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Ukraine is caught between war and reform

Two years on from the protests that ignited Maidan, Ukraine is suffering from a clash of agendas.


Mariupol elections: will Donbas voters be represented in Ukrainian politics?

The Donbas is being airbrushed out of Ukrainian politics. This will only build another barrier to a united and democratic country. Русский


Putin’s politics of uncertainty: how the Kremlin raised the stakes

The Kremlin has achieved much in 2015. What has happened so far, and what happens next? на русском языке


«Плохие парни» поднимают ставки

Bakar Berekashvili_1.jpg

В 2015 году Кремлю многого удалось достичь, резко поменяв игру. О том, что произошло и что случится далее. in English


Truthiness in Russia

What we’re missing from the propaganda debate: how Russian state media feed off and amplify public sentiment.


Stalin's back


With new monuments and museums afoot, Russians are warming again to Stalin's legacy. But is there any communist content to post-communist nostalgia? на русском

Like me, I'm an autocrat

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov might be the Russian Federation’s second most powerful figure. With such friends in high places, why would he need to make more online?


Why I didn’t vote in the Ukrainian local elections

Anton Dmytriiev, a journalist based in Kyiv, believes the recent elections in his country were pointless. на русском языке

The mountains have ears: legislating against surveillance in Georgia


The late 2000s saw illegal wiretaps and surveillance ramp up in Georgia. New laws to deal with this legacy are yet to truly pay off. на русском языке

Between real and imitation democracy: elections in Transnistria


With parliamentary elections in four weeks, this unrecognised republic’s two power blocs are preparing for a real contest. на русском языке

Bălți's prodigal son

In northern Moldova, Renato Usatii is beloved. The multiethnic and Russian-speaking population sees this young businessman-turned-politician as one of their own. 

All eyes on Moldova

When it comes to internal corruption, European integration or the standoff with Russia, Moldova is in the media spotlight. Yet many Moldovans feel that there's a whole society being left in the shadows.

Georgia’s grotesque democracy

Bakar Berekashvili_1.jpg

Neoliberal dogma has taken root and, ahead of parliamentary elections next year, our political elites have nothing else to offer us.

Ummah: Islam in the post-Soviet world

oDR introduces a new series devoted to reporting and comment on Islamic life in the post-Soviet space. на русском языке

Lessons not learned in Kabardino-Balkaria


Ten years after militants attacked the town of Nalchik in the North Caucasus, the cycle of violence continues.


The Crimean blockade: how Ukraine is losing Crimea for the third time

Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 was not the first time that Ukraine lost the peninsula. In fact, Ukraine has been losing Crimea for 23 years.

Lukashenka’s victory: the improbable nexus


As Aleksandr Lukashenka wins his fifth term as president, are there signs that Belarus’ political stagnation might be about to change?


What the Belarusian elections will not be about


If we’re going to understand what happens next in Belarus, we need to listen to the people. на русском языке


Protests in Chișinău: views from the tent towns

FullSizeRender (3) copy.jpg

After another large-scale protest in the Moldovan capital this Sunday, the Moldovan government has been presented with yet another ultimatum—this time from the pro-Russian opposition. на русском языке

Kyrgyzstan's elections: a gentleman's agreement


With Kyrgyzstan’s political parties agreeing to overlook each other’s misdemeanours and the public afraid to speak out, bribery and corruption will continue to be endemic. на русском языке

Anarchism in Makhno’s homeland: adventures of the red-and-black flag


Anarchism may be a popular political brand in Ukraine today, but it’s not anarchism as we know it. на русском языке


The opposition's last mandate

Shlosberg speaks on personal responsibilities of a deputy Oct 2014 [still from youtube].png

Deputies of the Pskov regional assembly are attempting to remove a colleague from their ranks—opposition lawmaker and journalist Lev Shlosberg. 

In Georgia, justice delayed is justice denied

Giorgi Ugulava, political ally of Mikheil Saakashvili and former mayor of Tbilisi, has gone behind bars. Behind the charges of corruption may stand a darker motive – a desire for revenge.

Украина и постколониальное состояние


Что спор о постколониальном статусе Украины говорит нам о будущем ее внутренней и внешней политики? 
in English


Выборы в районные советы Самары: репортаж

Нарушения, отказы и махинации с бюджетниками. Выборы в Самаре прошли небезынтересно.


Corbyn and Russia: hysteria and hindsight

Talk of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘ties to Russia’ reveals how the media present us with false choices. There must be a space for criticising both austerity politics and Russian state aggression – and for international solidarity.

Knocking back Russia’s nationalists

The conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea has brought the Kremlin and Russia’s ultra-nationalists closer together. Recent prosecutions show that their ideas still have the government worried. на русском языке

Дело Мухина: националисты под прицелом властей

Война в Украине и присоединение Крыма сблизили Кремль и русских националистов. Однако идеология русского национализма продолжает пугать власти. in English

Give back the billion

After a billion dollars went missing from Moldova’s banking system last year, people have turned out on the streets to protest the country’s oligarchic regime. на русском языке

Book Review: Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan's 'The Red Web'


The Russian state has redoubled its efforts to bring the internet to heel. The consequences for defiance are unpredictable – just as intended.



Изменение Конституции Украины: разрешение или углубление политических противоречий?

«Кровавый понедельник» повысил ставки по конституционной реформе в Украине. Сам проект оставляет желать лучшего. in English


Kazakhstan's quiet balancing act

Alongside partners east and west, Kazakhstan has learned how to play a quiet balancing act—with lessons for the Kremlin.


'Is your mum a foreign agent?'

Russian NGOs, large and small, are facing closure after the blacklisting of their foreign funders. speaks to some of the organisations affected.

A sudden warning in Dagestan

On 27 July, Russian special forces abducted a senior Dagestan official from his home and transported him to Moscow for investigation. The Dagestani authorities knew nothing about it.

New constitution, old faces in Armenia

President Serzh Sargsyan is pushing for constitutional reform. Is it only about staying in power? на русском языке


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