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Resources - Use the media - or create your own

If the mainstream media has let us down with it's NHS reporting, what can we do about it? Part of the OurNHS Resource Guide. 

Contribute - Write for OurNHS openDemocracy.

Write press releases or create your own media - see the TUC Guide p18, p26-27, and ideas for taking newsworthy action on p p22-25.

Leaflet on the streets, at stalls, at meetings or outside health centres and hospitals - the TUC guide has ideas for creating your own leaflets, or use this excellent and colourful 'mythbuster' leaflet produced by Oxford Keep Our NHS Public.

‘The New NHS - what it means for journalists’ - tips for those who want to write about the NHS

Tell the BBC what you think of its NHS coverage - current consultation runs til 13 December.

‘How the BBC betrayed the NHS’ - openDemocracy report by Oliver Huitson on 2 years of censorship and distortion.


Help keep independent campaigning journalism alive - please donate to OurNHS here so that we can keep covering the NHS stories that matter.

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OurNHS is a campaigning journalism site, dedicated to protecting and restoring England's NHS as a comprehensive, publicly funded service.


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