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Constitutional conventions: best practice

No appetite for a deregulatory post-Brexit Britain: new findings on public attitudes

The transformation of the aims of Brexit emerged during the early days of the referendum campaign, when the cross-party campaign for leave realised where the route to broad-based success lay.

Enoch Powell’s ghost and bigotry still haunt modern Britain

We are better than Enoch Powell – but, as recent events show, not by as much as we think.

Why the problem is economics, not economists

To avoid hitting an intellectual dead end, economics must embrace a wider diversity of views and focus less on the derivation of abstract models. 

The UK government must stop detaining LGBTQI+ people fleeing persecution

“Here in detention it is the same as where I came from. I was so scared”.

We need to talk about where Brexit funder Arron Banks gets his money

openDemocracy investigations raise fresh questions about Arron Banks's wealth and the real source of the Brexit campaign's largest donations.

The Windrush generation and the long history of not being quite ‘British’ enough

Britain has an ignoble history of exploiting Caribbean people when they were ‘useful’, then casting them aside as insufficiently ‘British’ when they were not.

Syria: stop asking questions!

Who gets to decide who is involved in pseudoscience and misdirection? Who asks the questions and who gets bamboozled? What role should the media play?

That’s all-white then – an all-white panel on ‘minorities and justice'

White people need to get better at seeing race, addressing it, and addressing our own complicity. Taking part in all-white panels – especially on a subject where race is central – simply isn't good enough.

The Commonwealth gets extra attention

Some 5,000 participants from government, business and civil society have arrived for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The central theme of the deliberations is ‘Towards a Common Future’.

“First past the post” is failing the Labour movement – it's time to mend our voting system

The inherent bias towards Tory seats in our voting system is set to get worse, and the arguments for reforming it have never been stronger, finds a new report out today. 

Antisemitism, cosmopolitanism and the politics of Labour’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ right-wings

The determination of the Labour Right to focus on ‘left antisemitism’ reveals as much about the Labour Right’s divisions, history and current existential crises, as it does about the left.

Whatever the USS vote, can we maintain inter-generational unity and restore our universities?

The unprecedented university strike has highlighted deeper issues about how casualisation and commercialisation damages the experience of all staff and students. What now?

All-out war or economic war: why Chilcot’s playbook needs to be given a chance

The Iraq Inquiry warned that we must exhaust all peaceful options before dropping bombs – and that hasn’t happened.

Why it’s our own use of social media that’s partly to blame for gang crime

The head of the Met recently blamed gang crime on a violent online culture – but there’s another social media problem that’s contributing, and it’s one that we can all do something about.

VIDEO: Why the power of finance is rooted in ideology

Addressing challenges such as climate change and inequalities means not only challenging the power of finance, but also tackling the ideology that underpins it.

Bombing Syria would be both dangerous and illegal

Britain and its ‘Allies’ have helped arm warring Syrian factions, fuelled conflict, spurned refugees. Now they want to punish Assad’s alleged war crimes by committing war crimes of their own.

Russia, Novichok and the long tradition of British government misinformation

Few of us realise just how many people the British state employs to ‘discredit’, ‘deceive’ and ‘disrupt’.

Has Labour really turned its back on pro-market NHS ‘solutions’?

As the NHS turns 70, just which corporate actors are queuing up to drive ‘consensus’-based reform? And is Labour prepared to sufficiently distance themselves from such ideas?

How citizens' wealth funds could transform our economy

An interview with Stewart Lansley, Steve Schifferes and Duncan McCann from the City University Social Wealth Fund Unit. 

The Good Friday Agreement is 20 years old today - but will it last another 20?

The Good Friday Agreement transformed Northern Ireland. But sectarian divides still run deep, worsened by austerity – and now there’s Brexit.

Honourable deceptions in the choreography of the Northern Ireland Peace Process

In some situations, the end does justify the means. In these anti-political times isn't it useful to remember the positive role political actors can play in making the world a better place?

The FBI’s flawed list and Fleet Street’s frenzy

We need part two of the Leveson inquiry to uncover past malpractices. One such issue is the festering scandal surrounding a major police investigation into child pornography in the UK.

The pursuit of real power

True power in the modern world lies in shifting the consensus to meet your aims — not in retreating until you have control in name only. 

'The Tories cut, we bleed': the story of Women’s Lives Matter in Doncaster

Joyce Sheppard talks about the campaign to save South Yorkshire’s Women’s Aid – one of many domestic violence services impacted by government cuts.

The truth about Corbyn supporters’ Facebook groups

2,000 abusive messages are too thousand too many. Is there any more to be said? It seems there might be.

“Neither Washington nor Moscow” – 5 reasons progressives must be wary of playing Putin’s game

We may not trust the UK government, but Putin is no friend of global justice.

When I found antisemitism on the left, Jewdas were there for me

The establishment may not like it, but Jewdas has provided a home for lots of young Jews in search of a spiritual home.

Striking for freedom from arbitrary exercises of power in UK universities

The UK's recent academic strikes were a cry against domination.

On striking, and the recognition that ethics are a collective affair

Ethics aren't just a question of personal preference.

How a Citizens’ Wealth Fund can tackle wealth inequality and deliver a universal minimum inheritance

A new Citizens' Wealth Fund would help broaden and democratise the ownership of capital at scale, giving everyone a stake and a say in the economy.

Hullcoin: can blockchain unlock the hidden value in Hull's economy?

How a new local currency is helping fight poverty and stimulate local economic activity. 


Is Britain sleepwalking into a food crisis?

On May 8th the government will end its consultation period on a new agricultural policy for England. Revealingly, its policy document – called ‘Health and Harmony: The future for food, farming and...

Not everyone agrees with Arron Banks about the value of his diamond mines

The ‘bad boy’ who bankrolled Brexit says he’s struck it lucky in Africa. But do his claims of a ‘significant find’ stand up? And who’s he been doing business with there?

From the Falklands to Brexit: cut-price Jingoism

Thatcher’s cut-price Jingoism, which exploited new ideas about PR, is an inspiration to her successors, the hard Brexiteers. But there are lessons too for those who oppose them.

Cambridge Analytica is what happens when you privatise military propaganda

You can't understand the Cambridge Analytica scandal until you understand what its parent company does.

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