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Moldova’s civil society braces for another attack

As democracy hollows out in Moldova, a new draft law on NGOs appears designed to keep civil society in check.



How can Russia’s left work with Navalny?

Across Russia, Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption campaign is gaining an audience. Can Russia’s left benefit from the political opening he has provided?

“We are love”: Russian LGBT and feminist activists attacked

This week, LGBT activists in St Petersburg and feminists in Krasnodar were threatened and attacked.

Why explaining internal strife in the United States through “Russian influence” is lazy and unhelpful

17884104_10155247241944570_384719725072181536_n.jpgWhen you find yourself doing the same thing Putin and his propaganda machine does, you’re doing something wrong.



To the victors, the ruins: the challenges of Russia’s reconstruction in Syria

From rebuilt mosques to new oil contracts, Russian firms are cashing in as the Assad regime gains the upper hand in Syria. 

Meet the women affected by Abkhazia’s abortion ban

A year and a half ago, the authorities in Abkhazia banned abortions in nearly all circumstances. These women have paid the price.

Пограничное состояние

С момента грузино-абхазской войны прошло 25 лет. Но ситуация с грузинскими беженцами до сих не урегулирована.

“Honour killings” in Russia’s North Caucasus

When women in the North Caucasus are murdered by their families for “immoral behaviour”, justice is rarely done.  

Горячая земля Ленинаула

В Дагестане нерешенный земельный вопрос снова стал причиной столкновения народов. Конфликт разразился между чеченцами и аварцами. English

Five years of Russia’s Foreign Agent law

Russia’s Foreign Agent law has made the existence of many NGOs practically impossible. But solidarity is rising among organisations that are working against these restrictions. RU

“This trial turned out to be unique and dystopian in the Orwellian sense”

This week, Russia’s anti-extremism legislation took another four casualties.

The burning land of Lenin-Aul

In a remote corner of Dagestan, a vicious land dispute has erupted between Avars and Chechens. RU

Alexey Navalny and the moral pillars of democracy

Will the restoration of democratic institutions in Russia usher in a liberal paradise? The answer could very well be “no”.

Dissent in Russia: a festival of disobedience?

What kind of freedom do the latest wave of protesters want? Has a new kind of Russian emerged since the collapse of the USSR? The conclusion of our interview with one of Russia’s leading sociologists, Lev Gudkov. RU

A new Chernobyl at your doorstep?

Three decades after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine, Belarus is building its first nuclear power station. Concerns about the project’s safety aren’t deterring the authorities.

What is the meaning of journalism in Ukraine today?

13631576_10210200367591722_204667795520323865_n.jpgUkraine’s journalists are often told we need to react in kind to information warfare. But let’s not forget what we can do to de-intensify this conflict.


Аполітичне дорослішання в зоні воєнних дій

Війна, пропаганда та брак порозуміння: підлітки в українських прифронтових містечках ростуть в умовах неймовірного стресу. English

Правила жизни иностранного агента

"Закон об агентах" сделал существование многих НКО практически невозможным. Но среди организаций, продолжающих свою работу вопреки обстоятельствам, растет солидарность.

In Russia, sociology isn’t just about figures

Is solidarity possible in Russia? How has the relationship between Russia’s government and its citizens panned out in the last few years? An interview with one of Russia’s leading sociologists, Lev Gudkov. RU

Хозяева Медной горы

В двенадцати километрах от Челябинска планируется строительство нового горно-обогатительного комбината - Томинского ГОКа. Город, в котором и так нечем дышать, протестует - но остановить наступление Русской Медной Компании (РМК) не может. English

Stop GOK: how residents of Chelyabinsk are resisting plans for a new copper plant

Plans for a new copper mining and enrichment plant outside the Urals town of Chelyabinsk are pitting Russian citizens against regional oligarchs. RU

Four years in prison for utopia

Russia’s fight against "extremism" is a convenient pretext for restricting freedom of expression — and journalist Alexander Sokolov is paying the human cost. RU

Eastern Ukraine: “We need new ways of organising”

Amid military conflict and industrial collapse in eastern Ukraine, activists are feeling their way towards new models of worker organisation. 

This week’s challenges for Russian civil society: deportations, harassment, beatings

Attacks on rights activists, harassment of Alexei Navalny's campaign and the slow-motion terror of deportation to Uzbekistan. 

Четыре года тюрьмы за утопию

Журналист Александр Соколов может быть осужден за активистскую деятельность, которую он прекратил несколько лет назад. English

Growing up apolitical in Ukraine’s war zone

War, propaganda and misunderstanding — teenagers in Ukraine’s frontline towns are growing up under incredible stress. Українська

Ни жилья, ни работы, ни семьи. Психолог об адаптации бывших заключенных

Потеря собственности, трудовое рабство, обман, безысходность. С чем еще сталкиваются осужденные люди после выхода из тюрьмы? English

“Она развалилась”: вспоминая девяностые

Чем стали для России девяностые - эпохой свободы или временем беспредела? Дмитрий Окрест, Станислав Кувалдин и Евгений Бузев издали книгу о том, что осталось в коллективной памяти от первого пост-советского десятилетия.

Donbas: “We’re used to the shelling”

The situation in Ukraine's Donbas is tense as ever. While politicians play at diplomacy, civilians spend their lives under artillery bombardment, walking along blown-up roads and burying family members killed by tripwires. RU

Just passing by the Kremlin

How a Russian tourist went to look at the Kremlin — and ended up behind bars. RU

New US sanctions bill on Russia threatens to further erode Minsk agreement

The diplomatic spat over new US Russia sanctions risks eroding a common US-EU position on Ukraine conflict.

“The Putinist majority could fast become anti-Putinist”

An interview with left activist and historian Ilya Budraitskis, on dissent, politics left and right, and the “patriotic majority” in Russia today.

For Russia’s students, the price of protest can be high

Students have featured prominently in Russia’s latest wave of anti-corruption protest, and now they're facing repression as a result. 

Случайный прохожий

Посмотреть на Кремль и оказаться за решеткой: как аполитичный турист из Туапсе был задержан на митинге оппозиции. English

Подпольный белорусский

Русский язык остается основным для населения Беларуси, в то время как белорусский находится в положении падчерицы в большой семье. В системе образования это чувствуется особенно остро.

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