The one thing that we really, really need to say about race…

There seemed to be one obvious thing missing from Channel 4's much discussed programme: namely, that 'race' doesn't really exist. - free thinking for the world
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The one thing that we really, really need to say about race…

There seemed to be one obvious thing missing from Channel 4's much discussed programme: namely, that 'race' doesn't really exist. - free thinking for the world
Flickr/stephenjjohnson. Some rights reserved.

Rochester, Strood and Sturgeon

North and South on the British island, new leaders are emerging from hope and fear.

Defending property guardianship - everyone benefits

Guardianship, organisations placing people in unoccupied homes as we do at Dot Dot Dot, has come under a fair amount of criticism - most of it is not justified.

Cannabis and child slavery

Every year, children are trafficked into Scotland and forced to work as slaves growing cannabis.

Efford's "Save the NHS" Bill - does it do what it says on the tin?

This Friday MPs vote on a Bill its advocates say will "reverse the most noxious elements of Cameron's Health Act". Does it merit our support?

Destitution, intimidation . . . How Britain shirks its obligations to asylum-seekers

Filthy showers, uncleared rubbish, mice infestation. The quality of housing provided to asylum seekers by commercial contractors is poor indeed, but good enough for the Home Office.

Reflections on Rochester and Strood

There is an enormous gulf between what the media thinks this election is about and what the local people want it to be about.

Extraordinary things: visiting the women at Yarl’s Wood detention centre

Next door to a Formula 1 car testing zone, hundreds of migrant women are kept behind bars. Heather Jones is a long-term visitor. 

Cameron faces TTIP showdown over NHS

The government is coming under increasing fire for its refusal to remove health services from irreversible privatisation in TTIP.

DevoMix: localism and the devolution debate

Considering a wide range of media reports and commentaries on the UK’s ongoing devolution debate - do the solutions politicians seem to be offering genuinely address the issues as seen by local people?

Does money grow on trees?

The debate about the banks' power to create money is becoming much more mainstream. After the recent event, Does Money Grow on Trees?, parliament is scheduled to debate the issue for the first time in 170 years.

UK government tries to hide the chaos caused by legal aid cuts

Children and victims of domestic violence are among the losers as more and more people are denied legal representation. 

Seven things everyone should know about the Private Finance Initiative

The Private Finance Initiative is a big part of the privatisation that's killing England's NHS, so why aren’t any of the main parties opposed to it?

Who exactly is the "we" that liberalism talks about?

Though always a construct by necessity, the gap between the idea and the reality of "we" is getting ever larger.

Deconstructing Scottish nationalism and the new democracy

The referendum in Scotland gave birth to a new democratic movement in Scotland - a movement people all across the UK could learn from.

Democratic energy beyond neoliberalism

Democratising energy would not only save thousands of lives a year but would be a big step forward in saving the planet.

Britain and the EU – a sorry tale of collapsing influence and dishonest debate

Without EU 'reforms' he may not even recommend a 'yes' in the referendum on membership in 2017, says British PM. But what he asks for is mostly there already.

Responses - the new report on improving voter engagement

A new report out has a host of recommendations for improving voter engagement and the committee wants to know what the public thinks. Here's some quick responses OurKingdom editors and writers.

Back to the future for economic inequality

We are returning to Victorian inequality. Why is it tolerated?

A statue for Mary Seacole

Soon, the UK will have its first statue of a named black woman: Mary Seacole.

Is the DWP even fit for purpose?

The DWP's goals are controversial in themselves but perhaps more worrying is that the department doesn't seem able to function - report after report lays bare the most fundamental failings.

New report: parliament wants your view on getting voters engaged

My committee's new report on voter engagement is the most radical set of proposals for some time. But we want feedback, we want to know what the public think would improve the situation.

A new world from the bricks of old walls

As we pass the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall, new walls between people are being torn down. More than ever, governments must build platforms to empower citizens.

Pensions dispute: Bullying tactics violate workers' human rights

How should workers respond to bullying and intimidation tactics used by employers during industrial action disputes? Two leading academics consider the current dispute in the university sector.

The world’s only pro-proliferation treaty

Why is the government planning to ratify a treaty which appears to breach the requirements of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty?

What kind of Scotland do Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP want?

Post-referendum plenty of big questions remain to be answered.

Jimmy Nelson's wrong: tribal peoples aren't passing away, they are fighting against brutal oppression

An exhibition of photographs of tribal peoples may mean well, but in reality, it operates as propaganda for those oppressing these peoples.

Greater Manchester: a right Mayoral stitch up

The new Mayor for Greater Manchester won't bring power to the people, but to the ten council leaders who agreed the deal.

The BBC whitewashing our failures in Afghanistan

John Simpson's description of Afghanistan's progress couldn't be further from the truth.

Video debate - Russia, China and the New World Order

China may be on the way to replacing the US as the world's dominant economic power, but with Russia also growing its reach, could the future be more dangerous still?

It’s time for rent controls

There's a momentary chance to push the Scottish government into introducing rent controls. It's important not to miss it.

Teaching neoliberalism: time to replace Ofsted

Calls to reform Ofsted don't go far enough - it's become a tool for the neoliberal take-over of our education, and needs to be replaced.

Home, family, community, Roger Scruton’s new book – and why Labour is conservative

Socialism has deep conservative elements and the preservation of a just society and mutual dependence must be key to Labour's approach.

Iceland shows that a UK constitutional convention should involve politicians as little as possible

The people of Iceland drafted a new constitution. But their parliament has essentially ignored it.

A viable alternative to 'regeneration'

The "Regrowth" model could potentially solve many of the problems facing councils, allowing for sustainable, inclusive and economically viable. So which councils are onboard?

#‎DontLetThemDrown‬ (It’s all right for some, at sea)

The UK government reckons that letting people drown will prevent unnecessary deaths.

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