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OurNHS resources collates material that can be continually returned to and referenced: i.e. basic information, databases, timeless pieces of reporting.

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Have yourself an NHS Christmas…

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping? Been a little busy this year trying to save the NHS? Worry not...

Brand new OurNHS guide to NHS campaigning and resources

A brand new guide to NHS campaigning and resources from OurNHS's own archives and across the web. 

Resources - Campaign guides and briefings on the NHS

This section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' has campaign guides and introductory briefings on the Health & Social Care Act and a bit of history.

Resources - NHS international comparisons and opinion polls

This section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' points you to some international comparisons and some opinion polls of both public and staff views on the NHS 'reforms'.

Key NHS campaigns

Our top 10 NHS campaigns! Part of the new OurNHS 'Resource guide'.

Campaign guide - Hospital Closure Clause

Stop the Hospital Closure Clause - UPDATE - the Clause has finished the Committee Stage (where serious concerns were raised) and will return for the Report stage and the key, final vote, in March. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Restore the duty to secure a comprehensive health service in England

The Health & Social Care Act abolished the Secretary of State's duty to secure a comprehensive health service, for the first time since 1948. We need it back. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

Campaign guide - NHS Privatisation

The Health & Social Care Act 2012 paved the way for rapidly accelerating NHS privatisation in England - read on for why we must try to hold it back, and some practical ideas. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

Campaign guide - NHS Cuts and closures

I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS, promised Cameron. But what's the real story? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - charging and insurance

Despite promises to protect an NHS 'free at the point of use' there are signs that charging is on its way. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - PFI and other sell off of NHS assets and buildings

Whether through Private Finance Initiatives or sell-offs to developers, our hospital and clinic buildings are under threat like never before. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Foundation Trusts

Foundation Trusts were a big step towards a marketised NHS - and now all NHS Trusts have to become one, though many are struggling. So what's the future? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Privacy and medical information

‘Big Data’ is big news (and big money) in the NHS with campaigners asking ‘whose data’ and ‘transparent to whom’? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Quality and safe staffing in our NHS

Concerns about quality have been high on the agenda, whilst cuts are having a significant impact on frontline care and staffing. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - International Trade

Could international trade treaties make privatisation permanent? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns.

Resources - Practical tools for NHS campaigners

There's lots of practical help out there - this section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' will help you find it.

Resources - Understand the jargon

The NHS 'reforms' are often dressed up in jargon - here are some serious (and not-so serious) guides to help you understand the language.

Resources - Take a legal challenge

NHS campaign groups have succesfully challenged the government in court - though this is becoming harder. Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide. 

Resources - Use the media - or create your own

If the mainstream media has let us down with it's NHS reporting, what can we do about it? Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide. 

Resources - Ask questions and be consulted on local NHS changes

There are both existing and old routes to ensuring you are informed, consulted and engaged about local NHS changes - and some routes are better than others. Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide.

Resources - Understand Clinical Commissioning Groups

The transfer of most of the NHS budget to Clinical Commissioning Groups was one of the biggest changes in the Health & Social Care Act - but what do they really do, and can we influence them? Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide. 

Resources - Get information on what’s happening to your local NHS

What to ask and how to ask it. Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide. 

Taking the battle to save the NHS into our communities

A new TUC guide for NHS campaigners aims to help people fight to defend the NHS, as the impact of cuts and the speed of privatisation intensifies.

The NHS: free and caring or a market commodity?

The Coalition government is treating the NHS "more like a failing bank than a public service," according to The Lancet

The NHS Reinstatement bill and explanatory notes - updated

David Owen's Reinstatement bill continues to be improved and the below shows the latest text of both the bill and the accompanying explanatory notes.

Changes to the NHS Reinstatement bill

The reinstatement bill continues to be improved and sharpened, including an important adjustment to ensure any international trade deal ro treaty would require parliamentary approval if legislating for the NHS.

Selling our safety to the highest bidder: the privatisation of Plasma Resources UK

Lucy Reynolds publishes this original paper on the government's proposed sale of the UK's state-owned blood plasma supplier. In their drive to dismantle the last vestiges of the state, the government appear to be exposing the British public to serious - and sometimes fatal - risks, including HIV and hepatitis.

NHS privatisation regulations - campaign pack

Act now to persuade the Lords to reject NHS privatisation regulations face on 24 April

The NHS - why it matters who provides the service

A 2002 pamphlet with much relevance for today's debate - costs of markets, importance of risk pool size, drawbacks of insurance models and more, it is not only who pays for health that matters but also who delivers it. Read the pamphlet in full here.

The NHS reinstatement Bill text and explanatory notes

Owen's Bill may become an important tool for campaigners and the public in pushing prospective MPs to publicly endorse a democratic health system. It is published in full, below, with explanatory notes.

How the BBC betrayed the NHS: an exclusive report on two years of censorship and distortion

In the two years building up to the government’s NHS reform bill, the BBC appears to have categorically failed to uphold its remit of impartiality, parroting government spin as uncontested fact, whilst reporting only a narrow, shallow view of opposition to the bill. In addition, key news appears to have been censored. The following in-depth investigation provides a shocking testimony of the extent to which the BBC abandoned the NHS. Download the PDF of this article.

Will the private interests of peers swell the vote for England's health bill?

More than one in four Conservative peers - 62 out of the total of 216 - and many other members of the House of Lords have a direct financial interest in the radical re-shaping of the NHS that is perilously close to being enacted. These peers have been able to vote on the crucial divisions that will determine the immediate and long-term future of the NHS and the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill. 

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