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Кто на них с "Платоном"?

С 27 марта в России началась бессрочная забастовка водителей-дальнобойщиков, инициированная общественной организацией Объединением перевозчиков России (ОПР) и поддержанная другими организациями и профсоюзами водителей. English

Our city, our space: Ekaterinburg residents come out against plans to construct a new church

In Ekaterinburg, city residents are speaking out against proposals to construct a new church in the centre of the city — proposals entirely out of sync with their interests. Русский

Behind the Russian mirror

For Russia’s media, social inequality has never been a hot topic. Meet the people behind a new media organisation trying put injustice on Russia’s political agenda.

​Destroy your house with your own hands

Meet the residents of Kuznetsk, Russia, who are defending their homes from the world's largest pipeline company. Русский

Education in Belarus: between the Bologna process and the USSR

Over the last few decades, Belarus’s higher education system has pursued modernisation. At its heart, however, it remains Soviet, with strong centralising tendencies and a significant ideological component. Русский

Обними пруд

В Екатеринбурге горожане выступают против плана строительства новой церкви, никак не согласованного с их интересами. Корреспондент oDR побывал на месте событий и поговорил с их участниками. English

Is the anti-corruption agenda all that it’s cracked up to be?

The fight against corruption is often sold as the pill to end all postsocialist ills. Activists and researchers in Poland, Russia and Ukraine give their views on why we need to challenge it. 

The Russian authorities’ clampdown on activism and freedom of assembly continues

Use of force against a police officer, insulting religious believers' feelings, taking a selfie with an Easter egg — these are just some of the pretexts used against active citizens in Russia. Русский

Личное дело

Суд на подозреваемыми в убийстве Бориса Немцова пока не закончен. Для адвоката семьи Немцовых Вадима Прохорова завершение это дела - больше, чем профессиональная задача.

Зеленый протест. Как борьба за лес может стать борьбой против коррупции

Почему в России почти любая форма гражданской активности рано или поздно упирается в проблему коррупции.

Fighting back, in the back of beyond

Across Russia, active citizens are fighting for their neighbourhoods, livelihoods and against systemic corruption. The moment when these agendas meet will be an important one.

Bolotnaya 2.0?

In Russia, fresh criminal investigations into anti-corruption protests are designed to intimidate activists and protesters from taking further action. Русский

Russifying revolutionary art at the Royal Academy

This year, many institutions are marking 100 years of the Russian Revolution. A recent exhibition about Russia's revolutionary art reminds us of the academy's cultural blindspots.  

США: демократические институты в эпоху Трампа

2016 год дал мощный подъем праворадикального, изоляционистского, ксенофобского популизма в ведущих странах Запада. Что станет с демократическими институтами в ближайшем будущем?

Dagestan's long-distance truckers are fighting for their rights

Hundreds of truck drivers in Dagestan have joined Russia’s countrywide strike against additional taxation. I spoke to them to find out their demands. Русский

“Young people in Russia today don’t have it easy”

After young people and students took to the streets, education is firmly on the agenda in Russia. An interview with Mikhail Sokolov on the threats to academic freedom and whether one of Russia's leading universities will survive. Русский

Putin's nation-building project offers reconciliation without truth

The Kremlin has resorted to obfuscating the past in the name of national reconciliation.

In St Petersburg, long-distance truck drivers are holding out for victory

Russia’s long-distance truck drivers have started a nationwide strike. But without support from political parties or other groups, how far can they go? Русский

Seven moments from the life of Almazbek Atambayev

The rise of Kyrgyzstan’s increasingly authoritarian president is an unusual story. Fergana News recalls some of its stranger chapters.

Переполох в курятнике

Крупные украинские производители сельскохозяйственной продукции бесчестными методами добиваются согласия на расширение производства и притесняют местные общины — зачастую при поддержке международных кредиторов.

A controversial law takes aim at Ukraine’s anti-corruption NGOs

New moves to make the work of Ukraine’s NGOs “transparent” only highlights how the fight against corruption is being undermined. 

In Russia, 26 March continues

Two weeks after Russia’s anti-corruption protests, activists and participants are still being tried, arrested and intimidated across the country. Русский

For Moldova’s journalists, surveillance is the new norm

Digital and personal surveillance has become a fact of life for Moldova’s journalists. My story is the tip of the iceberg. Русский

Дагестан: дальнобойщики продолжат акцию

5 апреля в Москве был задержан организатор Объединения перевозчиков Дагестана Рустам Малламагомедов. Вторую неделю в России продолжается акция дальнобойщиков против бортового устройства "Платон". В Дагестане митингуют около трех тысяч водителей. English

St Petersburg: in search of solidarity

Recent months have seen Petersburg residents mobilise themselves to control what happens in their town. This week’s bomb attack reminds us that the city’s solidarity is hard-fought. Русский

"Поколению современных подростков не придется легко"

Пока Европейский университет, один из сильнейших независимых российских вузов, борется за сохранение лицензии, в ряде государственных университетов преподаватели оказывают давление на студентов, принимавших участие в акциях протеста. English

“It all comes down to the fact that I’m wearing the hijab”

The realities of political administration in Russia’s North Caucasus are leaving their mark on the education system. Русский

Anti-LGBT violence in Chechnya: when filing “official complaints” isn’t an option

The Chechen authorities are conducting a vicious operation against men suspected of being gay. The Kremlin should not only condemn these actions, but the culture of impunity that accompanies them. 

Ukraine: sex work in times of war

Ukraine’s military conflict and economic crisis are affecting the country’s sex workers. Read how these women’s lives and concerns are changing, in their own words. 

Отцы и дети в колыбели Революции

Протестные акции в Санкт-Петербурге с начала года проходят одна за другой, но надежды, что эти ручейки гнева сольются в бурный революционный поток, тают как весенний снег. English

Don't call him Dima: Russia’s anti-corruption protesters face repression

Last Sunday's protests and a nationwide truckers' strike have led to detentions and trials across Russia. Read about them here. Русский

How to make an entire generation apolitical: an interview with Belarusian anarchist Mikola Dedok

In Belarus, anarchists have made a name for themselves during the recent wave of protests which have rocked the country. We speak to Mikola Dedok, an anarchist activist, on apathy, politicisation and the failures of opposition politics. Русский

Russia’s prison service is keeping its abuses under lock and key

Despite signs of early change, the cover-up of torture inside Russia’s prison service demands reform. Русский

Down and out in Crimea

Three years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, social inequality is on the rise across the peninsula – and it seems that honest work doesn’t pay. Русский

Гагик Царукян возвращается

Перед парламентскими выборами в Армении один из самых колоритных публичных персонажей возвращается в политику. Кто такой Гагик Царукян - и какова его политическая позиция? English

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