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A day watching Turkmen television

In Turkmenistan, people will do anything to avoid watching their tightly-controlled state media. This journalist spent a day glued to the screen to find out why.

The Sochi Syndrome

Grandiose urban development projects and international mega-events are ideal opportunities for authoritarian leaders to flaunt their power – and provide their associates with lucrative construction contracts.

When Russia sneezes, Central Asia catches a cold

Simon_opt022 crop 65x80.jpgRussia’s financial crisis has produced a contagious effect in Central Asia, where cheap oil is exacerbating the poor economic outlook.


Turkmenistan – where everything in the garden looks rosy

State controlled media in Turkmenistan paint a pretty picture of life inside this closed country. But it is a picture that most citizens do not recognise, and they are increasingly challenging it. на русском языке

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