Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities should get on the bus and vote

BME communities in many seats are larger than the sitting MP's majority. Their votes can make a real difference but they must register. - free thinking for the world

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities should get on the bus and vote

BME communities in many seats are larger than the sitting MP's majority. Their votes can make a real difference but they must register. - free thinking for the world

A new agenda for welfare

Britain needs a social security system based on solidarity, risk sharing and collective action.

A Mayor for Greater Bristol?

Should Greater Britsol have a Mayor?

Greater Manchester: Gideon knows best

The people of Manchester voted against a mayor only two years ago. Now, George Osborne has over-ruled them.

Greater Manchester – a fudge in the right direction

Devolution of power to Greater Manchester is a fudge, but it's a step down the right road.

Greater Manchester: the beginning of Devo-more for England

The announcement of the unique devolution deal for the city represents the opening of a major new front in the English devolution debate, and a model that other areas will certainly want to follow.

Human rights — at the government’s discretion

There is more to the Tories’ proposals on human rights and free movement than mere electioneering, argues Frances Webber of the Institute of Race Relations.

Protest and consent - Parliament Square and the internet

Why are Britons so outraged about limits to their online freedoms but completely oblivious to the extraordinary restrictions on basic democratic rights that they are now subject to?

There’s no such thing as a liberal anti-racist

The liberal demand to depoliticise culture, to abandon “dangerous ideas”, is highly political and leads liberals to consider all manner of coercive initiatives to engineer the liberal subjects they feel are missing among oppressed groups.

From Occupy Democracy to One Nation Labour: real democracy now?

The left's demands may be becoming somewhat repetitive and yet look no closer to being realised. Surely the real question is, under what social and constitutional conditions could those demands be met?

Video: power in Britain - Adam Ramsay speaks at Occupy Democracy

OurKingdom's co-editor Adam Ramsay talks to Occupy Democracy last week about power in Britain and how to challenge it.

The joined-up policies of the Green Party

Is it any wonder that much of the mainstream media and political elite are attempting to exclude the Green Party from the UK's television election debates?

'It's ok to live in poverty, it's ok to be hungry'

This quiet, shocking film reveals the penury and despair the UK government is forcing upon asylum seekers. (Video, 8 mins)

New inquiry - are "community rights" actually working?

The right to very little at all: House of Commons select committee launches an inquiry into the new ‘community rights’.

Scottish Labour: the never-ending soap opera that matters

The crisis in Scottish Labour has been long in the making, and needs to address its root.

Four tips for would be British immigrants (and one for those who hate them)

There are some important things that people thinking about moving to Britain need to know before they come here...

In (half hearted) defence of Russell Brand

Russell Brand encourages us to glimpse into worlds in which people are already building their own politics, rather than voting for someone else to do it for them.

Zionism and liberalism: complementary or contradictory?

The longish episode of left-wing, racist and militarist étatisme, has been replaced by a no less militaristic, neo-liberal racist state, which while professing liberal values, is continuing the illegal occupation and war crimes in Gaza.

The liberal arts in neoliberal times

In the neoliberal epoch the humanities have undergone a radical transformation.

16 thoughts on a dramatic Scottish poll

A poll today in Scotland gives the SNP 54 MPs to Scottish Labour's 4. Here are 16 immediate thoughts.

Don't write off Healthcare Statements, says Jesse Norman MP

Jesse Norman MP defends his proposal to send patients statements of how much they cost the NHS, responding to criticism published yesterday on OurNHS by Hackney GP Dr Jonathan Tomlinson.

Gun has no trigger - why unions fail

The tactics of contemporary UK trades unions are utterly failing.

What Elinor Ostrom taught: democratic control is not only possible, it's normal

The only woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics showed that democratic management of commons isn't just possible, but normal.

‘Foreign criminals’ – questioning the consensus

It's taken as a given that foreign criminals should be deported. But is it really sensible or justified?

Rising suicides and assaults, more punitive regimes, less rehabilitation. No prisons crisis?

The UK government must act swiftly to reverse a steep and dangerous decline.

Labour and TTIP: things just got worse

The Labour Party has just changed its position on TTIP - for the worse.

MP's plan to send 'NHS cost statement' will make sick people feel more of a burden

The most vulnerable patients already attend too little, not too much, and don't need to be made to feel more guilty about what they are costing the NHS.

And the House of Lords trundles on...

Unelected, dysfunctional and yet increasingly active, the House of Lords is in urgent need of fundamental reform.

“Unexpected partnerships” in protest at the National Gallery

As the state retreats from funding the arts, corporate power creeps in - only to find itself exposed by new alliances of citizens.

Going hungry, and the importance of absolute poverty

Increasing numbers of people on low incomes is bad for health. Politicians and employers need to act immediately to improve living standards in the UK. 

What does it take to overturn a miscarriage of justice in the UK?

The old case of Tony Stock shows up much that continues to be wrong in the criminal justice system. For victims of wrongful conviction today, quality representation is increasingly hard to obtain. (See also Stubborn justice: the astonishing case of Tony Stock).

Stubborn justice: the astonishing case of Tony Stock

A new book exposes and challenges the criminal justice system’s reluctance to own up to its mistakes. (See also What does it take to overturn a miscarriage of justice in the UK?)

6 arguments against devaluation that don't stack up

There is nothing to stop us reviving the UK economy via resurgent performance in manufacturing, exporting and import substitution provided we get the cost base charged out to the rest of the world on a competitive basis.

The day the bosses left and the workers took over

When the Argentinian economy collapsed, lots of workers didn't believe that the things they made were no longer needed. And so they broke into their factories, and started making them again - only to prove they could run them better than their former bosses.

Trade ministers beg Brussels to remove more national sovereignty

Prime Ministers blame Brussels for, well, everything, But trade ministers have just written to EU President Juncker insisting he removes more of their national sovereignty through secret corporate courts.

When Britannia ruled the waves - the politics of a cruise

10 days on a cruise ship offers some interesting perspectives on British politics.

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