How many people have to die before we start talking responsibly about immigration?

Last week’s deaths in the Mediterranean were directly linked to xenophobic politics in Britain. - free thinking for the world

How many people have to die before we start talking responsibly about immigration?

Last week’s deaths in the Mediterranean were directly linked to xenophobic politics in Britain. - free thinking for the world

Is our ageing population the problem we think it is?

Stories of young workers supporting an ever growing army of idle pensioners is not quite the full picture.

Flood water - the silent, indiscriminate burglar

Worcester: the front line of Britain's changing climate.

Allegations of assault by guards at a UK detention centre

Migrants detained out of sight in government lock-ups are uniquely vulnerable. Six miles from Oxford, at Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre, detainees claim that guards have beaten a man.

Neglect and indifference kill American man in UK immigration detention

A fresh report on Brian Dalrymple’s six week incarceration paints a grim picture of how the vulnerable are treated. Harmit Athwal at the Institute of Race Relations writes.

Meet Malcolm, the man defending his town from the rising seas

As the seas rise, the government is doing little to help those whose homes are being engulfed beneath the waves.

Tasers, CS gas and screams: how West Midlands Police evicted students from a building on their own campus

Police and security guards at Warwick University have been filmed breaking up a student occupation today with tasers and significant force.

Osborne lays out path to broken NHS funding promises

George Osborne’s ‘new’ NHS money comes with worrying strings attached. Is this really about healthcare at all?

UKIP is the formation of a new political elite – nothing more

UKIP are no radical insurgents nor are they a threat to the established order - they are trying to preserve the Britain of the 1950s. They are entirely embedded within elite politics.

David Cameron on immigration: “Bloody unicorns, coming here, takin' our rainbows”

Cameron is 'cracking down' on problems which don't exist.

Privatisation: the gap between politicians and the rest of us

New analysis from We Own It shows just how big the gap has become between what the British public want for their public services and what Westminster wants.

Speaking truth to power? Iraq & the BBC

For the media, as for the politicians, the ideal war is one that’s short and sharp, has good guys and bad guys, and has a clear outcome. Iraq in 2003 did not follow the script.

Beware the terrorist lurking in your bookcase: are British citizens being prosecuted for thought crimes?

Britain's counter-terrorism laws are becoming more sweeping and powerful. They are beginning to criminalise not only what we do, but also what we say and think.

British perfidy in Greece: a story worth remembering

It was the day, seventy years ago this Tuesday, when the British Army at war with Germany switched their allegiance, opening fire upon – and arming Greek collaborators with the Nazis to fire upon – a civilian crowd in Syntagma Square.

Video: John Campbell lecture on constitutional reform

Graham Allen MP talks about the current constitutional situation and what is needed for a proper settlement for these islands.

The curse of loneliness and its damage to Britain

‘I’ve got my photographs, I’ve got my memories’.

Video and essay.

Justice turned upside down: victims of wrongful conviction must prove innocence to get compensation

Victor Nealon spent 17 years in prison before his conviction was quashed. The Ministry of Justice is pursuing him for legal costs over his attempt to win compensation.

Experts respond to the Smith Commission

The Smith Commission yesterday published its official recommendations for the future of Scottish governance following the Scottish independence referendum. Here are some experts' responses.

Russell Brand is no Che Guevara

Brand is no intellect and the left doesn't need him as a spokesman.

UKIP's "contradictions" are a strength, not weakness

UKIP does indeed have both left and right tendencies - on some issues it is clearly to the left of Labour. This might be a problem for the London media but it isn't for the voters.

Lord Smith, King Alexander, and what it all means for England

Scotland has opened the door to radical changes to Britain's constitution.

Legal aid cuts punish poorest tenants

Vulnerable people threatened with eviction and victims of domestic violence are among those being denied access to justice. New research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The wrong medicine

The overwhelming weight of evidence suggests market-based reforms are bad for healthcare, finds the latest report by the New Economics Foundation.

Does capitalism need mass higher education?

The neoliberal paradigm is economically dead but ideologically still very active especially in the education sector, which has assumed a far more business-like and 'entrepeneurial' value system.

Efford's NHS Bill "paves way for NHS Preferred Provider policy"

Lord Phil Hunt responds to criticism of Labour's new NHS Private Members Bill, arguing in some respects it goes further than the original 1946 NHS Act.

We Are Many against Conspiracy: holding on to democracy

Two films, one showing the power of the masses, the other showing the power of inaction.

‘We changed the law to save children’s lives’

Sometimes campaigning works. How bereaved parents, lawyers, campaigners, one brave teenager (and 30,000 people who signed an online petition) achieved victory.

Lessons from Bolivia: re-nationalising the hydrocarbon industry

In Bolivia, renationalisation of the hydrocarbon industry has been a huge economic success.

On #ric2014 and strategy for Scotland's New Left

The vast Radical Independence Conference shows the potential power of Scotland's radicals - if they can play their cards right.

WTF Tony Blair?

The former British Prime Minister is parading around the world acting as a spin doctor for murderous regimes and a salesman of Saudi oil.

Suicide, murder, despair. Coalition government makes its mark on prisons

  • Justice minister Chris Grayling is imposing a ‘more Spartan’ prison regime, with deadly consequences.
  • • 88 prisoner suicides in one year in England and Wales
  • • Chief Inspector of Prisons to be replaced in 2015
  • • Spending on food cut to £1.96 per prisoner per day (that’s £1.96 in total, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

It is not only 'the fallen' who deserve remembrance

The most strident anti-war criticisms came not just from pacifists but from survivors.

The racial myth of English nationhood

Isolation from Europe and an end to immigration are disastrous policies derived not from patriotism but from a racial myth whose most vociferous advocate was Enoch Powell. His pernicious legacy endures.

Questioning time - housing and social justice teach-in

What are the alternatives to the 'gentrification'/'regeneration' model?

Eric Hobsbawm and MI5

He was an increasingly isolated figure, regarded at the time with a contempt and hostility from some Party apparatchiks that exceeded even MI5 denunciations. 

Rochester, Strood and Sturgeon

North and South on the British island, new leaders are emerging from hope and fear.

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