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Global capitalism in Central Asia and competing economic imaginaries

For the US, Russia and China, Central Asia is a space of competing economic influences.

A visa-free for dirty money: transborder corruption, Russia and the west

The endemic corruption of Russian business, politics and law enforcement is spreading to the west  and becoming a global phenomenon. Русский

In Georgia, labour exploitation still pays

In striving for a “business-friendly environment”, the Georgian government is further eroding labour rights. Workers have taken to the streets in response.

A letter from an inmate of the Southern Gas Corridor

Ilgar_Mammadov.jpgInternational investment in fossil fuel extraction is making me and other Azerbaijani political prisoners hostages to the Aliyev regime.


Bootstrapping Ukraine’s tech revolution, one startup at a time

Ukraine’s IT sector is often billed as a key part of the country’s economic future. But what challenges lie ahead for the industry? What can Ukrainian society expect from tech? 

Oil & Money: tackling corruption and climate change

Bio 2.JPG

London can no longer be a welcome host to companies that plunder state and carbon budgets.


Kremlinology: an intervention

Protests and strikes across Russia show that the country’s “silent majority” is becoming louder. But are pundits even listening?

Is neoliberalism applicable to Russia? A response to Ilya Matveev

Attempts to call the Putin regime “neoliberal” get one fundamental thing wrong: capitalism doesn’t exist in Russia. Русский

Outrage and outsourcing in Russian healthcare

The doctor is out. Hunger strikes, mistreatment of patients and general desperation are beginning to seem like a feature – as opposed to a bug – of Russia’s healthcare system. Русский

“Karabakh rules Armenia”

Shots have been fired over Nagorno-Karabakh, and leaders in Baku and Yerevan demand national unity. But behind the patriotic hysteria is a cry for social justice.

“EU or bust?” is the wrong question for Ukraine

What was missing in the Dutch referendum on the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine?


The pitchforks are coming

Farm workers in the depths of southern Russia are hardly a protest constituency, but corruption and corporate raids have pushed them to the brink. They may even take their grievances to Moscow — by tractor. Русский

From Panama, via London, with love


The Panama Papers implicate more than just a few select international leaders. They demonstrate how offshore finance and corrupt leaders in the post-Soviet space thrive off each other.

Russia, Inc.

From “structural reforms” of the 2000s to austerity policies today, neoliberalism has been and remains an organic part of the Putin regime. RU

Moscow’s authoritarian future

Recent moves against Moscow’s street traders don’t only violate Russia’s Constitution and hurt the economy. They also consolidate the regime’s power. Русский

Walking the line


Plans for a new Euro-Caspian pipeline will solidify the west's dependence on fossil fuels and authoritarian regimes. This new documentary shows why we should stop and think.

How can we politicise labour rights in Georgia?


In Georgia, violations of workers’ rights, low pay and negligent treatment by private corporations continue to go unnoticed. We need to politicise the world of work.


Life slows down in Chiatura


The mining town of Chiatura in western Georgia has already been cursed with poor conditions and self-serving owners. Now they’ve “temporarily” closed down the mines.


Azerbaijan’s 2016: sink or swim?

Protests have broken out in Azerbaijan against rising prices and falling living standards. Will the regime respond with anything but brute force?

Can the North Caucasus adapt to political change?


Amid a crumbling and fragile system, central and regional elites gear up for a new power struggle in Russia’s North Caucasus.


A voice from Russia's truckers' protest

Truckers across Russia have descended on Moscow to protest a new freight tax which will threaten their livelihood. Vladimir shares his story of life behind the wheel.


«Я продаю наш русский, а не импортный товар!»

IMG_20150907_122324 copy.jpg

1 сентября в Кирове 14 предпринимателей объявили голодовку против закрытия мини-рынка. Вместе с протестующими несколько дней провела Екатерина Лушникова.

Калмыкия: Как оставаться нищим, сидя на нефтяной трубе

Трубопровод Тенгиз-Новороссийск должен был принести процветание в Калмыкию. Но многие местные жители так этого и не дождались. English

Kazakhstan's quiet balancing act

Alongside partners east and west, Kazakhstan has learned how to play a quiet balancing act—with lessons for the Kremlin.


The Sochi Syndrome

Grandiose urban development projects and international mega-events are ideal opportunities for authoritarian leaders to flaunt their power – and provide their associates with lucrative construction contracts.

The destruction of sanctioned food only exposes Russia’s poverty gap

In Russia, while food imports from western countries are being destroyed in massive quantities, many ordinary citizens cannot afford to feed themselves. на русском языке


Georgia’s healthcare privatisation stands as a warning to Ukrainian reformers

Ukraine's government is eager to overhaul the country's ageing healthcare system. Following Georgia's example may be tempting, but is not without risk.

Солидарность с условиями для Украины

Может ли сотрудничество между гражданским обществом и финансовыми организациями улучшить власть в Украине? in English


Conditional solidarity for Ukraine

Can co-operation between civil society and the donor community translate into better governance in Ukraine? на русском языке


Ukraine is ripe for the shock doctrine

Like many states in crisis before it, Ukraine presents a perfect opportunity for neoliberal transformation.


Unpaid wages halt progress at Russia’s flagship space project


The Russian government is throwing money at its new cosmodrome in the Far East. Its workers, however, have seen very little of it. Русский


Saakashvili is turning politics upside down in Ukraine

goryachev - visual ria - sergei kuznetsov.jpgDown on the Black Sea, ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakasvhili is making waves as the new governor of Odessa. Is the balance of the Ukrainian state beginning to shift?

Anarchism, Russian-style

Kolions.jpgThe village of Kolionovo has a reputation for independent mindedness and upsetting the authorities. Now they’ve created their own currency - the koliony.


The ‘parasite law’ in Belarus

parasite.jpgIn the Soviet Union, anyone without an official job could be charged with ‘parasitism’ and sentenced to internal exile. Now Belarus has revived the idea. на русском языке

Corruption, credits and bad luck in Siberia: the crisis of Russian agriculture

RIAN_01440994.LR_.ru_.jpgIn Siberia, agriculture faces crisis after crisis as small farmers find themselves in debt caused by bad weather, bureaucracy and corruption.

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