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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

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Hatred and misogyny in the Middle East
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Recently Egyptian journalist <span>Mona el Tahawy caused a Twitter storm with her <em>Foreign Policy</em> article, </span><span><a href="">Why Do They Hate Us?</a><span> This deconstruction of her piece argues that she provides insufficient explanations for the condition of Arab women — overlooking the deep historical roots of the problem
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The Arab uprisings as ‘negotiated revolutions’
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It is a long road from an initial uprising to something that can be called a successful revolution. Although there is increasing talk of a ‘Turkish’ or ‘Indonesian’ model combining a pious society with a democratic state, the region as a whole is stuck in a phase of fragile pacts and illiberal renewal
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Blair helped Gaddafi crush his opponents in Britain
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British secret services betrayed Libyan dissidents, including those given asylum, helping to root them out. This was ‘more than illegal’, and happened on Blair’s watch — he should be answerable for his deeds in an open court
Right column
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The Arab Spring: an end to postcolonialism?
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The author of a <a href="<a href=";tag=opendemocra0e-21&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;camp=1634&amp;creative=19450&amp;creativeASIN=1780322232">new book</a> urges us to rethink geopolitics in the wake of the uprisings. Here he talks about why the West is no longer a powerful construct, and why Islam is not the driving force behind the present revolution
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25 April: Marshall Pétain’s cameo appearance
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<p>The rapprochement of the traditional right with its extreme form is progressing, with the “de-demonisation” of the Front Nationale and a raid on past techniques of the far right, going back at least as far as Marshall Pétain. Today’s <a href="">Marlière across La Manche</a></p>

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