Sanctions and regime survival

The sanctions knife cuts both ways – rallying around the flag, and regime change.



Requiem for EuroMaidan

As Ukraine turns into an oligarch republic, civil society has few chances left to make itself the true victor of EuroMaidan.


Тревожное будущее крымских татар

Taniec tatarski (Tatar's Dance). Juliusz Kossak painting - Wikipedia.jpg

Сообщения о запугивании, похищениях и уголовных делах в отношении Крымских татар продолжают поступать с полуострова. Будущее этой этнической группы находится под большим вопросом. in English

The uncertain future of the Crimean Tatars

Taniec tatarski (Tatar's Dance). Juliusz Kossak painting - Wikipedia.jpg

As reports of kidnapping, intimidation and criminal investigations into Crimean Tatars continue to emerge from the peninsula, the future of this Turkic minority looks uncertain. на русском языке


It is time for Ukraine to start helping itself

Balzs_Jarbik_ - Carnegie endowment .jpgNotwithstanding the ceasefire agreed in Minsk, unless Western policymakers take into account just how fragile the situation inside Ukraine really is, the promise of last year's Maidan revolution may be snuffed out.


Review: Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands

Cover - Richard Sakwa - Frontline in Ukraine- I B Taurus.jpgRichard Sakwa’s Frontline Ukraine is both a searing critique of Western policies after the Cold War and a thorough revision of cheerful and monochrome accounts of Ukraine’s latest revolution.  


Ukrainian journalist faces 15 years in jail after calls to boycott the draft

ruslan kotsaba jpg via youtube crop.jpg

A Ukrainian journalist has been arrested for publishing a video calling on his fellow citizens to boycott mobilisation. He is being charged with treason and espionage.

How well does Russia speak the language of international law?

Anna Dolidze pic crop.jpgThe language of international law has become another battleground between Russia and the West.


The war game in eastern Ukraine

cyborg poster - pbs.twimg_.com_.jpgThe battle for eastern Ukraine – part of the territory that makes up ‘Novorossiya' – is a war game with no victors. на русском языке

«Новороссия»: военная игра без победителей

cyborg poster - pbs.twimg_.com__0.jpgБитва за восточную Украину – часть которой занимает Новороссия – это военная игра без победителей. in English

In Russia, nobody can be ‘Charlie’

Je suis charlie - Diogo Baptista - demotix_0.jpgRussian reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been muted, although a massive march in Chechnya defended Islam from the ‘mockers’.

In Auschwitz, Poland has outmanoeuvred Russia

Amador Guallar - Auschwitz - Demotix.jpg

This year, the Poles were determined not to invite the Russians to Auschwitz. And they succeeded. 


Crime and punishment in Armenia

Gyumri massacre victim Seryozha Avetisyan laid to rest - Armenia - Demotix - PHOTOLURE News Agency.jpgAfter a Russian soldier emerged as the prime suspect in the murder of an Armenian family in Gyumri, Armenia, this month, relations between the two countries have become strained as Armenia enters the Eurasian Economic Union.

Trial and error in the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic

Aisha Maniar.jpg

Nine years after a series of coordinated attacks on government and military installations in and around Nalchik, Russia, 58 men have been convicted in a show trial worthy of the Stalin era.

The Crimean ‘question’

There are more questions than answers to the Crimean ‘question’.



The end of the Georgian dream

Parlament_of_Georgia_(Kutaisi)- wiki.jpgGeorgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili's decision on 4 November 2014 to dismiss Defence Minister Irakli Alasania provoked an immediate reaction both in and outside the country.

A free-thinker loses his freedom in Azerbaijan

Tom de Waal crop.jpg

On 12 January, Arif Yunus, the distinguished Azerbaijani scholar, will ‘celebrate’ his 60th birthday in a prison cell.


The ‘Muslim radicalisation of Central Asia’ is a dangerous myth

RIA:R Mangarasyan Tajikistan 96.jpg Security think-tanks and expert communities in the Western world are perpetuating the dangerous myth that Muslim radicalisation is rife in Central Asia.

Stepford Wives in Chechnya

RIA Tsarnayev Model Crop.jpgChechen women have to be very careful about what they wear because of Ramzan Kadyrov’s ‘virtue campaign.’


Israeli Russophones

800px-Israel_flag_and_Herzliya_flag ed.jpg

In Israel, immigration from Ukraine increased by 110% this year. The Israeli government has described FSU immigration as ‘one of the greatest miracles that happened to the state.’ But what do the immigrants think?

Who’s afraid of Russia Today?

Kennedy Avatar crop.jpgIs RT (formerly Russia Today) really as dangerous or as effective as its critics claim?


The ‘return’ of nuclear weapons

sokov_nikolai_crop 65x80.jpgThe current crisis unfolding in Ukraine has brought the issue of nuclear weapons back into sharp focus.


Kremlinphobia, russophobia and other states of paranoia

Antonova 2 crop.jpgThe Russian government likes to regularly accuse the West of being ‘russophobic.’ They’re right, but not for the reasons they think.


Review: Andrew Wilson ‘Ukraine Crisis'

Cover Wilson Ukraine Crisis.jpgFor Wilson, two men – Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych – bear the main brunt of responsibility for Ukraine’s crisis.


The Russian religious versus the hard rockers

BehemothBAND_0.jpgIn Novosibirsk ‘Orthodox activists’ have declared open war not only on rock fans but on the mayor and governor as well. на русском языке


ISIS: a shared headache for Central Asia and the West?

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant wikimedia comons.jpgIn any international discussion about the threat posed by ISIS Central Asian states have their role to play. 


Is Central Asia afraid of ISIS?

The self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ has been seizing more and more territory in the Middle East, and now has its eyes on Central Asia.


Poroshenko's choices

marples sent crop.jpgIn theory, with a new parliamentary coalition, Poroshenko can now address Ukraine’s two most pressing problems — Donbas and the economy. But his position is weaker than it appears.

'I took no prisoners'

4874908_0.jpgIn his own words, a Russian volunteer who signed up to fight in the Novorossiya militia in Eastern Ukraine. на русском языке 


Voting in the Donetsk People’s Republic

Is there really anything Kyiv can do to respond to the recent elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic?


Welcome to the not-so-new world order

The latest IMF report has confirmed what some have long argued – ‘rising powers’ like Russia and China are changing the world, but not in the way you might think.


Putin's new foreign policy rulebook

Valdai Putin 2014 kremlin.ru_.jpegPutin’s speech to the Valdai Club on 24 October shows he no longer believes in the old international rules.


What does Russia really want with Abkhazia?

Abkhazia border crossing.jpg Will the new treaty being discussed between Abkhazia and Russia provide a blueprint for cooperation or something more like annexation?


Russians are not bothered by Western sanctions

pic_vaso_crop.jpgSanctions have had a limited effect on the Russian population whose support towards the government’s Ukrainian policy does not seem to be eroding.


Moscow’s young Muslims might be tomorrow’s militants

RIA Vladimir Astapkovich.LR_.ru_.jpg

A recent clash with the police is a sign of the alienation felt by some young men from Moscow’s Muslim community. на русском языке


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