If parliament be hung...?

What do coalition governments around the world tell us about the possible logistics of a hung parliament after 7 May? 

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If parliament be hung...?

What do coalition governments around the world tell us about the possible logistics of a hung parliament after 7 May? 

openDemocracy.net - free thinking for the world

The British left's desperate confusion over Charlie Hebdo

Focusing on calling murdered cartoonists racist is useless and problematic. The left needs to come to terms with reality, and prepare to fight the far right.

Capita guard: “The course did not tell me what to do if someone is not breathing”

Another inquest, another death in UK immigration detention: the case of Tahir Mehmood. Phil Miller of Corporate Watch reports from the Coroner’s Court.

The hypocrites have jumped aboard the Magna Carta bandwagon

Neither the Government nor the VIPs celebrating the historic charter's anniversary give a damn about its principles.

Citizens should have the power to call constitutional conventions

While the questions  of who participates and on what topics are critical, I want to throw open a different kind of question: when – at whose discretion - should a constitutional convention be established?

Ministry of Justice says you don’t need a lawyer at an Inquest. Trust the State

An inquest gives families and the public a chance to find out what led to a person’s death. Agents of the state may be represented by publicly funded lawyers. What about families? 

The Saatchi Bill and the booming ‘orphan drugs’ market

Lord Saatchi's 'Medical Innovations Bill' may do little to help innovation but will likely be a triumph for those with financial interests in pharmaceuticals - including Saatchi himself.

In every crisis, an opportunity: How minority government could pave the way to a realignment of British party politics

Britain’s political future will be determined by which parties can turn the crisis of the established party system into an opportunity for realignment, just as they did 100 years ago.

Opening up a new British constitution

A Commons Select Committee has called for members of the British public to send them a model Preamble for a new UK constitution. Anthony Barnett tries his hand.

Review - "The People's Referendum"

Peter Geoghegen’s new book weaves together local stories and histories to provide subtle insights into Scotland’s political future.

Gender equality: time for quotas in Scottish politics?

We can't just sit around and wait for equality to happen.

Time for None of the Above

To foster accountability and restore our right to dissent, we need another option on the ballot paper.

A war of new connections

The close links between American surveillance of Africa and military facilities in England are revealed by campaigners working for non-violent social change.

A&E crisis mounts as East of England wastes money on privatisation

Failed privatisation experiments, vanity IT projects and "disastrous" PFI deals are enriching a familiar few, as patients pay the price.  

The housing crisis: a deficit in democracy #Occupydemocracy

#Occupydemocracy will return to Parliament Square on Saturday for an occupation themed around the housing crisis. Join us!

Open for business?

The timing of HSBC’s decision to shut down the bank account could not have come at a worse moment for the Ummah Welfare Trust, one of Britain’s largest Muslim charities.

Speaking truth about the BBC and power

The BBC has never championed 'speaking truth to power' and its capacity for critical journalism is weaker than ever.

Blocked! How the Firewall of Britain is censoring the Internet

Internet filters in Britain are blocking charities and feminist websites...

Response to "'Whose University?’ dislodges Cambridge University's mask of humanity"

The claims of the "Whose University" campaign are ill-informed and tendentious.

A second response to Meredith Tax - straw men make poor argument

Tax's misleading interpretation of my arguments do little to counter the central realities - that liberals and imperialist feminists have been prominent supporters of authoritarianism and state violence.

DevoMix Christmas special: LocalismWatch’s seasonal update on devolution

We now know what the Smith Commission’s proposing for Scotland, and William Hague’s options on English votes for English laws.  But how does devolution tie up with localism? A Santa-stic overview of news, comment and (dis)information.

Water in the UK - public versus private

Like the East Coast mainline, the differing setups within the UK offer a useful insight into claims by Britain's governing parties that privatised water is in any way superior to publicly owned. But it does offer some enormous profits.

Fairytale of New Addington

This Croydon neighbourhood has been maligned by the tabloids as home of work-shy, cultureless Chavs. The sociologist Les Back, who grew up there, reports on an annual celebration of community.

Justice blindfolded? The case of Jimmy Mubenga

Following the acquittal on 16 December of the G4S guards charged with the manslaughter of Jimmy Mubenga, barrister Frances Webber, chair of the Institute of Race Relations, focuses on the judge’s decision to rule inadmissible evidence pointing to endemic racism within G4S.

Fed up of wind turbines? On Cameron, climate change and the culture war

As Cameron panders to UKIP on climate change, environmentalists are being caught in a culture war.

Education prepares you for life, not just a career

Corporate culture needs skilled workers trained to do the job. It fears the questioning of values that education encourages.

Daddy, is it going to flood again?

Even for people who've lived through flooding, sometimes they can find it hard to talk about what's causing the climate to change...

The racist texts. What the Mubenga trial jury was not told

Jimmy Mubenga died under restraint by three G4S guards. Extreme racist texts found on two of the guards’ phones were withheld from the jury who yesterday cleared all three men of manslaughter. (Warning: this piece contains highly offensive language)

Help us save the NHS

For anyone who loves the NHS, it is time to act. We don’t have much time to reverse the destructive reforms already underwayWe urgently need your support.

"The biggest denationalisation of health services ever announced by a health minister"

More hospitals - potentially all of them - will be run outside the NHS as so-called "mutuals", the government announced this week. Nine have already set out down this path but who really benefits from "mutualisation"?

Message to the messengers part two: where next after the indy referendum?

'Scotland’s radicals need to take a long view in these heady times, and chart a different path and culture of political change, which contributes to making Scotland’s second ‘long revolution’.'

Imperialist feminism: a response to Meredith Tax

A new generation of thinkers and activists are actively seeking a larger framework than the one liberals such as Tax can provide.

Raising the Blue Labour saltire on a sinking ship

Labour's crisis in Scotland requires more than a charismatic leader and some dusty ideas from north London.

Dogs, water and coffins: an untold story of British torture in Iraq

The UK has engaged in abuse and torture during the ‘War on Terror’ whilst, simultaneously, maintaining that its actions are driven by the ideals of democracy and human rights.

Yusef Sarwar got 12 years in prison. What about William Hague?

Two men supported the Syrian rebels, one is in prison, the other is a government minister.

Speaking truth about the BBC and power

The BBC has never championed 'speaking truth to power' and its capacity for critical journalism is weaker than ever.

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