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Расширение пространства произвола

Новые законодательные инициативы направлены не только против иностранных СМИ. Это еще один шаг в процессе размывания правовой определенности.

Russia’s new foreign agent legislation will further silence independent media

New legislation targeting foreign media operating in Russia has evoked parallels with the US. Here’s why they’re wrong. 

Russia’s Kuzbass coal region is on the verge of an ecological catastrophe

This corner of Siberia is famous for coal production and its local kingpin. Ecologists believe there are dark days ahead for the centre of Russia’s export coal industry.

Reading other people’s diaries in Russia

Historian Mikhail Melnichenko runs a digital archive of personal diaries from Russia's 20th century. The result is both an alternative to tightly guarded government archives and an important artistic resource. RU

How did 1917 change the west?

Failed utopias lead to the death of idealism, and the likes of Putin and Trump are symbols of this process. As we watch Russia struggle with history, the US and UK cannot afford to pretend that this history doesn’t affect us too.

The inside story of Russia’s failed social media revolution

A nationalist populist promised a new Russian revolution in November 2017. But despite intense plotting online, the revolution failed to materialise. RU

A Cold War youth festival ages well, but leaves too much unsaid

This year, Russia hosted the World Festival of Youth and Students — with a mix of Cold War slogans and modern realpolitik.

Антология неудавшейся революции Мальцева

Поджоги административных зданий, захват Кремля и полная кредитная амнистия - именно к этому в Telegram чатах готовились сторонники "Артподготовки". Но в день Х, 5 ноября, они не смогли организовать даже масштабный мирный протест. English

Karelia: a story of autocracy and resistance

For years, Karelia was a last holdout for Russia’s liberal Yabloko party. But a series of arrests has seen its supporters drummed out of this northern province.

A hyperlink to absurdity

The implementation of the Kremlin’s law on “undesirable organisations” is reaching farcical proportions.

Рабочий инструмент "Прожито"

Историк Михаил Мельниченко об альтернативной архивной работе, волонтерах и лабораториях, где читают чужие дневники. English

Russia’s “foreign agents” law is bankrupting campaigners and activists

Ruinous fines levied against Russian NGO heads are destroying the civil sector and pushing campaigners to the brink of survival. RU

Russia: last Sunday’s “revolution” in numbers

This week, the Russian authorities have detained 484 people on the streets. The pretext? A crackdown on an attempted nationalist revolution. 

Manifesto of students and graduates of the European University at St Petersburg

We declare that our university is being persecuted on political grounds. Help us fight back.

Контроль вместо развития: Почему в России невозможен разговор о Революции

Говоря о столетнем юбилее большевистской революции, российские власти избегают конкретных деталей и оценок. Открытый разговор об этом событии, рискует обострить противоречия в обществе и в элитных кругах. English

What can and can’t be said about the Russian revolution

In Russia today, there’s little consensus on the events of a century ago. But can you have national reconciliation without truth about the Russian Empire’s revolutions? RU

What is Russian influence, anyway?

A new book on Russia’s role in the Balkans demonstrates not just the extent of Moscow’s influence — but also its limits.

Digital sovereignty à la russe

Russia’s digital security doctrine is isolationist and authoritarian. It not only trumps the ​​development of the country, but blocks it. RU

Artpodgotovka: six days to destroy a movement

This week has seen members of a Russian radical nationalist movement searched, detained and charged with various offences, including terrorism.

Syrian refugees in Russia have to fight for their rights

Syrian citizens are fleeing from their war-torn homeland, and some of them have chosen Russia as their country of asylum. But life for them here is also a struggle. RU

Сирийцы в России: другая война

Жители Сирии бегут от войны в другие страны, в том числе и Россию. Но здесь им приходится сражаться по новой - уже с ФМС и МВД - за свой статус, свободу и право на жизнь. English

Europäische Universität Sankt Petersburg – “Todsicher”?

Im letzten Monat hat die Russische Bildungsaufsichtsbehörde der Europäischen Universität mitgeteilt, ihr keine neue Lizenz als Bildungseinrichtung zu erteilen. Mit diesem Schritt verdeutlicht Russland ein weiteres Mal, dass das Land auf die Meinung der internationalen Öffentlichkeit keinen Wert mehr legt. English, RU

Давление и угрозы: способ скрыть пытки в российских тюрьмах?

Насилие и пытки в российских тюрьмах продолжают оставаться безнаказанными - несмотря на усилия правозащитников и общественных организаций. English

Victim of Chechnya’s anti-LGBT purge seeks justice

But will the Russian authorities deliver on their pledges to Investigate?

Russia’s ravenous redistribution: the plunder of Sakhalin

Residents of Russia’s far-eastern island of Sakhalin are outraged by Moscow’s abrupt decision to take away regional budget revenues.

How to hide evidence of torture inside Russia’s prison system

In Russia, law enforcement quickly puts pressure on prisoners who come forward about torture inside the prison system. RU

"Адвокатура представлялась как возможность выбирать интересное"

Как государство будет реагировать на гражданскую активность и почему правозащитные дела невозможны без общественного резонанса. English

Closure of the European University at St Petersburg: a dead cert?

The attack on this institution is another example of how Russia has chosen to ignore the international community — and how Putin’s political order is changing. RU, Deutsch


Yulia Galyamina: “Party politics has exhausted itself”

Yulia Galyamina is a newly elected municipal councillor in Moscow. I asked her about networked protest, party discipline and her plans for the future. RU

Russia's anti-corruption protests: detentions, detentions, detentions

The pressure on Russian individiuals and organisations involved in anti-corruption rallies continues. 

Европейский университет - "Фаворит, хоть убей"

Атака на Европейский Университет в Санкт-Петербурге - еще один пример тому, что Россия выбрала путь игнорирования мнения международного сообщества. Deutsch, English

Photographing the 20th century

Hungarian artist Peter Puklus talks about his photography book The Epic Love Story of a Warrior, European history of the 20th century, and Marina Tsvetaeva. RU

Sacrificial roosters and offended feelings

What do a film about a Tsar’s mistress, Pussy Riot, the opera Tannhäuser, voodoo magic, and bloggers from Bryansk have in common? They’ve all “offended the feelings of believers”… RU

Russian-Germans and the surprising rise of the AfD

The right-populist AfD party is soon to take its first seats in the Bundestag. What was the role of Germany’s Russians in that unprecedented electoral success? RU, Deutsch

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