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Why talking about an 'NHS tax' isn't brave at all

Norman Lamb, Liz Kendall, and Alan Milburn want the NHS to turn to various less progressive forms of taxation for its funding. Such proposals have a shoddy history.

Work makes you well? After 'austerity' comes complicity

This week the government announced new health and welfare plans to ‘help’ (or bully?) disabled and sick people. Why are the disability charities so quiet?

Councillors must look before they leap into secret NHS cuts plans

Jeremy Hunt can no longer pretend he's following 'the NHS's own plan'.  Expect fierce local battles ahead.

Making the NHS a “hostile environment” for migrants demeans our country

What kind of country treats migrants like this?

The NHS - is it all about the money, money, money?

As Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens appear before the Health Select Committee in an emergency session on NHS finances, Paul Hobday explains why 'where's the money coming from' is the wrong question.

After a summer of crisis and opportunity, can Labour’s progressive NHS policies be sustained?

What does the Labour reshuffle mean for the development of its NHS policy?

Government duplicity exposed at NHS Expo in Manchester

As the warnings pile up about the financial problems in the NHS, the solutions on offer at its annual ‘Expo’ just don’t stack up.

Hungarian 'women's health': stigma and coercion

Political and media institutions in Hungary are promoting a coercive culture of intervention in female bodies under the banner of self-care.

Labour leadership, the NHS, and 'honest politics'

We need to take back control of our NHS from the unelected technocrats and their health industry friends – and politicians brave enough to say so. What about the Labour party?

The NHS: The new dividing line in the Labour Party?

The crisis in health and social care shows how badly we need an end to the inefficient market-based system. On that score, Team Corbyn looks a lot more convincing than his Labour leadership rival Owen Smith and his allies.

Is there a 'club culture' at the heart of the NHS's quality regulator?

A look at the Care Quality Commission's choice of inspection chairs and overall processes reveals a predominantly white, male, corporate culture that risks letting down patients and staff.

How and Why Do We Retire? Ill omens for younger doctors

The nature of our departures from our work often tells us much about what kind of problems are being left behind. The individual may escape, but what about the wider community?

Corbyn's message on the NHS was derailed by traingate

A vital discussion on the future of healthcare was drowned out by the media furore over 'traingate'. Only Richard Branson stands to benefit such a distraction.

Brexit or no Brexit - so-called 'trade' deals still threaten our NHS

If UK campaigners don't set the terms of our trading relationships, insisting they protect public services and standards, it will be left to Theresa May's expensive army of corporate lawyers. is dead - long live

Whilst the 'brand' has collapsed, the widespread sharing of your data looks set to expand - and not just in health.

Junior doctors fight on in court - but where is Theresa May?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt looks set to face a High Court challenge by junior doctors over his imposition of their contracts, which they say will damage health professionals and the NHS itself.

Treat, don't police

Last week's shocking treatment of migrants by employer Byron shows how government is seeking to create an army of informants - and they're trying the same tactics in our NHS.

After Cambridgeshire’s NHS deal collapses, the future of Staffordshire’s similar £1.2billion sell-off is mired in confusion

Cambridge’s ‘UnitingCare’ deal and its advisors have been discredited, and NHS England promises to investigate a similar planned huge NHS sell-off in Staffordshire - but local bosses seem to have their heads in the sand.

The Ministry of Fear

Holiday pleasures can't quite shake the sense of background dread at the state of the world - and the state of the NHS. But there is clearly appetite for resistance.

Is the new 'collaboration' in the NHS merely a way to make cuts?

It's hard to see how the latest NHS reorganisation now secretively underway does anything other than put the accountants in charge, and balance sheets ahead of patient care.

Racism in the NHS: don’t let the unspeakable become acceptable

The toxic debate leading up to the Brexit vote has sharpened the risk that NHS staff and patients experience racial & xenophobic abuse - and highlighted the problems that are already there. How should those running the NHS respond?

The young are particularly distressed by Brexit - how should the rest of us respond?

We need to listen to young people's fears, and make sure the services are there that they need too.

Labour MP brings bill to Parliament to stop NHS privatisation

The NHS Bill – designed by NHS experts to rescue the NHS, and overwhelmingly backed by NHS campaigners – is back in parliament next week. Will MPs back it?

Post Brexit, trade unions must fight to protect NHS workers including those from the EU

Trade unions must take immediate action to reassure NHS and social care staff from the EU that they are welcome and needed in the UK - and to protect the rights of all workers.

Post Brexit, will a right wing goverment wash its hands of the NHS?

The vote for Brexit has not changed the challenges facing the NHS a bit - but it has probably made it much harder to meet them.

Beyond fake promises and blind faith, is there a glimmer of hope for post-Brexit NHS politics?

The main 'leave' narrative blamed the wrong people, but people may yet realise they've been duped - and there are some interesting flashpoints ahead.

Brexit and the NHS - why we all must fight the racist discourse

Westminster promises to get even 'tougher on migration' risk damaging public health and the stability of our NHS.

What does the Brexit vote mean for the NHS?

If we let it, 'post-truth politics' will kill our NHS.

Open letter to the British Medical Association

Stop forcing healthcare workers to act as border guards, urge experts and campaigners.

The OTHER referendum - that really could decide the future of the NHS

It's #timetovote for junior doctors in the referendum on their contract. But this offer won't fill those gaps on the rota. And Jeremy Hunt is still spinning.

Reject the contract – junior doctors and our patients can do better

Statement from doctors campaigning for a 'no' vote - highlighting how the latest junior doctor contract will, if doctors accept it, continue to pit doctor against department, whilst not protecting time, careers, quality services, nor most importantly - patients.

One big NHS Trust proposed for Manchester - but what will be the impact on patient care?

Manchester councillors will consider merging 4 NHS trusts into one this week. But will patient care be protected, or is this about more cuts and privatisation opportunities?

Join student nurses this Saturday 4th June crying "Bursary or Bust"

Student nurses spend long hours caring for the sick - they shouldn't have to 'pay to work', and the attack on their bursary is a key part of government attacks on the NHS.

NHS managers are being forced to lie to the public

This latest “Transformation” will kill the NHS if we let it.

The junior doctor agreement looks like a sell-out

It seems the government has won its "red lines". So it looks like this deal won't protect junior doctors or patients, and will hasten NHS privatisation. Doctors need the public to fight alongside us, more than ever.

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