The PR campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

How Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill team undermined the government consultation into their own bill, and how the government let them get away with it. - free thinking for the world

The PR campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

How Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill team undermined the government consultation into their own bill, and how the government let them get away with it. - free thinking for the world

Our dreams don't fit in your ballot boxes

When people go home – what happens next? How do you canalise the tidal energy of a protest or social movement until it effects change? At a Podemos London event, we begin to find out.

Washing away capitalism: workers who’ve occupied their factory provide a space of hope

A soap factory in Greece, abandoned by its owners, has been reclaimed by its workers - and provides a vital example of how things can be done differently.

Time to get serious about right wing extremism

Britain needs to get serious about tackling right wing extremism - and as it does so, there are lessons to learn from Wales.

Big business bypassed democracy in the Scottish referendum

Whilst NGOs and civil society politely facilitated discussion, big business waded into the Scottish referendum with overblown threats. Does free market capitalism really walk hand in hand with democracy?

Looking through a distorted window: English reflections on a Scottish referendum

Seeing the Scottish referendum from outside Scotland, it was too easy to entirely misunderstand it.

Is British football less racist now, or does it just hide its racism better?

Racism in Britain hasn't gone away, it's just been hidden better. And sometimes, it bubbles over...

Bombs away! Air power as panacea

When will we turn aside from a century of bombing and begin to invest in the conditions of peace?

Black and dangerous? Listening to patients’ experiences of mental health services in London

Why are black people with mental health problems still more likely than whites to be heavily medicated, restrained and detained against their will?

Homeless, abused, bereaved: when a child needs a lawyer

“When organisations like social services don’t treat you right, if you don’t have anybody, what you gonna do?” Savage cuts to legal aid leave many thousand of vulnerable children in England and Wales without legal representation.

This changes everything: interview with Naomi Klein

Ahead of the UK launch of her new book on climate change, "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate", Naomi Klein talks about saving not so much the world, as each part of it.

England, we have a problem

Increasing English identification over Britishness poses a number of potential problems that need addressing, not least where it leaves England's ethnic minorities who tend to favour Britishness over Englishness.

Who are ‘the People’ in a People’s Constitutional Convention?

Citizens must be included, of course, but what of non-resident citizens, or resident non-citizens, or non-resident non-citizens, or even the unborn?

Growing up healthy. Or not. Child health inequalities in the UK

The chancellor, George Osborne, has promised fresh hardship for the working poor. Increasing numbers of families are not reaching an acceptable standard of living. It's time for joined up action on health inequalities.

The hidden costs of renting in modern Britain

For those who have owned a home for years or decades, they may be unaware of the costs, penalities and fees imposed on today's renters. It is a web of unregulated profiteering and expense.

Referendum week at the Green Yes TARDIS

For twelve hours a day for the last nine days of the referendum, Sarah ran a Green Yes stall from an old police box on Leith Walk, Edinburgh. She wrote these thoughts on polling day.

Battle Royal in Brussels - backroom 'trade' deals under fire

Europeans are in uproar at chaotic attempts by the EU presidency to rush through 'secret courts' for investors to sue governments who try to protect their citizens and public services.

Take the quiet life

A whole array of trivial pursuits, from Jamie Oliver cookbooks to popular dieting, will always be on hand to liberally furnish our conversations, when we feel increasingly powerless to steer the course of modern politics. But the foundations of today’s political indifference stretch even further back.

We are one Scotland: anatomy of a referendum

The independence referendum shows a need in Scotland to reach out.

Putting Britain back together

Constitutional reform must be an evolutionary process, not a rush job imposed from above for party political reasons.

After the Vote

Gutted, saddened, and recommitted to ridding Scotland of weapons of mass destruction.

The British constitutional reform crisis: a proposal

The UK needs a framework for federalisation. Here's one suggestion for how this could work.

Party memberships in the UK: some context (Tory termination?)

The long term trend with membership of the traditional political parties in the UK shows an astonishing decline.

Review - Selina Todd's, The People: the Rise and Fall of the Working Class 1910-2010

An important and compelling history of Britain’s workers, especially women, yet not as original as it claims to be. If they seem little known and studied maybe this is because every history of Britain’s workers is conveniently forgotten.

A quick note on party memberships in the UK

The figures for political parties in the UK have changed significantly in the last few days. Here's an update.

With the referendum lost, the left must move beyond attempts to build progressive islands

After the Scottish referendum, the left must ditch its obsession with creating progressive islands and focus on re-building its core industrial strength.

On Owen Jones and being too angry

Owen Jones' new book The Establishment aims to show us "who really rules us, and what they're up to". But does he fully succeed?

Spirit of 45: Glasgow after the referendum

The movement which convinced 45% of the Scottish electorate to vote for a whole new order must refocus on the future, not hark back to the referendum.

Why a £10 minimum wage makes sense

Scare stories about minimum wages decimating jobs are mostly just that - scare stories to protect profits. Actual data tells a very different story to received economic wisdom.

August 1914: another foreign war, another dodgy dossier

A new book throws startling new light on how Britain went to war in 1914, and how it published a deceptive document to try and explain the decision: what the author calls “a dodgy dossier”.

The referendum has transformed Scotland. Labour should be afraid.

The tectonic plates of Scottish politics have shifted, and Labour are left straddling the gap - they can no longer take Scotland for granted.

Book review: Eric is Awake, by Dom Shaw

If Orwell were alive today, what would he say?

Why finance feared a Yes, and why it will fear democratic reform

Angering "the market" has become the ultimate threat to our impoverished parliament. Yet the power of finance survives largely on ignorance. A new wave of democratic energy in Britain must end the dominance of finance over the demos.

How to design a constitutional convention for the UK

There are numerous options for how to hold a convention. Let's not rush in and instead make sure we get the very best option for lasting democratic change in Britain. Here are some things to consider.

Call for a People’s Campaign

We find ourselves at a crossroads. The path of our country and the character of our democracy will be shaped afresh in the coming months, for good or ill.

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