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Donate to openDemocracy

Welcome openDemocracy supporter, we appreciate it! Because of people like you, oD can continue to be independent, free and open to everyone - a place for ideas to thrive and minds to evolve.

Everyone who supports openDemocracy - and opts not to remain anonymous - is acknowledged on our supporters network page.

To maximise the value of your donation, consider giving monthly through one of the tax efficient payment methods.

Thank you! the openDemocracy team.

Ways of giving to openDemocracy:

JustGiving (via PayPal or credit / debit card)
PayPal | Bank transfer | Cheque | Standing order | Text to donate
Tax efficient: UK | Netherlands


Make the most of your donation through JustGiving and openDemocracy claim gift aid:

Tax efficient ways to donate

UK donations

CAF logo

Donate to the openTrust (the educational charity which supports openDemocracy) using any of the methods below or donate using a CAF account if you have one.

Bank transfer
Standing order


Netherlands donations

ANBI logo

The openTrust (the educational charity which supports openDemocracy) has gained the ANBI status with the authorities in the Netherlands. Donate using any of the methods below.

Bank transfer

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Donate via PayPal

REGULAR donation
GBP (£)
USD ($)
Euros (€)

ONE-OFF donation
GBP (£)

USD ($)

Euros (€)

If necessary PayPal will automatically convert from your local currency into any of those above.

-- See above for tax efficient ways of donating --

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Payment mechanisms

Bank transfer

Bank transfers can be made from UK, US and Netherlands banks. (We are Gift Aid and ANBI (Netherlands) registered).

If you would like to make a simple bank transfer, please email for our bank details. UK taxpayers: please print, fill out and send to us a Gift Aid form.
If you are supporting a specific editorial section or debate (eg. OurNHS) you will need to make this clear in the payment reference when you ake the transfer.

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Donate by cheque

1. Make a cheque payable to the openTrust, an educational charity which supports openDemocracy.

2. Write your email address on the back of the cheque and note if you are supporting a specific project, such as Arab Awakening. If you are UK taxpayer, ensure your donation is tax-free: use Gift Aid by filling in and enclosing a declaration form. (If you do not have access to a printer you can enclose a note to the same effect.)

3. Contact for the address to send the cheque to.

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Bank standing order

Standing orders can be set up from UK banks to regularly transfer to the openTrust (the UK charity which supports openDemocracy) an amount of your choosing.

To set up a standing order, please email for our bank details.

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Text to donate

We offer text to donate as a way to make quick easy one-off donations to openDemocracy via your mobile phone.

Text OPDE13 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 (amount of your choosing) to 70700.

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We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions.