The Lab-Lib pact that never was, but should have been

What would have happened if Clegg had stood down and allowed Cable to lead? - free thinking for the world

The Lab-Lib pact that never was, but should have been

What would have happened if Clegg had stood down and allowed Cable to lead? - free thinking for the world

A cut out and keep guide to understanding the 2015 general election in Scotland

Scotland is at the centre-stage of this year’s general election. What is at stake historically?   

Pinkoes and Traitors: the deeper debate

Jean Seaton’s feisty reply to critical reviews of her book invites us to reflect on history when we think about the future of the BBC. It’s a challenge that deserves a wide response. 

At Blackstone Edge: a People's Charter for 2015?

Following in the footsteps of the original Chartists at Blackstone Edge, Paul Salveson proposes a People's Charter for 2015. We need a movement of citizen conventions to debate proposals like this.

Should compassion be an election issue?

Compassion isn’t the property of Labour or the Conservatives, but when both parties embrace it does it mean anything at all?

The UK elections and the crisis of democracy

As the 2015 elections approach the media continues to bombard Britain with the spectacular message: democracy is in action! Voting, though, is only one part of democracy, and is increasingly meaningless. 

Losing your home: one day at Coventry County Court

Growing numbers of working class people face the nightmare of eviction. Part one of a three part series on housing in Coalition Britain. 

100 hours to save the NHS...Labour's manifesto analysed

Labour's spending pledges and commitments on comprehensive healthcare are welcome - but campaigners shouldn't turn a blind eye to the worrying gaps and inconsistencies in their plans. 

The challenges facing the Labour machine in government, and hopes for the wider left

Unlike in previous years, the Labour leadership has little influence over grassroots dissent. If the party wins on Thursday, the wider left will have a historic opportunity to turn the tide.

Ed Miliband's foreign policy would not be benign

For political reasons, support for British militarism has been seen by successive Labour leaderships as a key test of seriousness and virility.

The BBC and Scotland: a constitutional question

It is not easy for the BBC to combine the need for a strong centre with genuine federalism. However fraught, this tension can be productive. 

What is to be done: or, ensuring the British people get what they vote for (and that we don't get into this mess again)

As the media prepares to declare Miliband an illegitimate PM, we must be ready to defend what we've voted for.

Three Men in a Studio

The Comic Tragedy of British Politics, 2: Can England join the Union?

Why are GPs being told to hand billions-worth of NHS decisions to private health firms and their lobbyists?

Whilst all eyes have been on the election, the government has quietly shifted into stage two of NHS privatisation, generating huge potential conflicts of interest.

How it became easier to borrow than it is to save: understanding the silence of the poor

Busy promoting a fantasy world of morally virtuous work and discipline, our policymakers are a long way from understanding what it means to live in poverty.

Carry on don't lose your vote

The Lib Dems have withdrawn their support for their own candidate in health secretary Jeremy Hunt's seat. But will second favourite, the National Health Action Party candidate, now pick up Lib Dem voters with no official candidate to vote for - or will arcane rules keep voters in the dark?

Confronting Britain's military-industrial complex

The "special relationship" between the defence establishment and private arms companies is not an election issue. We need to make it one.

How the Tories and Lib Dems have ensured voters aren't hearing from their most powerful critics

The Lobbying Act has gagged charities and NGOs from speaking out in this election, silencing the people voters need to hear from most.

The coalition's scorched earth economics is anti-democratic

In five years we’ve witnessed a massive change in society with little opposition. Cameron’s vision is incompatible with democracy. 

The BBC's dumb public: a view from Greece

The BBC’s election coverage has been filled with gossip, technological gimmicks, and patronising ‘common sense’ rhetoric. This has little to do with its public service remit.   

Who will tackle poverty after the election?

An academic study of the British parties’ manifestos ranks their commitment to tackling poverty in the UK and beyond. 

NHS privatisation soars 500% in the last year, finds in-depth new study

Don't be misled by one line denials of NHS privatisation based on old figures. The first in-depth analysis of the true impact of Cameron's health Act paints a shocking picture. 

The costs of immigration (or, things to note before falling for a foreigner)

The minimum income required for a spousal visa is designed to prevent non-wealthy people from moving to the UK to live as a family. 

Selective sovereignty: UKIP and the independence of Britain

UKIP’s election manifesto is a confused document with a remarkably limited understanding of its two key terms: sovereignty and independence. 

The haunted election

The comic tragedy of British politics: 1  

Will a constitutional convention democratically refound the British state?

Some of the political parties are calling for a constitutional convention. But a convention can mean different things. How would we design a convention to democratically refound the British state?

‘Counting on plurality’ means adding to the BBC

The BBC’s charter renewal process will be influenced by whatever steps the next government takes on media ownership and plurality.  

A ballot spoiled

Is there still a party out there that cares about people? If there were, here's what they would do.

UK Election: Crime & Justice, what do the parties offer?

A leading advocate for penal reform assesses the parties’ manifestos.

The press campaign so far - the 'coup' gathers pace

The groundwork continues to be laid for what amounts to overturning the constitution on May 8th.

Learning from Scotland

Can the English left finally wake up and smell the constitution?

The future of welfare

From benefit reforms to cuts to care budgets, austerity has transformed British society. What does the future of welfare look like? 

Death by a thousand tariff cuts

The government denies it has cut funding to the NHS - but new research reveals how hidden cuts have pushed hospitals to crisis point.

"Your kindness could kill"

Help the homeless posters are telling the public that beggars are probably crack addicts. Campaigns like these make money by demonising those they exist to help.

This is not what democracy looks like

On 1 May Occupy Democracy will be returning to Parliament Square to demonstrate against the UK's inveterate political system. 

No, the SNP won't be able to 'hold the country to ransom'

As the British press parrots Tory fearmongering about a Labour government supported by the SNP, few have noted how little power Nicola Sturgeon will actually have.

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