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Rashan Charles

What is the truth about the death of Rashan Charles?

Rashan, a young black Londoner, died under police restraint. A retired Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police — and Rashan’s great uncle — examines the visual evidence. Shine A Light Exclusive.

Police watchdog omits 3 contentious deaths from record-breaking count of deaths in custody

Exclusive: Annual count of police custody deaths in England and Wales hits 23, an 11-year high. But deaths of Rashan Charles, Shane Bryant and Edson Da Costa are excluded from the headline figure.

‘Accidental death’ of a young black Londoner. Rashan Charles EXPLAINER

Police video evidence missing. Long-serving ex-Metropolitan Police officers presented as “independent” experts. Coroner’s contentious directions to inquest jury. The troubling case of Rashan Charles.

Inquest jury says death of Rashan Charles was an accident

Police failure to admit any responsibility for death of young black Londoner will set back community relations “for generations” family says.

Did police officer involved in Rashan restraint do what he was trained to do?

Police officers’ use of force must be Proportionate to the threat, Lawful, Accountable and Necessary. Inquest hears expert testimony on Days Six and Seven.

Rashan Charles, encounters with police and support services

Rashan’s final visits to his GP and encounters with the police and social services. Day Six of the inquest into the death of a young Londoner.

Rashan Charles inquest: ‘He went from being arrested to clearly struggling and needing help’

Police officers tell of fatal pursuit of a young black Londoner. Witnesses recall Rashan “struggling to breathe” while under restraint. Inquest report from Days Four, Five and Six.

‘I’m a first aider’ said man who helped restrain and handcuff Rashan

Rashan Charles inquest, Day Three: A ‘confused, shocked and panicked’ police officer. A ‘member of the public’ who intervened ‘without thinking’. Jury asks: Who was in charge? 

‘My concern was his safety’ Police officer on Rashan Charles restraint

Officer denies using unauthorised neck hold and combat throw on young black Londoner. What was in his mind? Drugs, gangs, weapons. Inquest, Day Two. 

Rashan Charles: Inquest into death after restraint by police officer and ‘member of the public’

Coroner questions police officer on his decision to let a man described as a ‘member of the public’ assist in lethal restraint of young black man. Inquest, Day One.

On the lethal restraint of young black Londoner, Rashan Charles

The police claimed that an officer intervened to prevent a young man from harming himself. Video evidence suggests a different story. (warning: distressing)

Rashman: Police watchdog to investigate lethal restraint of young black man in Hackney

  • Police claim officer “intervened” to “prevent the man from harming himself”. But video shows sustained restraint. (warning: distressing)
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