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How international media failed Moldova’s protesters

There’s more to Moldova's protests than “pro-European” versus “pro-Russian”.


Azerbaijan’s 2016: sink or swim?

Protests have broken out in Azerbaijan against rising prices and falling living standards. Will the regime respond with anything but brute force?

Why a united opposition in Moldova is impossible


From the left and the right, Moldova’s fractious opposition has formed an alliance to force snap elections. The cracks are showing already. Русский


Is liberalism the future for Russia?

For years, ‘liberal’ has been a dirty word in Russia, a shorthand for everything undesirable. Yet state propaganda is having an unexpected side-effect: the rehabilitation of liberalism. 

Four Russias: the new political reality

Uneven modernisation has left its mark on Russia, and the authorities are only too happy to exploit it. What does the future hold for Russia’s regional divide? Русский

Give back the vote

Against a background of mass protests, Moldova’s parliament has just approved a new government in record time. Русский


Can Georgia ditch its surveillance culture?

Mikheil Saakashvili may have left his native Georgia for Odessa, but one particular legacy of his years in power is still strong. Русский

В поисках «армянского лобби»

Из-за теорий заговора люди становятся покорными, а правители перестают чего-либо бояться. В Азербайджане всех диссидентов считают агентами скрытого «армянского лобби». English

How ‘eastern Ukraine’ was lost


Nearly two years after the outbreak of fighting, nearly 9,000 people have died in eastern Ukraine. To understand how this war ends, we need to understand how it began. Русский

After the ban: a short history of Ukraine’s Communist Party


You can ban Ukraine’s communists, but you can’t beat them.



Searching for the ‘Armenian Lobby’

Conspiracies keep the people pliant and rulers fearless. In Azerbaijan, all dissidents are considered to be agents of a shadowy ‘Armenian lobby’. Русский

Who are your comrades now?

The Russian state wants payback for the mass protests of 2012. But the arrest of another political activist in Russia has attracted the attention of neither the west, nor the European left. Русский

Four points from Putin's press conference

Putin's latest press conference saw a tacit admission of Russian forces in Ukraine and a denial that their presence was ever denied. Here are a few other points you may have missed. 

Serial violations: finding new ways to limit freedom of association in Russia


The first sentences under a new law limiting freedom of association in Russia are coming into effect. Their target? ‘Malicious picket-holders’. Русский

Between dialogue and violence: the North Caucasus's bloody legacy

After Paris, we need to act against radicalisation. Russia's legacy in the North Caucasus tells us how not to. Русский


We need to find the common ground between climate change and civil society

To combat Russia’s industrial polluters, public indifference and limits on NGO activity, we need to link climate change and civil society. Русский


A voice from Russia's truckers' protest

Truckers across Russia have descended on Moscow to protest a new freight tax which will threaten their livelihood. Vladimir shares his story of life behind the wheel.


Media responsibility in the age of terror

Professor Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, and journalists Rita Chinyoka and Nadezhda Azhgikhina discuss feeding terror, hate speech, and the responsibilities of mainstream media, at the World Forum for Democracy.

Ukraine is caught between war and reform

Two years on from the protests that ignited Maidan, Ukraine is suffering from a clash of agendas.


Mariupol elections: will Donbas voters be represented in Ukrainian politics?

The Donbas is being airbrushed out of Ukrainian politics. This will only build another barrier to a united and democratic country. Русский


Putin’s politics of uncertainty: how the Kremlin raised the stakes

The Kremlin has achieved much in 2015. What has happened so far, and what happens next? на русском языке


«Плохие парни» поднимают ставки

Bakar Berekashvili_1.jpg

В 2015 году Кремлю многого удалось достичь, резко поменяв игру. О том, что произошло и что случится далее. in English


Truthiness in Russia

What we’re missing from the propaganda debate: how Russian state media feed off and amplify public sentiment.


Stalin's back


With new monuments and museums afoot, Russians are warming again to Stalin's legacy. But is there any communist content to post-communist nostalgia? Русский

Like me, I'm an autocrat

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov might be the Russian Federation’s second most powerful figure. With such friends in high places, why would he need to make more online?


Why I didn’t vote in the Ukrainian local elections

Anton Dmytriiev, a journalist based in Kyiv, believes the recent elections in his country were pointless. на русском языке

The mountains have ears: legislating against surveillance in Georgia


The late 2000s saw illegal wiretaps and surveillance ramp up in Georgia. New laws to deal with this legacy are yet to truly pay off. на русском языке

Between real and imitation democracy: elections in Transnistria


With parliamentary elections in four weeks, this unrecognised republic’s two power blocs are preparing for a real contest. на русском языке

Bălți's prodigal son

In northern Moldova, Renato Usatii is beloved. The multiethnic and Russian-speaking population sees this young businessman-turned-politician as one of their own. 

All eyes on Moldova

When it comes to internal corruption, European integration or the standoff with Russia, Moldova is in the media spotlight. Yet many Moldovans feel that there's a whole society being left in the shadows.

Georgia’s grotesque democracy

Bakar Berekashvili_1.jpg

Neoliberal dogma has taken root and, ahead of parliamentary elections next year, our political elites have nothing else to offer us.

Ummah: Islam in the post-Soviet world

oDR introduces a new series devoted to reporting and comment on Islamic life in the post-Soviet space. на русском языке

Lessons not learned in Kabardino-Balkaria


Ten years after militants attacked the town of Nalchik in the North Caucasus, the cycle of violence continues.


The Crimean blockade: how Ukraine is losing Crimea for the third time

Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 was not the first time that Ukraine lost the peninsula. In fact, Ukraine has been losing Crimea for 23 years.

Lukashenka’s victory: the improbable nexus


As Aleksandr Lukashenka wins his fifth term as president, are there signs that Belarus’ political stagnation might be about to change?


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