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Battling over Georgia’s media

While wooing the West with talk of democracy, President Saakashvili has ruthlessly pursued his goal of controlling the media, especially television, says Robin Llewellyn

Lukashenko plays with Europe

Europe should not be deceived by recent concessions to the media, comments Irada Huseinova. Lukashenko's Belarus will remain a bastion of totalitarianism

BBC’s Russian service: worth doing properly

A former head of the BBC Russian service responds to Lyubov Borusyak's review of the service, and the fierce debate over its future. Is it strategically important? If so, it should be done properly

The Kremlin's virtual squad

In recent years Russian political internet forums have become prey to the attentions of the Kremlin's "G Team"

Moscow calling: a view of the BBC Russian Service

The BBC Russian Service is just about to cease broadcasting features illuminating life in Britain.  Broadcasts will now concentrate mainly on current affairs. From Moscow Lyubov Borusyak considers the arguments advanced by both sides in the dispute.

Russian Cyberspace - reflecting, not changing reality

Russia's internet is increasingly being used by the state to consolidate its power, says Floriana Fossato.  Do Russian users want to use this tool to mobilise activism?  Or is this just Western wishfulness? 

BBC: ridding itself of a troublesome Russian Service?

Are the BBC's Russian Service feature programmes being axed out of ignorance, or political calculation, wonders translator Robert Chandler? Following the open letter addressed to him BBC Director General Mark Thompson answers the campaigners' charges, and Richard Hainsworth responds to the BBC chief from his Moscow home

BBC World Service: ‘jobs for the boys’

Is BBC's World Service doomed to be the puppet of British and Russian governments? Following the resignation of the Director of the BBC's World Service, Britain's Parliament was assured the job would be advertised externally. This has not happened, protest former BBC World Services bosses and Russian scholars

BBC Russia Service: A Resigning Matter

The row over changes to the BBC World Service's Russian service (cf openDemocracy Russia's coverage on 9 November and 14 November) has culminated in the resignation of  the director of the World Service Nigel Chapman

BBC’s Russian Service: debate continues

We feature two more contributions to this debate, which has provoked considerable interest from readers. Input from Russia would be particularly welcome - we are happy to translate comments submitted in Russian.

Russia: ideology becomes a mash-up

Solzhenitsyn's death triggered a battle on the Internet as bloggers rushed to accuse, dismiss him or defend him. The Kremlin has found a powerful propaganda machine for its brand of ambiguous authoritarianism, argues Evgeny Morozov

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