How well does Russia speak the language of international law?

Anna Dolidze pic crop.jpgThe language of international law has become another battleground between Russia and the West.


In Auschwitz, Poland has outmanoeuvred Russia

Amador Guallar - Auschwitz - Demotix.jpg

This year, the Poles were determined not to invite the Russians to Auschwitz. And they succeeded. 


Why does Russia have so many plane crashes?

_Медведев_на_месте_крушения_Як-42Д- wiki.jpegRussian officials apparently don’t care about their country’s shocking air safety record.



The Crimean ‘question’

There are more questions than answers to the Crimean ‘question’.



Comrade Stalin’s secret prison

 ЦентрАрхив ФСБ crop.jpg

Special Facility No.110 – Stalin’s secret prison – wasn’t in remote Siberia, it was just outside Moscow. на русском языке


A free-thinker loses his freedom in Azerbaijan

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On 12 January, Arif Yunus, the distinguished Azerbaijani scholar, will ‘celebrate’ his 60th birthday in a prison cell.


Israeli Russophones

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In Israel, immigration from Ukraine increased by 110% this year. The Israeli government has described FSU immigration as ‘one of the greatest miracles that happened to the state.’ But what do the immigrants think?

Film review: 'I Don't Believe in Anarchy' (dir. Natalia Chumakova and Anna Tsyrlina)

Letov Film Pic.jpg

'Everything will be free. Everyone will be fucking high.' Between 1985 and 1990, Yegor Letov and his Siberian punk rock group Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defence) created some of the most powerful music to come out of the Soviet Union. And had a lot of fun upsetting the KGB...


The ‘return’ of nuclear weapons

sokov_nikolai_crop 65x80.jpgThe current crisis unfolding in Ukraine has brought the issue of nuclear weapons back into sharp focus.


Germany and the disinformation politics of the Ukraine crisis

Putin Merkel .jpgLooking at both the historical and current pro-Putin segment of German public discussion, one can identify the target groups and methods of Russian disinformation politics


The ‘kiss of the titans’ in Kazakhstan

Kurmangazy Pushkin Kiss.pngIn Kazakhstan, a local court has ordered compensation to be paid to the ‘victims’ of a poster showing Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin kissing the Kazakh national composer Kurmangazy. на русском языке


Kremlinphobia, russophobia and other states of paranoia

Antonova 2 crop.jpgThe Russian government likes to regularly accuse the West of being ‘russophobic.’ They’re right, but not for the reasons they think.


Review: Andrew Wilson ‘Ukraine Crisis'

Cover Wilson Ukraine Crisis.jpgFor Wilson, two men – Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych – bear the main brunt of responsibility for Ukraine’s crisis.


In Belarus, women need not apply

There are 181 occupations from which women in Belarus are banned. The Lukashenka government says this is progress. на русском языке

What are Russians celebrating when they celebrate National Unity Day?

Russians celebrate National Unity Day on 4 November, but the name masks Russian anxieties about disunity and disintegration.


Moscow’s young Muslims might be tomorrow’s militants

RIA Vladimir Astapkovich.LR_.ru_.jpg

A recent clash with the police is a sign of the alienation felt by some young men from Moscow’s Muslim community. на русском языке


Yevtushenkov is no Khodorkovsky

One of Russia’s richest men, the owner of an oil company, has been arrested. There have been inevitable comparisons to Mikhail Khodorkovsky. На русском языке

Down with Lenin!

As they are toppled one after another in cities across the country, statues of Lenin are becoming an endangered species in Ukraine. But Lenin the political symbol is still alive and kicking.

Nagorno-Karabakh: a gender inclusive approach to peace

Research suggests that engaging local women in conflict resolution efforts increases the likelihood of violence ending within a year – a theory worth testing in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Nagorno-Karabakh: the not-so-frozen conflict

In recent months, the ‘frozen’ Karabakh conflict has been more fire than ice. With outside powers stoking the flames, what are the chances of finally securing peace?

Five bloody days in North Ossetia

For the Ingush and Ossetians, memories from an overlooked conflict continue to simmer…



Putin’s International Brigades

Novorossiya International.jpgThe Donbas separatists have been fighting the Ukrainian army with the help of volunteers from all over the world – like the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.


Human capital and the Ukraine crisis

Human capital – demography, health, and migration – will be significantly influencing and determining the future of Ukraine for decades to come.



We have made today's Frankenstein with our own hands

Tom Margie crop.jpgWhen communism ended, Russia’s people wanted democracy. Instead, they got the market and neoliberalism. Now, it appears, some of them want revenge.

Georgia and the Ukraine crisis

Georgians see the struggle for Ukrainian sovereignty as an analogue of their own fate.


Book review: Zakhar Prilepin, 'Sankya'


A cult novel by one of Russia’s most provocative and original writers has just come out in English translation.



Concreting over the Silk Highway

The ‘Silk Highway’ will connect Western Europe with China, no matter what the locals think.



Georgia looks west, Armenia east

Arm-Geo flags [courtesy of Armradio] crop.jpg

This summer, Georgia signed an Association Agreement with the EU, but its southern neighbour, Armenia, has opted for the rival Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union.

The Poroshenko Phenomenon

Why did the political crown fall into the hands of Poroshenko? How will he manage Ukraine’s domestic and external pressures?


Separatism in Russia

Russia has been fanning the fires of separatism in Ukraine, but the government is not so keen on separatism at home.



The five forbidden Russian words on stage and screen

Levaithan Non Stop Productions crop.jpg

It is now official: on stage and screen you cannot say: блядь [blyad - slut], хуй [khui - cock], пизда [pizda - cunt], ебать [yebat - fuck], and мудак [mudak - dickhead].


The rhetoric of hatred describing the situation in Ukraine misses the point – Ukraine has problems that are not derived from Russia or the Putin presidency. на русском языке.

Review: Serhii Plokhy, 'The Last Empire'

When the Soviet Empire collapsed, Ukraine was the key.



Moscow’s man in Banja Luka

Bosnian_war_collateral Queerbubbles cropp.jpg

What is happening in Ukraine comes straight out of Bosnia-Herzegovina – same playbook, same hired guns. на русском языке.


Pacifism and patriotism in Russia

Pacifism is incompatible with patriotism in today’s Russia. на русском языке



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