What hope for Labour and the left? The election, the 80s and ‘aspiration’

To understand what a Corbyn win would mean we need to understand what happened in the 80s. Labour must start building beyond the party - it must be part of broader social currents.

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What hope for Labour and the left? The election, the 80s and ‘aspiration’

To understand what a Corbyn win would mean we need to understand what happened in the 80s. Labour must start building beyond the party - it must be part of broader social currents.

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The strange death of the liberal university

Those working in higher education now face a choice - capitulate to the de facto privatisation of universities, or fight it.

What really happened with Farage, that pub, and the Beyond UKIP Cabaret

The media said we intimidated Nigel Farage's children in his local pub. Britain First attacked us for it. Here's what really happened.

The missing link in the UK general election - corruption

However much we like to pretend that corruption is something that happens in other, lesser countries, the reality is that corruption is now rife in Britain. Why is no one talking about it?

Break big media monopolies and help new journalism projects—poll

Amid saturation media coverage of the coming UK general election, corporate control of big news organisations goes unquestioned. Yet if the public could vote on that, they'd change it.

SMART proposals for education?

Pre-election hype has already begun with promises of a radical overhaul of Ofsted and a middle tier of accountability to provide more effective school governance. But how achievable are these aims?

Cross-party pledges mask deep divisions on climate policy ahead of the general election

With less than 8 weeks until the drama of the next UK parliamentary election culminates, Olaf Corry asks what role will climate change play.

Immigration views - how the marginal has become mainstream

The desire for political parties to sound tough on immigration does not come from any factual evidence of immigration having deleterious consequences.

Genetically modified food in the UK and TTIP

Unless we act to prevent it, we are likely to have genetically modified food on our supermarket shelves, soon.

What each leader needs to do in the debates tonight

It's the UK general election leaders' debates. Cameron probably needs a game changer if he's going to win, while Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon are the likely stars of the show. 

Letter in support of Rowntree Charitable Trust, published in The Times

Actors, charities and NGOs rally around the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, which has ‘a long and distinguished record of support for important civil society work’, in a dispute described here

Britain's strange silence on the Democratic Unionist Party

The British political elite has relentlessly demanded the SNP be excluded from government after May 7. Why are they so quiet on the DUP?

A small glimpse of real local democracy

Despite the best efforts of government, every now and again small murmurings of local democracy do break out. And they can be fun.

The one thing that we really, really need to say about race…

There seemed to be one obvious thing missing from Channel 4's much discussed programme: namely, that 'race' doesn't really exist.

Six ways to break British research

To maintain British biological and veterinary research, we need to think honestly and critically about campaigns against animal studies.

The best idea nobody's ever heard of

Think tanks are constantly churning out reports yet barely anyone reads them. So this is what we have created to make sure brilliant ideas are not left buried in unread PDFs.

An open letter to Theresa May: Please end the Home Office’s aid for executions

The British Government is opposed to the death penalty “in all circumstances” . . . Except when it’s not.

The privatising cabal at the heart of our NHS

This isn't a National Health Service - or even a healthcare market. It's a cabal - and it looks something like this.

Visions of a democratic reality

As Assemblies for Democracy meet this Spring, citizens are starting to ask what real democracy is. Democracy doesn't need heroes or heroines, but level-headed good practitioners.

Graveyards of the Banks – the dark heart of capitalism

In seven years of working on the graveyard shift at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe, what I saw was pretty shocking.

Digital rights and freedoms: Part 1

Under the rubric of state security on the one hand and commercial openness on the other, we are being lulled into an online world of fear and control where our every move is monitored in order to more efficiently manage us. See Part 2.

Digital rights and freedoms: Part 2

More than rights, a set of guiding principles is needed to counterpose to the reigning ideals of ‘security’, ‘growth’ and ‘innovation’. Alternative ideals, perhaps, such as democracy, health and environmental sustainability?  See Part 1.

Andargachew Tsige: Ethiopian brutality, British apathy

A UK citizen who was a refugee from the one-party state that is Ethiopia has been spirited back into its clutches. Why is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office doing so little?

"Our turn to talk": why we should listen to Occupy LSE

Universities are increasingly becoming factories, churning out obedient citizens and “human capital.” It's time to fight back.

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities should get on the bus and vote

BME communities in many seats are larger than the sitting MP's majority. Their votes can make a real difference but they must register.

Dying for Justice: black and minority ethnic deaths in custody

509 suspicious deaths of people from BME, migrant and asylum seeker communities in state custody over 23 years. Five prosecutions. Not one single conviction. A chilling report from the Institute of Race Relations.

Treating kids in trouble like adults isn’t justice

In youth justice, time and again, adults let children down, says Just for Kids Law.

openDemocracy writers longlisted for Orwell Prize

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi and Clare Sambrook are among 15 writers in contention for one of journalism’s highest honours.

Superheroes alert UK voters to attack on legal aid

Actors, comedians and film-makers raise awareness of devastating cuts.

Does Britain have a free press?

Not quite. Here’s one thing you can do about it.



Integration: different logics and local factors

Common misconceptions and confusions in the debate on 'integration'.

Localism: a case of old friends re-united?

Looking at a set of recent planning outcomes across England: it’s clear that the localism agenda hasn’t tipped the balance in favour of grassroots communities. The same old names keep cropping up.

Real Media GB takes on billionaire-owned consent manufacturing industry

A week of actions calling attention to the control of media by elite interests.

Just how badly does the UK protect victims of trafficking?

The government claims its Modern Slavery Bill, that passed into law today, is proof that it cares about victims. So why are anti-trafficking processes letting victims down?

Cameron's biggest broken promise on the NHS

Virgin Care has won a £280m contract to run NHS healthcare for frail and chronically ill people in the Midlands, it was revealed today.

The 'ninja' NHS privatisers you've never heard of...

Meet the shadowy team at the heart of many of the most controversial NHS privatisations to date, including the Staffordshire deal leaked last week to openDemocracy.

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