banal

The EU is an astonishing institution, unique in human history, imperfect because of the scale of its ambition. Let's not tear it down.

Britain needs to have a word with itself about immigration

A short look at our own history makes the Leave campaign's rhetoric seem particularly distasteful.

G4S: Don't blame us — blame the prison system

An activist reports from G4S annual general meeting, Surrey, England, 26 May 2016.

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