The PR campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

How Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill team undermined the government consultation into their own bill, and how the government let them get away with it. - free thinking for the world

The PR campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

How Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill team undermined the government consultation into their own bill, and how the government let them get away with it. - free thinking for the world

Scottish Green solidarity with the Kurdish people

We must support the people of Kobane in their fight against ISIS and Turkey's plans to install a buffer zone, both of which are plots to assassinate the democratic project in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan). 

It won't be the reds, blues, purples, greens or yellows who'll save England's NHS - it will be us

Every party attempted to rebrand the NHS as 'theirs' this conference season. But even Labour's promises leave worrying gaps. It's up to us - as campaigners, citizens and workers.

Event: Disorganising the world: neoliberalism and the global

Thurs 23 Oct 2014, Marx Memorial Library, London EC1R 0DU (Facebook event)

Dale Farm: an eviction anniversary

While at Dale Farm, I consider myself to have witnessed an incidence of ethnic cleansing. Basildon Council argued the site was built on green belt land. In reality, it was a former scrap yard.

Black women are often sidelined by politics – but we have a lot to teach mainstream parties

Black women suffer hugely from austerity, yet are too often sidelined by both labour and feminist movements. If these movements are to succeed, they have to listen, and learn.

When is symbolism enough? The UK House of Commons vote to recognise the state of Palestine

Changes are occurring in public opinion in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. But shifts are also taking place in Israel. While it suits Netanyahu to witness civilised manoeuvrings around how to keep the two state solution alive, history may be leading somewhere else entirely.

Stop TTIP: Occupy Democracy, 17th - 26th October

Nick Dearden of the World Development Movement explains in stark terms what 'trade treaties' like TTIP really do. TTIP will be one area of discussion at Occupy Democracy's time limited occupation of Parliament Square from the 17th - 26th October.

Calm down, dear, it’s only a ‘trade deal’

European Commissioners' and politicians' reassurances about 'trade deals' don't convince. These secretive deals threaten our consumer and labour rights, and our public services including the NHS.

Scottish independence: what would Alan Peacock have said?

The leading Scottish economist stood up to Thatcher over advertising on the BBC, but died a month before the referendum. What would he have thought?

Two years after Leveson, why is the UK government’s media dealings still shrouded in secrecy?

They talk of 'transparency' but the reality is still a quiet word behind closed doors, shut off from public scrutiny. Westminster and Whitehall have no intention of letting the public know what dealings they have with media chiefs.

If the union is to survive: Jonathan Edwards' speech on devolution

The Houses of Parliament discussed the aftermath of the Scottish referendum this week. This is the speech Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards planned to make, had he been called. He calls for radical and creative thinking around the UK constitution.

Rotherham child rape survivor: 'Will you help us now?'

The authorities failed thousands of children raped and beaten in South Yorkshire. One survivor appeals for help for children who are abused.

British Zionism, Jews and Gaza

The reaction of British Jews to the offensive in Gaza confirms that Zionism no longer serves as a glue holding most of the community together, whilst the right-wing ideology of the pro-Israel leadership is only intensifying divisions.

A Labour MP defecting to UKIP?

UKIP is stealing important weapons in the progressive armoury, and Labour seems powerless to respond, almost losing a safe seat in a by-election. Now, in the weekend after that vote, UKIP is apparently in discussion with a sitting Labour MP who is considering defecting.

Kilburn Manifesto: Rethinking the neoliberal world order

Neoliberalism is an international phenomenon. It is not enough to challenge it in Britain alone, we must also understand it and oppose it as a global system.

The hazards of going to war for profit

The privatisation of military force causes problems that can’t be addressed by regulation alone.

The national shame that is healthcare in UK immigration detention

Four years ago G4S was involved in the unlawful killing of an immigration detainee called Jimmy Mubenga. Now they're winning NHS contracts to care for detainees.

A parallel moment not to be missed: for old nations, new times

Anthony Barnett on the rise of UKIP at a particular moment for Scotland and England. (Video)

Workers should have a right to co-operate

If we're going to have an economy that puts people and planet before profit, we need it to be made up of organisations which do just that: we need to give workers a right to turn their firms into co-operatives.

The billions of wasted NHS cash no-one wants to mention

As calls mount for the NHS cash crisis to be 'solved' by charging patients, there is one pot of money that sits glistening and untouched...

An English Parliament: The best way to save the UK?

There is a simple solution to the constitutional chaos in the UK: an English parliament.

Take a look at the Magna Carta

There is now an online version of the original that lets you see every letter in close up, along with a translation.

Great Western Hospital slams failing PFI contractors - but can it escape?

Disastrous privatisation deals mean failing contractors Carillion have a stranglehold on NHS hospitals, with dangerous results.

Nothing left to lose? Liberty and the Left

On freedom, the Neo-Roman tradition, and arbitrary power.

If you could prevent brain damage in a child, would you?

Ahead of a debate in Parliament the eminent paediatrician and former first Children’s Commissioner for England urges the UK Government to take action on the most important preventable cause of brain damage in children.

What can the UK learn from the Irish constitutional convention?

The Irish Constitutional Convention of 2013-14 provides some useful lessons for the UK.

On Tory tosh

In the world of high politics, the truth doesn't matter...

Localism Watch Resources – October 2014

Localism Watch resources, October 2014 - including the aftermath of the indyref...

New law proposed to "stop the NHS becoming simply a memory"

The "NHS Bill 2015" campaign is calling on all General Election candidates to sign up to the new "NHS Reinstatement Bill", and is already attracting cross-party support.

Immigration detention in the media: anarchy and ambivalence

Alongside calls for the reduction or ending of immigration detention, we must demand more balanced coverage from our media. Melanie Griffiths reports on two decades of ‘riots’ and fires inside Campsfield which is on track to become one of the biggest detention centres in Europe.

The Open Tribe is already here

A review of Sue Goss' book, "The Open Tribe".

Now it’s the Tories’ turn – why West Lothian is trickier than it looks

While questions surrounding constitutional reforms for England have already disrupted Labour's progress in the wake of Scotland's vote, the Tories should be 'more cautious and thoughtful than populist and gung-ho' on this thorny issue.

Squatting in the path of the housing crisis: global capitalism coming home

As homelessness soars in South East England, a vast warehouse sits empty in central Oxford - until local tenants squat it, to organise a conference on the UK's housing crisis...

Where next for the national minimum wage?

The recent rise in the minimum wage restores it to where it was in 2005. As more and more workers sit on this baseline, where next?

England should get what England wants – it’s time to find out what that is

Any party that keeps wondering whether the ‘English question’ really needs to be asked will find itself shut out of the conversation. Instead they should make it clear that they want to find an answer.

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