The one thing that we really, really need to say about race…

There seemed to be one obvious thing missing from Channel 4's much discussed programme: namely, that 'race' doesn't really exist. - free thinking for the world
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The one thing that we really, really need to say about race…

There seemed to be one obvious thing missing from Channel 4's much discussed programme: namely, that 'race' doesn't really exist. - free thinking for the world
Flickr/stephenjjohnson. Some rights reserved.

#‎DontLetThemDrown‬ (It’s all right for some, at sea)

The UK government reckons that letting people drown will prevent unnecessary deaths.

Greater Manchester: a response

Yes, the aim of devo-Manc is to deliver a London-style super-city, and no, that's not a good thing.

Alternatives to fixed-term elections?

Might random elections retain stronger accountability while avoiding the PM's power of discretion?

Imperialist feminism and liberalism

Colonial feminism is based on the appropriation of women’s rights in the service of empire and has been widely utilised in justifying aggression in the Middle East. But is it liberal?

We shall defend our island - if the cost-benefit analysis stacks up

Britain's flood defenses aren't getting nearly the funding they need to respond to climate change: particularly if you live in a poorer area.

The tale of a pram: are people on benefits poor?

A young couple on benefits, smiling, with an expensive looking pram. Something's wrong here.

Alternative liberal solutions to economic inequality

The rich tradition of alternative liberalism has much to offer by way of solutions to inexorably widening inequality—as social movements are beginning to realise.

Privatizing security: talking with Lou Pingeot

National security entrusted to the market's private military and security companies can only address the symptoms, not the causes, of war and insecurity. Interview.

Latest IPCC report fortunately shows we can still prevent climate change

The science is clear, where is the political will?

Greater Manchester Mayor: a solution made in Manchester

The announced Mayor for Greater Manchester doesn't overturn the will of the people of Manchester. It is a new solution, designed in Greater Manchester, for Greater Manchester.

It’s time to radically reduce inequality

The 66 richest people in the world have the same wealth as the 3.5bn poorest.

‘Divest!’: a minute to hold banks to account on fossil fuels

If banks won't pull investment from fossil fuels, perhaps it's time to try another route.

Northern devolution and the importance of pan-Northern policies

Devolution to the North should be built on co-operation across the region.

A new agenda for welfare

Britain needs a social security system based on solidarity, risk sharing and collective action.

A Mayor for Greater Bristol?

Should Greater Britsol have a Mayor?

Greater Manchester: Gideon knows best

The people of Manchester voted against a mayor only two years ago. Now, George Osborne has over-ruled them.

Greater Manchester – a fudge in the right direction

Devolution of power to Greater Manchester is a fudge, but it's a step down the right road.

Greater Manchester: the beginning of Devo-more for England

The announcement of the unique devolution deal for the city represents the opening of a major new front in the English devolution debate, and a model that other areas will certainly want to follow.

Human rights — at the government’s discretion

There is more to the Tories’ proposals on human rights and free movement than mere electioneering, argues Frances Webber of the Institute of Race Relations.

Protest and consent - Parliament Square and the internet

Why are Britons so outraged about limits to their online freedoms but completely oblivious to the extraordinary restrictions on basic democratic rights that they are now subject to?

There’s no such thing as a liberal anti-racist

The liberal demand to depoliticise culture, to abandon “dangerous ideas”, is highly political and leads liberals to consider all manner of coercive initiatives to engineer the liberal subjects they feel are missing among oppressed groups.

From Occupy Democracy to One Nation Labour: real democracy now?

The left's demands may be becoming somewhat repetitive and yet look no closer to being realised. Surely the real question is, under what social and constitutional conditions could those demands be met?

Video: power in Britain - Adam Ramsay speaks at Occupy Democracy

OurKingdom's co-editor Adam Ramsay talks to Occupy Democracy last week about power in Britain and how to challenge it.

The joined-up policies of the Green Party

Is it any wonder that much of the mainstream media and political elite are attempting to exclude the Green Party from the UK's television election debates?

'It's ok to live in poverty, it's ok to be hungry'

This quiet, shocking film reveals the penury and despair the UK government is forcing upon asylum seekers. (Video, 8 mins)

New inquiry - are "community rights" actually working?

The right to very little at all: House of Commons select committee launches an inquiry into the new ‘community rights’.

Scottish Labour: the never-ending soap opera that matters

The crisis in Scottish Labour has been long in the making, and needs to address its root.

Four tips for would be British immigrants (and one for those who hate them)

There are some important things that people thinking about moving to Britain need to know before they come here...

In (half hearted) defence of Russell Brand

Russell Brand encourages us to glimpse into worlds in which people are already building their own politics, rather than voting for someone else to do it for them.

Zionism and liberalism: complementary or contradictory?

The longish episode of left-wing, racist and militarist étatisme, has been replaced by a no less militaristic, neo-liberal racist state, which while professing liberal values, is continuing the illegal occupation and war crimes in Gaza.

The liberal arts in neoliberal times

In the neoliberal epoch the humanities have undergone a radical transformation.

16 thoughts on a dramatic Scottish poll

A poll today in Scotland gives the SNP 54 MPs to Scottish Labour's 4. Here are 16 immediate thoughts.

Don't write off Healthcare Statements, says Jesse Norman MP

Jesse Norman MP defends his proposal to send patients statements of how much they cost the NHS, responding to criticism published yesterday on OurNHS by Hackney GP Dr Jonathan Tomlinson.

Gun has no trigger - why unions fail

The tactics of contemporary UK trades unions are utterly failing.

What Elinor Ostrom taught: democratic control is not only possible, it's normal

The only woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics showed that democratic management of commons isn't just possible, but normal.

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