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How free is our press?

Are you a working journalist? Do you want to see better protections and freedoms for reporters?
If so, please take our survey (anonymously if you wish). We're running research across 47 European countries to analyse how financial pressures are shaping media, and will treat all information in strict confidence.

How a GM giant ‘bought control’ of what millions of Londoners read

The Evening Standard’s lucrative deal with Swiss chemical giant Syngenta shows how commercial giants pay for news – with readers left in the dark. - free thinking for the world

The secrets of 'Black Ops' advertising. Who is paying for our news?

"I think the public would resent knowing they are being tricked. So best not to always tell them."

How a GM giant ‘bought control’ of what millions of Londoners read

The Evening Standard’s lucrative deal with Swiss chemical giant Syngenta shows how commercial giants pay for news – with readers left in the dark.

Fake news didn’t start with Donald Trump

Remarkably, there is no positive correlation between democracy and public confidence in the media, which is often greatest in authoritarian societies like China (65 percent) and Singapore (54 percent).

Miért indítjuk útjára az openMedia kezdeményezést?

A „fake news”-jelenségnél sokkal nyugtalanítóbb a nagy hirdetők sajtószabadságra gyakorolt hatása. Mi így küzdünk ez ellen. (English, French, ItalianSpanishDutchGermanSerbianRussian.)

Waarom wij openMedia lanceren

Vergeet fake news. Groot geld vormt nog een veel groter gevaar voor de persvrijheid – door middel van advertorials, en door het kopen van stilte. Dit is wat wij eraan gaan doen. (EnglishFrench, ItalianSpanish, HungarianGermanSerbianRussian.)

¿Por qué lanzamos openMedia?

Olvídense de las noticias falsas. El gran capital está distorsionando la libertad de prensa de manera mucho más inquietante: a través de los anuncios publicitarios y mediante la compra de silencios. Esto es lo que nosotros vamos a hacer al respecto. (FrenchHungarianItalian, EnglishDutchGermanSerbianRussian.)

Perché stiamo lanciando openMedia

Dimenticatevi ‘notizie false’. I grossi capitali stanno distorcendo la libertà di stampa in modo molto più sinistro – con gli ‘advertorial’, e comprando il silenzio. Ecco quello che faremo al riguardo. 

(FrenchHungarian, English, SpanishDutchGermanSerbianRussian.)

Warum wir openMedia ins Leben gerufen haben

Vergisst Fake News. Big Money – das große Geld – beschneidet Pressefreiheit weit mehr: durch Advertorials und durch gekauftes Schweigen. Wir haben vor, dagegen vorzugehen. (FrenchHungarianItalianSpanishDutch, EnglishSerbianRussian.)

Neden openMedia (açıkMedya) Yayınına Başlıyoruz

Yalan haberleri unutun! Büyük paralar, basın özgürlüğünü reklamlar ve satın alınmış sessizlik vasıtasıyla çok daha fazla tahrip ediyor. Bu konuda ne yapacağımız ile ilgili detaylar aşağıda.

Зашто покрећемо пројекат ”отворениМедији” (openMedia)

Заборавите лажне вести. Огроман новац нарушава слободу медија на далеко више узнемирујући начин - кроз рекламне текстове и куповину тишине. Ево шта ћемо тим поводом да урадимо. 

(FrenchHungarianItalianSpanishDutchGerman, EnglishRussian.)

Почему мы запускаем проект openMedia

Забудьте о фейковых новостях. Намного опаснее то, как денежные тузы влияют на свободу прессы — они платят журналистам за молчание или маскируют рекламу под обычную статью. Ниже мы расскажем, как мы собираемся с этим бороться. (FrenchHungarianItalianSpanishDutchGermanSerbian, English.)

Pourquoi nous lançons openMedia

Tirez une croix sur la fausse information. En éditant des publireportages ou en achetant le silence, les gros capitaux pervertissent la liberté de la presse de façon préoccupante. Voici comment nous allons agir.(EnglishHungarianItalianSpanishDutchGermanSerbianRussian.)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: the new commercial masters of the ‘branded’ newsroom

openMedia pan-European survey throws up an early warning for the next generation of journalists.

Why we're launching openMedia

Forget fake news. Money can distort media far more disturbingly – through advertorials, and through buying silence. Here’s what we’re doing about it.


Bought and paid for – how Romania’s media is pressured by corporate and political masters

Journalists in Romania failing to conform to pressure from private companies and advertisers face intimidation and risk losing their jobs.

Vesti: Weapon or casualty in the information war?

The search for Russian influence in Ukraine’s media is an important task. But when the mainstream makes little space for inconvenient facts, who ends up losing?

Día mundial de la libertad de prensa – el periodismo está siendo asediado en todos los frentes

En el día mundial de la libertad de prensa, CIVICUS pide una mayor protección y respeto a los periodistas y a la contribución vital que hacen a las sociedades sanas. English 

We’re having an election. George Osborne must put his Evening Standard job on hold until it’s over

Can the former UK Chancellor, who masterminded the Tory victory in 2015, really deliver ‘straight facts and opinion’ as editor of London’s flagship paper during this election campaign?

Sponsored content is compromising media integrity

It used to be that advertising and editorial were kept separate. Today, brands are burrowing into media content, eroding their own credibility and readers' trust.

How Facebook and the New York Times corporatised 'fake news'

We often talk about far-right US publishers or Macedonia’s fake news industry plaguing our media landscape. But there’s another fraud that too often goes unseen: ‘black ops advertising’.

Rupert returns

21st Century Fox – the Murdoch family’s entertainment conglomerate – is bidding for the 61% of satellite broadcaster Sky it does not own. Predictably, alarm bells are ringing. What is at stake?

Five reasons why we don’t have a free and independent press in the UK and what we can do about it

Britain's press is controlled by the same networks of people as run everything else. Is it really free?

News publishers — if you’re worried about Facebook, stop colluding with it

The BBC and the New York Times have to take some responsibility for making Facebook such a powerful news service.

The real Whittingdale scandal: a cover up by the UK press

I spent five months with another senior journalist at the Independent newspaper investigating why other papers had shut down a story about the culture minister, only to see my editor shut the investigation down too. Here is the anatomy of a press cover-up.

How much does ExxonMobil spend on lobbying in Europe?

The world's richest oil company spent millions building its web of influence in Europe in 2014.

The Times continues to mislead its readers about climate change denial 'science'

Is the Times allowing a wealthy coal–baron to push them into misleading their readers about dodgy climate change denying science?

The British papers with egg on their faces after the climate denier sting

Greenpeace has revealed that Britain's climate denying think–tank is running a peer–review scam. Which British papers were taken in?

Our dirty little secrets

Peter Oborne’s revelations about the Telegraph and HSBC must be the beginning, not the end. Time for us all to come clean. I’ll start.



Fallout from the Oborne files

More evidence has emerged of corporate influence at the Telegraph.

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph

The coverage of HSBC in Britain's Telegraph is a fraud on its readers. If major newspapers allow corporations to influence their content for fear of losing advertising revenue, democracy itself is in peril.

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