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No right to despair

As we enter into five years of Conservative rule, those of us who are relatively privileged need to be reminded of a vital principle: we have no right to despair. We won't pay the highest price. - free thinking for the world

No right to despair

As we enter into five years of Conservative rule, those of us who are relatively privileged need to be reminded of a vital principle: we have no right to despair. We won't pay the highest price. - free thinking for the world

8 things this election will be remembered for, and what they actually mean

As Britain heads to the polls, what is the real significance of these elections? 

Eight reasons you really can't trust the Tories with the NHS

Huge hidden cuts to hospital budgets, soaring privatisation, and some scary plans to make us pay for healthcare - as voters go to the polls, the consequences of more Tory government could be dire.

All for English devolution - but what about English democracy?

All three main UK parties are keen to pursue English devolution. But their proposals are elite-driven and do not take democracy seriously enough.

The unsettled will: Scotland in #GE2015

Traditionally treated as a background issue, Scottish politics is at the centre of today's UK general election. 

Why are so many people being evicted in Coalition Britain?

Caught in a collision of unemployment, precarious jobs and reduced public services. Part three of our series on the housing crisis: Losing your home.

The Green party is consensus breaking

Forget Labour, the Greens are the only party that will help social movements beyond parliament.

Cameron and the European Commission: doing the business of business

David Cameron and the European Commission are both in agreement on the need to get rid of 'red tape' for businesses. Their proposals pose a real threat to workers' rights, the environment and human health.   

A Choice

The Comic Tragedy of British Politics 3: Real People

The world: an issue missing from this election campaign

A look at the three main parties’ manifestos confirms that none of them really have any big ideas about the rest of the world.

We get the government our political literacy deserves

Cynicism towards the election is no shield against political manipulation. 

Propaganda or professionalism on Pacific Quay?

How were political issues covered by BBC Reporting Scotland and STV News in the four months before UK General Election 2015? 

"Canary Wharf might as well be in a different world"

A talk with Steve Stride, the chief executive of Poplar HARCA, on why in his area of London 'regeneration' isn't a dirty word but something the community supports.

Russell Brand is a confused social democrat - his call to vote Labour makes complete sense

Like so many involved in the newer left, Brand's practical political programme is reformist. We need to develop a left in which ideas and traditions are worth more than revolutionary kitsch.

Business leaders, letters and the BBC

The corporation’s economics coverage has been relatively balanced in the run up to this election but it has failed to convey the extent of the Conservatives’ ties with big business. 

Losing your home: Simon’s story

After caring for his elderly mother a 50-year-old builder faces eviction from a council flat. Part two of our three part series on Coalition Britainhousing crisis.

The polls and (most of) the forecasts are wrong. Ed Miliband will not be the next Prime Minister

Labour has not done enough to prevent the reformation of the Tory / Lib Dem coalition. 

We saved Lewisham hospital - but its future depends on stopping NHS privatisation

Cameron claims that the NHS is becoming more efficient - and is not being privatised or cut. But doctors know these claims are false.

A cut out and keep guide to understanding the 2015 general election in Scotland

Scotland is at the centre-stage of this year’s general election. What is at stake historically?   

Pinkoes and Traitors: the deeper debate

Jean Seaton’s feisty reply to critical reviews of her book invites us to reflect on history when we think about the future of the BBC. It’s a challenge that deserves a wide response. 

At Blackstone Edge: a People's Charter for 2015?

Following in the footsteps of the original Chartists at Blackstone Edge, Paul Salveson proposes a People's Charter for 2015. We need a movement of citizen conventions to debate proposals like this.

Should compassion be an election issue?

Compassion isn’t the property of Labour or the Conservatives, but when both parties embrace it does it mean anything at all?

The UK elections and the crisis of democracy

As the 2015 elections approach the media continues to bombard Britain with the spectacular message: democracy is in action! Voting, though, is only one part of democracy, and is increasingly meaningless. 

Losing your home: one day at Coventry County Court

Growing numbers of working class people face the nightmare of eviction. Part one of a three part series on housing in Coalition Britain. 

100 hours to save the NHS...Labour's manifesto analysed

Labour's spending pledges and commitments on comprehensive healthcare are welcome - but campaigners shouldn't turn a blind eye to the worrying gaps and inconsistencies in their plans. 

The challenges facing the Labour machine in government, and hopes for the wider left

Unlike in previous years, the Labour leadership has little influence over grassroots dissent. If the party wins on Thursday, the wider left will have a historic opportunity to turn the tide.

Ed Miliband's foreign policy would not be benign

For political reasons, support for British militarism has been seen by successive Labour leaderships as a key test of seriousness and virility.

The BBC and Scotland: a constitutional question

It is not easy for the BBC to combine the need for a strong centre with genuine federalism. However fraught, this tension can be productive. 

What is to be done: or, ensuring the British people get what they vote for (and that we don't get into this mess again)

As the media prepares to declare Miliband an illegitimate PM, we must be ready to defend what we've voted for.

Three Men in a Studio

The Comic Tragedy of British Politics, 2: Can England join the Union?

Why are GPs being told to hand billions-worth of NHS decisions to private health firms and their lobbyists?

Whilst all eyes have been on the election, the government has quietly shifted into stage two of NHS privatisation, generating huge potential conflicts of interest.

How it became easier to borrow than it is to save: understanding the silence of the poor

Busy promoting a fantasy world of morally virtuous work and discipline, our policymakers are a long way from understanding what it means to live in poverty.

Carry on don't lose your vote

The Lib Dems have withdrawn their support for their own candidate in health secretary Jeremy Hunt's seat. But will second favourite, the National Health Action Party candidate, now pick up Lib Dem voters with no official candidate to vote for - or will arcane rules keep voters in the dark?

Confronting Britain's military-industrial complex

The "special relationship" between the defence establishment and private arms companies is not an election issue. We need to make it one.

How the Tories and Lib Dems have ensured voters aren't hearing from their most powerful critics

The Lobbying Act has gagged charities and NGOs from speaking out in this election, silencing the people voters need to hear from most.

The coalition's scorched earth economics is anti-democratic

In five years we’ve witnessed a massive change in society with little opposition. Cameron’s vision is incompatible with democracy. 

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