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The EU referendum: why we need a Deliberation Day

The UK is going to vote on staying or leaving the EU. A special bank holiday – Deliberation Day – can help make the decision an informed one.

Bullying kids: G4S abuse of child prisoners exposed

For years the Howard League and others have warned of abuse of child inmates in secure training centres. Now the BBC’s Panorama programme has caught it on camera.

Is Britain's media biased against the left?

Coverage of Jeremy Corbyn echoes the experience of the British left in the 1980s.

Looking back at the corporate circus inside COP21

The Paris climate talks saw a vast gathering for corporate lobbyists pushing 'solutions' which happened to match their interests.

Making the news or breaking it: a unique problem for the BBC

The argument over whether the BBC 'orchestrated' the resignation of a Labour shadow minister for political effect is more than it seems.

Super Thursday: what do the polls say about Britain's bumper election day in May?

May will see Britain's biggest ever election–day without a Westminster vote. What do the polls say?

It's #BursaryOrBust for our nurses - join the march this Saturday

This Saturday student nurses and healthcare professionals will march against the loss of their training bursaries. Join them!

How is citizen journalism transforming the BBC’s Newsroom practices?

User-generated content offers new ways of covering ‘black hole’ stories such as the Syrian conflict. But how do journalists make sense of what is happening on the ground? 

Unpatriotic militants? No, Jeremy Hunt - doctors are just fighting to be able to care for us all.

 Being a doctor – or any public sector worker - shouldn’t be such a battle. That's why we must support junior doctors in their planned strikes.

More religion?

It is an error for politicians and institutions to invite British Muslims to think about extremism as Muslims, rather than as citizens.

The difficulty of 'neoliberalism'

Disagreement over words is surely to be welcomed in a pluralist intellectual and political culture. Why is neoliberalism so provocative? Why is it Blairites in particular that are so provoked?

Here’s what David Cameron’s Flood Resilience Review must do

As flooding batters the UK, here's what the government must do.

The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now.

A threat to whom? Some implications of the rise of “extremist rhetoric”

“We need to call in question how, as a society, we allow our security and democracy to be defined.”

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part two)

Thus, the ultra-flexible UK labour market (“with employers in the driving seat”, in the government’s own charming words) – to be enhanced by the repressive new Trade Union Act – has had the effect of causing productivity to fall. Read part one here.

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part one)

On the first day of 2016 trading the FTSE 500 index nosedived. This surprised perennially optimistic business commentators, but will not surprise those who read the EREP review of the UK economy in 2015. Read part two here.

The Housing and Planning Bill is a disaster

The Housing and Planning Bill being debated at Westminster will only make Britain's housing crisis worse.

The BBC's Northern Irish Troubles

From its inception as an unabashedly ‘unionist’ organization, the BBC in Belfast has had a problematic history. Has the corporation of today managed to shake off the dilemmas of the past?

A memorable Christmas in the NHS

If you need care this Christmas, the NHS will be there. A seasonal tale from a junior doctor.

A family that plays together stays together: a happy holiday season for the UK’s political-media elite

Murdoch, Cameron, Osborne, Brooks - all the old gang met up for a heartwarming Christmas get together.

The NHS is headed for a devolution iceberg - whilst MPs argue about deckchairs

As private firms gather in the Titanic Hotel to discuss the profit opportunities arising from NHS devolution, only a few MPs are raising concerns in parliament about the coming healthcare lottery for the rest of us.

Rich migrant, poor migrant

The UK government’s welcome depends on the size of your wallet.

Pomona for the people?

We should be imagining the present, not the future, in our public spaces.

The Department of Health Christmas party

Join Jeremy and colleagues down at the bowling alley for some festive fun...

Taking pictures that mean something: everyday life in Salford

Understanding the complexities of daily life provides the building blocks of social transformation.

The Times continues to mislead its readers about climate change denial 'science'

Is the Times allowing a wealthy coal–baron to push them into misleading their readers about dodgy climate change denying science?

Guilty conscience

Reflections on being found guilty of disrupting Matt Ridley's coal mine.

London NHS devolution - "It's obvious to all but gullible, power-grabbing councillors - this is about dumping blame for closures"

Osborne's plans for London "devolution" look likely to lead to more hospital closures - and even less say for local people. 

Gate–crashing 'the inner sanctum of the elite' at the Paris climate talks

Walk into 'the most exclusive club in the world' in the middle of COP21, and you find the polite chit–chat with which the powerful face impending disaster.

Returning native

Returning to Wales, David Marquand finds that devolution has created a political community interestingly open to new possibilities.

Market driven homelessness in London

Homelessness in London is spinning out of control.

Jeremy Corbyn’s first 100 days, revisited

The leader of Britain's Labour Party continues to inspire his supporters and confound his critics. Is he behind the times, or ahead of them? 

Biggest NHS 'market' deal to date collapses - what now?

A highly controversial new style of contract for nearly a billion pounds worth of older people's healthcare in the East of England has collapsed - but will anyone learn the right lessons? 

Solitary confinement and avoidable harm

Enforced isolation makes people ill and increases the risk of self harm. For one former governor a new report from the Prison Reform Trust is uncomfortable reading.

Kumi Naidoo, Shell and the manufacturing of consent for climate change

Greenpeace's executive director discusses how the oil industry has manufactured consent for the carbon age, and how they are going to be defeated.

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