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Что ждет украинских сирот в будущем?

Киев хочет получить два миллиарда долларов на реформу системы детских домов. English

A letter from an inmate of the Southern Gas Corridor

Ilgar_Mammadov.jpgInternational investment in fossil fuel extraction is making me and other Azerbaijani political prisoners hostages to the Aliyev regime.


The whole pravda about Russian propaganda

Are articles about Russian propaganda now more widely read than Russian propaganda itself? A roundtable discussion. Русский

Putin Country

As authoritarian control and renewed superpower tension dominate headlines, telling stories of Russia’s everyday heroes can reveal lost alternatives.

Инклюзия с ограниченными возможностями

Инклюзивное образование в России формально существует. В реальности дети со специальными потребностями и их родители стоят перед непреодолимыми проблемами.

What does the future hold for Ukraine's children in care?

Kyiv wants $2 billion from the EU to scrap its Soviet-era orphanages. Русский

Российская пропаганда: чистая "Правда"

Статьи про опасность русской пропаганды читает больше людей, чем саму русскую пропаганду. Читайте наш круглый стол с экспертами по сниманию лапши. English

Коррумпированная украинская контрреволюция

Коррупция - главная угроза украинским реформам, пространство которых неуклонно сокращается. English


The women of Brest Station

These Chechen women are falling foul of changing attitudes on the EU’s eastern border, but they have made the railway station in Brest an unlikely piece of home in Belarus. 

Узаконенное насилие: что может сделать общество?

11 января российская Государственная Дума в первом чтении приняла законопроект, переводящий домашние побои из разряда уголовных преступлений в административные правонарушения.

In Uzbekistan’s jails, torture is an everyday occurrence

Trumped up charges, persecution of foreign citizens and extended sentences — this is the face of justice in Uzbekistan. 

One Facebook post which shook Russia

Some called for me to be stripped of citizenship, others are making an online game where you can beat me to death. In Russia, dissidents like me are harassed with impunity.

Writers against Russia’s PEN-center

Russian writers are leaving the PEN-centre en masse — the international writers’ club has never before seen a conflict on this scale. Русский

Писатели против ПЕН-центра

Писатели массово покидают Русский ПЕН-центр: подобного конфликта в международном клубе литераторов не было никогда. English

Turkmenistan is using anti-smoking laws to crack down on the media

ac.jpgTurkmenistan's strong anti-tobacco position may have met with praise from international health organisations, but they are yet to speak out about the persecution of journalists under the regime. 

You’re better than you think

The events of the the past year have convinced many that Russians have lost their capacity for empathy. As though we believe there’s nobody worse than us: cynically and ruthlessly indifferent. Русский

Ukraine’s corrupt counter-revolution

In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further. Русский


Вы лучше, чем вы думаете

События уходящего года убедили многих в том, что россияне потеряли способность к сочувствию. Нам самим стало казаться, что хуже нас никого нет: циничные, беспощадные, равнодушные. English

This is Karelia: tortured voices from Russia’s prison system

Evidence of how prison officers cooperate with inmates to effect torture and humiliation inside Karelia’s prison system continues to emerge.

Kalmykia’s long goodbye

Seventy years after their horrific mass deportation by Stalin, the Kalmyk people still live with its traumas. Русский

Последствия депортации калмыков: контуры Я и Оно

Потомки репрессированных калмыков, рожденные через десятки лет после смерти Сталина, остаются продуктом его политики English

The murder in Ankara is vultures coming home to roost

Russia’s “wins” have largely been destructive and destabilising. The assassination of its ambassador to Turkey shows consequences are never far behind.

Principles down the pipeline

News of fresh fossil fuel loans and corruption confirm a harsh truth — European and international institutions continue to actively support the Aliyev regime in Azerbaijan.

The tyrants bring the invaders

Russian’s bombing campaign in Syria has helped put an end to Aleppo’s civil democratic experiment, once a beacon of hope. What next?

We’re all strangers here

On fear, which binds and bounds Russian society today. Русский

Undermined: how the state is selling out Ukraine’s coal workers

Ukraine’s miners were once heroes of socialist labour. Today, after years of sector-wide neglect and corruption, there are new plans for further mine closures, leaving thousands of people without work. Русский

The Roma homeland that never was

Roma remain one of Europe’s — and Russia’s — most marginalised communities. But in the 1930s, the USSR considered creating for the Roma their very own republic. 

Birobidzhan - the worst good idea ever?

“When should the Jews stay put and when should the Jews run?” A new history tells the strange story of a homeland for Soviet Jews.

Kazakhstan: state threat to shut down independent trade unions

Five years ago today, Kazakhstan's security forces clashed with protesting workers in the oil town of Zhanaozen, killing 14. Now the authorities are going after independent trade unions.

Дни минувшей славы

Закрытие государственных шахт оставит без работы тысячи шахтеров на востоке и западе Украины. English

Fighting back against Georgia’s war on drugs

Georgia’s draconian laws against narcotics are in the spotlight, as activists take to the streets and demand an end to the criminalisation of drug users.

Stop saying “we can do nothing” about Aleppo

We can’t bring back the dead, or repair the lives that have been destroyed. But in convincing others of the value of individual life, we can honour those who have been sacrificed.

Why aren’t Russians protesting against war crimes in Syria?

11036593_909296499126079_958552121689563642_n.jpgAcross the world, the tragedy in Aleppo has brought thousands of protesters onto the streets. As usual, in Russia, nobody is taking a stand. Русский


Почему россияне не выступают против военных преступлений в Сирии?

11036593_909296499126079_958552121689563642_n.jpgСобытия последних дней в Алеппо вывели на улицы тысячи протестующих по всему миру. В России никто не протестовал - как обычно. English


European University at St Petersburg: a survival guide

One of Russia’s foremost research and education institutions is under threat of closure. The solidarity of its staff and students gives hope for the future.

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