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Convert and love: Russia’s Muslim wives

Russian women marrying Muslim men convert to Islam in the certainty that a shared religion will strengthen their family. Nevertheless, cultural differences often win out — and Russian Muslims’ world remains closed to converts. RU

Тучи над Куполом: Почему Cанкт-Петербург защищает Исаакиевский собор от Церкви

Выступления против передачи Исаакиевского собора Русской Православной церкви называются акцией «в защиту» собора. Никакого парадокса, если внимательно разобраться, в столь странной формулировке нет.

Georgia’s politics of piety

Georgia’s church is independent of the state. How long before the state can free itself from the church?

Azerbaijan's Nardaran affair

The Aliyev regime's crackdown on Azerbaijan's Islamic opposition is smoothing the way for further consolidation of power.

A home to three religions


There’s a religious revival going on in Russia’s provinces. We travel to the town of Malmyzh, on the border of Kirov and Tatarstan, where Islam is experiencing a renaissance. RU

Living in Islam: Russian Muslims tell their stories

Ten Moscow Muslims speak of faith, joy and attitudes towards Islam in Russia today.


Gubden, Dagestan: where ‘radicals’ police themselves


This village used to house one of the North Caucasus’ most dangerous Islamist paramilitary units. With the Russian state nowhere to be seen, Gubden has started policing — and developing — itself. RU

Radicalisation in Georgia: a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Georgia's Pankisi Gorge has been portrayed as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Its ethnic Kist residents suffer poverty and discrimination – a distant government and sensationalist media coverage alienate them further. на русском языке

Islam in Kyrgyzstan: growing in diversity

Since the late 1980s, Kyrgyzstan has witnessed an Islamic revival. Recent talk of extremist threats and radicalisation obscures the real picture. Русский

Keeping Crimea's Muslims in check


Alternative muftiates, extremism charges and co-optation, or how to manage Crimean Tatar Muslims. на русском языке


Azerbaijan: ruling in bad faith


The Aliyev regime is attempting to co-opt and repress Muslim communities to strengthen its hold on power. It is playing a dangerous game. Русский


Moscow's new mosque: a political project?

After years of delayed construction, a new mosque has finally opened in Moscow. The timing of its opening ceremony was significant – as was the guest list.


Ummah: Islam in the post-Soviet world

oDR introduces a new series devoted to reporting and comment on Islamic life in the post-Soviet space. Русский

Lessons not learned in Kabardino-Balkaria


Ten years after militants attacked the town of Nalchik in the North Caucasus, the cycle of violence continues.


How to fight Islamic State in Chechnya

How are Chechnya's authorities responding to IS? на русском языке


Islamic State in Kyrgyzstan: a real or imagined threat?


In July, Bishkek claimed to successfully foil an IS plot in the country. But is IS even in Kyrgyzstan?


Почему закрылось «окно жизни»?

В Кирове власти закрыли первый в федеральном районе бэби-бокс, существовавший всего несколько дней. in English 


The ‘window of life’ in Kirov

In the Russian city of Kirov, local authorities recently closed down a scheme to rescue unwanted newborn babies after just four days. We speak to the women and priest involved. на русском языке

Religious persecution in eastern Ukraine

Following the outbreak of conflict in eastern Ukraine last year, inter-confessional strife has been ramping up inside the breakaway territories. на русском языке

Times of war in Russian arts and culture

Garagecrop.jpgIn times of war, what can Russian arts and culture do to withstand interventions by the Russian state? An exhibition at Garage in Moscow could provide an answer.

Novosibirsk's cultural history of loss

Novosibirsk_theatre_0.jpg When it comes to loss, this city has form stretching back to the Soviet era. But is the scandal surrounding the city's Opera House just another page in this century-long saga?


The Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Kirill

RIA Aleksei Druzhinin Putin Abkhazia.jpgUnder Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church has become an integral element of the hegemonic narrative that has been created in Putin’s Russia, to inoculate the country from pernicious outside influences.

The Russian politics of multiculturalism

RIA Aleksei Druzhinin Putin Abkhazia.jpgThe relationship between religion and ethnicity on the one hand, and civic assimilation on the other, is far less harmonious than Putin’s magniloquence asserts.

Georgian Muslims are strangers in their own country

Mosque in Chechla.jpgThe Republic of Georgia is an avowedly Christian country, but one out of every ten Georgian citizens is Muslim. 


Can Ukraine’s divided church help heal the divided country

In hardship, people turn to religion for help. Ukraine today is no exception. But is it the answer to the country’s problems?


The ‘Muslim radicalisation of Central Asia’ is a dangerous myth

RIA:R Mangarasyan Tajikistan 96.jpg Security think-tanks and expert communities in the Western world are perpetuating the dangerous myth that Muslim radicalisation is rife in Central Asia.

The kidnap trail to Central Asia

kidnapped activist crop.jpgCentral Asian security services have been abducting their countries’ citizens from Russia to stand trial on trumped-up charges. And the Russian police have been helping them.

Teaching orthodoxy in Russian schools

Icon CC Denis Dmitrievich Leontyev crop_0.jpgOrthodox ideology is being rushed into the Russian school curriculum – in the interests of nationalism.


Jehovah's Witnesses go underground in Samara

Watchtower.jpgThe branding of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Samara as an extremist organisation has turned them into religious dissidents. на русском языке



The Russian religious versus the hard rockers

BehemothBAND_0.jpgIn Novosibirsk ‘Orthodox activists’ have declared open war not only on rock fans but on the mayor and governor as well. на русском языке


Is Central Asia afraid of ISIS?

The self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ has been seizing more and more territory in the Middle East, and now has its eyes on Central Asia.


Moscow’s young Muslims might be tomorrow’s militants

RIA Vladimir Astapkovich.LR_.ru_.jpg

A recent clash with the police is a sign of the alienation felt by some young men from Moscow’s Muslim community. на русском языке


Asher Krichevsky – exemplary Rabbi or an Israeli spy?

Could it really be that Chief Rabbi of the Omsk Region, Israeli-born Asher Krichevsky, is an Israeli spy? На русском языке


Putin’s International Brigades

Novorossiya International.jpgThe Donbas separatists have been fighting the Ukrainian army with the help of volunteers from all over the world – like the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.


Praying to Putin

FederalPressWorldNewsPutin_0.jpgA recent lecture in Moscow asked, ‘Will Putin become God through grace?'


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